Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread Recipe

Put water in the bowl. Add instant dry yeast and disperse in water. Add sugar and salt and dissolve. Add melted butter (36 ℃) and mix well. After adding Bread Flour and whole wheat flour, Mix evenly until the flour is invisible. Dough temperature: 26℃ After 30 minutes of rest, the first fold(folding) After 30 minutes of rest, the second fold(folding) After 30 minutes of rest,
Dough division: 170g After rounding the dough, rest for 15 minutes Shaping Coating with cooking oil Put the dough in the bakeware. Second fermentation:
27℃, about 1 hour 30 minutes Put the dough
into the preheated lodge 10-inch combo cooker floor Cover the lid of lodge 10-inch combo cooker. Put it in the oven Baking for 30 minutes Remove the bread from the oven and cool Tasting after completion of bread Garlic cream cheese
(Soft PHILADELPHIA Garlic) Strawberry Jam

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  3. So you made 2 loves out of this right??? I made 2 times your recipe they are so so good thankyou so much for sharing ???

  4. Not whole wheat sandwich bread by any stretch of the imagination. It's barely just wheat bread almost white bread with nor more wheat flour that's in it. But I sure love the fluffiness of the bread.

  5. Is your yeast resistant to high sugar? What‘s your flour model? What's the hardness of water? What type of water?

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  11. Hello, I'd like to thank you for the recipe the bread looks fluffy and delicious. I'd like to ask you some questions. The method used to make this bread would be what they call autolysis? I'ld also like to know if I try to make 100% whole wheat bread whit this recipe, I will get the same result. Thank you and greetings from Brazil

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