Why The Swiss Love Chocolate And Cheese – Stereotrip: Episode 3

Hi! My name is Paul Taylor, I’m English
and for the past 9 years, I’ve been living in France and making fun of the you and your stereotypes on stage and on TV. And people started to say to me :
“Bah Paul why don’t you leave us alone and try doing the same thing with other countries ?” Except in order to make fun of a country and its people,
I first need to understand their culture. and what better place to start than with their stereotypes. So I’m going to travel to several European countries
to get to know them better, But instead of 9 years, this time,
I only have 1 week! It’s funny, that looks like a Herens cow. Hah, not at all. -Why not?
-Because it has spots. It’s a Holstein cow. -That’s not how you recognise a cow!
-I don’t think you know what you’re talking about! Paul! Come here! I’m on my way! Hey Samuel, how are you? What do you do Sam? I’m a cattle herder We have to watch them in case there are any fights or if they are in heat. They’re fighting up there. Wow, they’re already fighting? I’m going to sort it out. Hey! Simba! Hey! There’s a lot of action. Talk to me about this love for cows in Switzerland. What’s the reason? For us, the Herens cows are super intelligent really affectionate. The cows recognise us, they lick us We brush them every day, we cuddle them too so they give back generously. You like chocolate, I imagine? I like chocolate, yeah. Milk chocolate, right? It’s better with milk. Right, with milk. Do you think the best chocolate is Swiss? Of course! This is probably the first box of milk chocolate by Peter, the inventor of milk chocolate. Let me read what’s written on the box. The first of all of the milk chocolates. Charming, right? This is the last chocolate bar made by Gala Peter with milk that was made in Switzerland. -And the chocolate is still inside?
-Yes, it’s still inside. Do you think that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world? Listen, I can’t say that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world. It’s the most emblematic in the way that we produce chocolate. Why do we claim that it’s best? Because we put milk in it. Cream. It’s the emollient side of Switzerland and this fullness finds its way into the chocolate. but maybe certain people don’t like milk chocolate. The proof is that across the border in France, they prefer dark chocolate. However, if today, Switzerland exports over 60% of it’s chocolate, it means that there’s something pleasing about it. Hey Tristan, how are you? Hey Paul! Welcome. Thanks so much. How long have you been in chocolate? Forever? -Since forever.
-Since you ate some as a kid? That’s right. It’s a daily obsession. It’s true. From mornings to evenings, on weekends and holidays,
I’m thinking about chocolate. For us, it’s the basics of reasoning, chocolate. You’re born with the traditions of chocolate in the background. From your cradle, to your roller skates, to your first car etc. but we don’t go on about it, because it’s normal. Those who make it into a beautiful story are the tourists who come to admire us for this revolutionary achievement. Do people come from far to get your chocolate? The other day, this really happened. These guys called from the airport in Geneva, “Listen, we’re going to Gstaad by helicopter, where can we park?” They parked in the field opposite the shop they bought some chocolates and went to Gstaad and they went skiing. Crazy, right? When you come to Switzerland and you want to bring back
something for your family, people buy chocolate. Swiss chocolate is amazing -and on top of it, it’s expensive, so you can show people
-that you have money! that you’ve invested in them. There’s a small mystery that I need to clarify. We have an important debt towards northern Italy. Lots of Swiss people, who were looking for work and a profession like François-Louis Cailler, the first manufacturer of chocolate, he learnt, in Turin, how to make chocolate. In other words, let’s be very honest, we learnt everything over there. It’s an unusual story, right? I’m borderline disappointed. So could we say, according to you, that the Swiss are crazy about chocolate? Crazy? We are reasonable about chocolate! Never in excess. -Sebastien, how are you?
-Good, how are you? What is going on here? -We’re doing an Electroclette.
-An Electroclette? I imagine, given the sound, that it’s electronic music and raclette. -Yep!
-You guys are crazy! We love it, it’s a passion. Come and show me what’s happening. Here we have some grills that are customised like disco balls. -Pimp my raclette. It’s like the show!
-Exactly. And a DJ that plays electronic music. I’m going to try some. Thanks. For me, I have raclettes and fondus at friend’s houses,
otherwise it stinks at your place for a week. So I get invited to have it! Have you seen how a real raclette works? You have a half-wheel of cheese and you literally scrape it -It’s better and nicer.
-It’s a question of pride if you can do it properly Let me show you how it’s done. You move your knife, never with the sharp side, in one movement. The phrase “I can scrape better than you” can start a fight. If you don’t go at the right speed with the right force, you make a whole, your raclette won’t be even and the next one won’t work. Especially in the Valais, the art of scraping The guy who pisses the furthest, is the guy that scrapes the best. It’s a pride thing. And at the end a little push. Not bad, but not good enough. It’s my first…it’s not good enough, it’s my first time When you know this by heart and you have the right gesture you’re the boss. You’re the king here! Perfect. Eddy, thanks so much for your advice. I’m going to head over there, because there are loads of other things. There’s activity here! I’ll be back later. Keep scraping! Is this team fondu? -Hey how are you?
-Good and you? What’s crazy about fondu? We eat fondu all the time, whenever, wherever. -Even in the summer
-When the sun is boiling hot. We’ve even had fondus at 40ºC It’s amazing to see people out in 40ºC, sweating and eating fondu. Apparently it’s a summer dish? The national holiday is August 1 so a lot of people like my Grandfather like to do a fondu for August 1 and you’re there sweating, all red, in your underwear eating fondu. -but it’s amazing.
-Technically, we shouldn’t. It makes no sense, but we do it in summer. Fondu and raclette are Swiss specialities -They are a part of the community these dishes.
-It’s incredible. We eat them in a group. Yes, this is true. They are festive dishes. When people come over and you don’t have a lot of time to cook and you think “ah shit, what can I…” There you go, everyone likes it. It’s something that’s profoundly anchored in soft power, it’s cultural. Just don’t plan any activities afterwards! Here you have a participative instrument that samples raclette noises so how does it work? For example you have the pepper mill. -The cork that you pull out of the bottle. This is the magical one. This is scraping the raclette France is a huge cheese country, but it’s smelly cheese. In other words, soft cheeses. Whereas Switzerland is one of the best countries for hard cheeses. When you mention French Gruyère, the average Swiss person doesn’t like it. Saying that Gruyère is tasty is a declaration of war. Italiens say “we have Parmesan” Yes. A great cheese, an amazing cheese. But a country that can make Gruyère, Emmental and a bunch of other cheeses, all of them amazing

100 thoughts on “Why The Swiss Love Chocolate And Cheese – Stereotrip: Episode 3

  1. Non mais l'emmental et le gruyere ! C'est nuuul ! Nous on a le Cantal, le comté, le bleu/roquefort, reblochon, le mont d'or… on peut pas test !

  2. ptdr le suisse a la fin il a craqué son slip
    l'emmental et le gruyère franchement c'est fade de ouf 😂
    en plus il nous tacle en disant que nos fromages puent car ils sont à pâte molle wtf😆 alors qu'on a masse de fromages à pâte dure comme l'ossau iraty, la tome d'été, d'hiver, les fromages de brebis des pyrénées, de chèvre etc (oui je ne connais que les fromages du Sud mais de toutes façons on en a tellement)😋

  3. Sauf que dsl mais le meilleur chocolat au monde c'est le chocolat belge.
    Neuhause, Galler, Leonidas, Godiva, Côte d'or, etc. Ils sont tous belges

  4. Il exagère en disant que la Suisse a les meilleurs fromages à pâte dure.
    Personnellement, je préfère largement le Beaufort et le Comté au Gruyère et à L’Emmental.
    Le Gruyère et à L’Emmental, c'est bien pour les pâtes… 😀

  5. ils sont fort dans leur fromages .en France on est fort dans la diversité des fromages . il y a pas de guerre que de l'amour on est juste un peu différent

  6. Tu sais pas ce que c'est la vraie vie si t'as jamais goûté le Rivella, Les chocolats Cailler le thé froid de la Migros et les merveilles Globus. Vraiment. Et le pain tessinois. Après je suis franco suisse et je reconnais toutes les merveilles de la France ne venez pas me gueuler dessus merci.

  7. Pour le fromage je me suis dit ils sont comme nous ils bouffe masse de fromage avant le désert et c'est plié mais de la a faire un PUTAIN DE PAD MUSICAL AVEC DES SON DE RACLETTE mais aussi des gens qui te font des cours pour comment racler un fromage je m'y attendais pas trop

  8. Bonjour ! I live in Japan and would love to watch a full version of this show. Could you tell me how can I get a subscription of canal+?

  9. J'adore le nouveau concept de vidéo ! 😀 Et je confirme pour le chocolat, j'habite en France près de la frontière Suisse et même en prenant une "simple" tablette de chocolat dans un supermarché suisse on sent clairement la différence a mon goût

  10. En fait je viens de comprendre pourquoi la raclette s'appelle raclette. C'est extrêmement culturel ce programme.

  11. Merci!
    La suisse Est mon pays
    Mais je rigolais bcp quand le intro avec la monnaie etc
    VIVE LA SUISSE mon canton:Genève
    Thank you very much!

  12. Salut Paul,I 'aime very beaucoup what tu do, anyway je hope tu did un episode sur Czech Republic. If oui, je will trouver a façon to regarder le. Thanks à you je learn le French.

  13. Le chocolat suisse est définitivement le meilleur (bien que le belge soit très bon aussi). Pour le fromage je me souviens avoir vu un reportage sur un concours de fondue entre des suisses et des savoyards^^

  14. Ouais, la différence c'est que la raclette c'est un fromage qui se mange pas cru tellement c'est dégueulasse !

  15. l'électroclette, il fallait la faire, celle-là! ms perso, pas besoin de votation, je suis pour la fondue en été! LOL
    p.s.: suis content de voir que Paul n'ait pas parlé suisse allemand, j'aurais été vexé 🤣

  16. En Belgique aussi, on produit et exporte du chocolat. La Belgique est connue, entre autres, pour son chocolat, ses gaufres, ses moules, ses frites et la bière.

  17. J’aime beaucoup l’idée (et je peux pas m’empêcher de penser à Hetalia en permanence, mais bref…) ! x’D

  18. Le meilleur chocolat au monde, je ne sais pas si il est suisse. Par contre en suisse on peut trouver du bon chocolat partout. Même les chocolats m-budget et prix garanti sont bons, alors que dans d'autres pays les chocolats bas de gamme sont mauvais.

  19. Anecdote! Ma grand-mère a ramené un caquelon et du fromage en vacances au Burkina Faso pour faire goûter la fondue à ses amis là-bas. Ça devait être pire que la fondue du premier août XD

  20. Gruyère, vacherin, raclette… c'est bon tout ça. Je n'aime pas l'emmental. Beaucoup de gens disent ne pas aimer le Gruyère, franchement vous l'acheter où le vôtre? Si vous n'êtes pas de Fribourg venez en acheter une fois dans la région, c'est de là que ça vient.

  21. Ils se la racontent grave avec leur fromage à pate dure ! Mais bon on ne peut rien dire sur le royaume de Dieu. Roger.

  22. Oooook I'm going to pretend I never heard that in Italy we only have Parmesan. It's ok, we love the swisses <3

  23. 3:40 elles savent que vous allez les bouffer?
    8:50 ça c'est du porn cheeze… en slowmotion avec de l'asmr et un effet matrix… j'm'endors devant ça oklm

  24. I am swiss, I love both of them, this are the two food that makes me no vegan hahah !!

    We have the best chocolat milk but not the best dark chocolat and I guess we are pretty good for the cheese but we are not the only ones for shure 😀

  25. Le meilleur chocolat noir est aussi Suisse. Et le chocolat Suisse ne coûte pas nécessairement cher. A la Migros, on peu descendre assez bas en prix et c'est encore du bon chocolat.

  26. Le meilleur fromage c'est le français 😀 Et on a de tout, on est loin de se limiter au camembert et aux pâtes molles contrairement à ce que le suisse dit ^^
    D'ailleurs le Comté c'est quand même le top en pâte pressée cuite.

  27. Im from switzerland and my mom is spanish and my father is italian, so i HAVE to learn french, italian, german, swiss german, spanish and english. thats one of the worst things in switzerland

  28. C’est facile d’un point de vue anglais ou français de parler « toutes les langues » les anglais apprennent pas d’autres langues parce qu’ils consistent que c’est tout ce dont ils ont besoin comme les américains, ou les français qui malgré le fait que ça ne soit pas le cas qui pensent que la France est le centre du monde et que tout le monde est censé parler français. A partir du moment où tu parles 3+ tu est un génie des langues

  29. Beeeeelggggiuuuuummmm🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

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