Whole Wheat Bread Recipe : Whole Wheat Bread Dough Rising Tips

My name is Branden Sarkis on behalf of Expert
Village. Today I am going to show you how to make whole wheat bread. It actually dawned
on me a minute ago that I neglected to mention earlier that when I had added the milk and
butter to the flour mixture I neglected to mention that I had added the salt too. I just
put the salt in everything as well. We are going to take our big huge ball of dough here
and we are going to pull it out.
And we are going to set it right down in our bowl just like that and what we are going
to do is make sure that it is pushed down all nice and even just like this. There is
that. Now what we are going to do is we are waiting for this to rise I am going to take
this towel and I am going to moisten it with just a little bit of warm water, we don’t
want it to be soaken wet just want it to be damped because this is going to keep us from
getting a skin on the outside of our bread. Just take our towel and place it on top just
like this. Leave it somewhere nice and humid for about an hour depending on the humidity
just keep an eye on it. Basically you want to wait until it comes up to about here. You
want it to almost double in size. Forty-five minutes to an hour should be good unless it’s
cold where you are at if it’s really cold I would maybe turn on the heat or you can
also put it on top of the stove turn the heat up on your stove to about two or two fifty
and just set it right on the center of your stove that should also help extradite things.
Normally about forty-five minutes to an hour we are good so I will come back in forty-five
minutes and I will see how far we have come along. Ok, so it has been an hour, let’s see
how we look, look at that gigantic just how we want it to come out. So now is the fun
part, now you get to take your hand and clean hand admittedly and just take it and get right
like that, what we are doing is just knocking all the air out of it so we are just going
to do that. Ok, so we got all of our air out. Now what we are going to do is throw a little
bit of flour down on this cutting board and for this I am just going to use a little bit
of white flour the reason being that this bread will have developed some moisture at
this point and when we turn it out on the cutting board you will see. Come on work with
me not against me. See how this side is all shiny, that is all the moisture so their we
go onto the cutting board, so let’s get some more flour on here and work this out.

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