79 thoughts on “Yoon Kye-sang lends a shoulder to Ha Ji-won | Chocolate Ep 12 [ENG SUB]

  1. This scene was so amazing. Especially since the behind the scenes footage makes it clear Ha Ji Won came up with the idea while they were preparing the scene. It seems they tried different sitting positions to try to have him hold her while she slept and Ji Won's idea was for her to rest on his shoulder as he knelt down which is obviously the one they went with and is definitely the most original I've ever seen in a drama. It's amazing the connection, chemistry, and intimacy the show has built between Kang and Cha-young without them even having a single kiss so far. I'm sad this drama is almost over. I know it's bad to wish one's time away, but every Saturday after I finish watching, I start impatiently counting down until next Friday's episode.

  2. It took 12 episodes to Kang being honest with his own feeling, please make your own happiness with Chayoung since you already know that she is your first love
    I don’t know I hope the writer wrapping up the story well, cuz this is really good drama from the very start 😭

  3. This takes romance to a whole new level… I was captivated by this scene, you can see the dynamic change between them… they are slowly getting closer. 😍👫🙌

  4. They convey what they feel without excessive physical contact yet their intimacy is well portrayed and touchingly poignant! Classy acting from two well seasoned actors!💜💜💜👌👏⚘🏆

  5. I love how they interact with each other with few words💞💞💞 Lee kang get your move now that u know shes the girl that u've waiting for bfore lee jun gets her 😂

  6. Ep 12 is full of beautiful scenes between LK and CY. I even replayed the last 8 minutes for dozens of times, esp when Kang's eyes started to become red with some tears welled, as he asked the last question ……


  8. 이장면 ㄹㅇ 개띵이었음 어떻게 4시간동안 저러고있냐고 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 찐이다 이 커플은 찐이라고 ㅠㅠㅠ

  9. So sweet.. Love this scene 💓💓💓💓💓👍👍👍👍…
    Ha ji won i love you soooooooo much…. 💓💓💓💓💓

  10. It was a wonderful episode 12 filled with beautiful scenes like this they both deserve happiness they should end up together without any tragedy 🤞🏻

  11. GOSH this scene !!!
    Sometimes I wanna smack Cha-young's brother coz his mouth has no filter, but thanks to him too, his noona can get closer with Lee Kang 🥺😭

  12. Every single detail between them is so deep, is not the usual romantic scene, is more than that. Just two soul connecting after so long. I’m really grateful I got the chance to watch this amazing drama. The only struggling part is trying to stay calm every single Saturday, and wait for the next friday😩😩

  13. This scene was so amazing. It shifted the plot of the story to that of passion. This is such a mature story ♥️

  14. Okey. We are getting there! One more upload of the video clip from the last minute of Epsiode 12! Me: Excitedly Clapping!

  15. I want someone to hold my head in his shoulder for hours and hours wild I'm so tired like he did , that's so sweet, such gentlemen

  16. Beautiful drama! One of the best i've seen so far. No words and too much skinship was exchanged between them but boy! You can really feel the emotion. My heart is beating so fast because of their sweetness! Lee Kang and Cha Young have a happy ending pleaseeeee!

  17. OMG. It's more beautiful and noble scene than anything I've ever seen. Hajiwon &Yoongyesang show the best chemistry.

  18. Who would of known korean drama/love story can be this brilliant. I'm crazy like that glue over this show. I think it's the story telling/great acting/chemistry and the subtitles that gets my brain twirling around like a roller coaster for each episode. When will he find out his mom gave his chocolate to her right before his mom dies? That part will be deep

  19. It's a small and yet powerful gesture. I love this drama and how it has handled all the emotional turns in each episode. Roll on Friday 🙌🏾

  20. Kye Sang was a really cutie boy when he was younger…
    Glad to know behind that stoic look in chocolate drama is actually a very bubbly and charming man 💖💖💖

  21. First who gave this a thumbs down? Second – the crew behind the scenes are amazing. The camera work, the direction are all movie level quality not really seen in a regular TV show. This show has the it factor. Congrats to the whole team of people of people working on this show.

  22. this drama also reminds me of she was pretty. the storyline is kind of same. first love and how the guy failed to notice the girl. but chocolate's love story is more mature and idk warm? love it!!

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