White Sourdough Bread Recipe|Levain

Making Starter Day 1
(Whole Wheat, All purpose flour+Water)
Leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, 1 day dough image
I have opened the lid for a long time
so the first dough surface is dry. Making Starter Day 2
(1 day dough+Whole Wheat,All purpose flour+Water)
Leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, 2day dough
Double expansion of the dough volume Making Starter Day 3
(2 day dough+All purpose flour+Water)
Leave it for 12 hours. After 12 hours, 3day dough
Double expansion of the dough volume Making Starter Day 4
(3 day dough+All purpose flour+Water)
Leave it for 12 hours. After 24 hours, 4day starter dough
Double expansion of the dough volume When you smell starter dough
Until the smell of alcohol and
carbon dioxide(CO2) is felt well
Repeat the refresh procedure.
It usually seems to be completed in 4 ~ 5 days. Making Leaven(Levain)(pre-fermented dough)
(Starter+All purpose flour+Water) Ferment until two times more swollen Making Dough
1.Put 289g of water (26 ℃) into the bowl
2.Put the Leaven(Levain) Mix evenly Add flour and mix by hand until no flour is visible 30 minutes of rest at room temperature(autolyze) after rest(30minutes),
Add 21g of salt and the remaining water
and mix evenly by hand 30 minutes of rest at room temperature After 30 minutes of rest, the first fold (folding) After 30 minutes of rest, the second fold (folding) After 30 minutes of rest, the third fold (folding) After third fold, Rest for 6 hours(room temperature) After rest for 6 hours, Fold the dough lightly and round it Sprinkling flour in Banneton
During rest(30minutes) After rest,
Fold the dough lightly and round it panning dough in Banneton Second fermentation:
After 1 hour and 30 minutes at room temperature
refrigerator 5 ℃ low temperature fermentation (12 hours) Second fermentation complete Remove the second fermented dough
from the Banneton(de-panning) Scoring on top of dough Put the dough into the
preheated lodge 10-inch combo cooker floor
(The oven temperature in the video is 250 ° C) Cover the lodge 10-inch combo cooker lid. Put it in the oven
(The oven temperature in the video is 250 ° C) Baking(20~25minutes) After baking for 25 minutes, remove the lodge lid(cover) and continue baking for 25 minutes
(At this time, lower the temperature to 220 ~ 230 ℃
and bake.) Remove the bread from the oven and cool Tasting after completion of bread

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  1. Hello, thanks for this video. Do you refresh two times a day, when it is written " Leave it for 12 h"? Or just one time?

    Making Starter Day 3
    40g 2day dough (Double expansion of the dough volume)
    40g all purpose flour
    40 g water (24℃)
    Mix evenly as above formula.
    Actual completion temperature: 24.4 ℃
    Leave it for 12 hours.
    (Allow air to pass through)

  2. I'm sad…I started mine 6 days ago and used white flour… it's liquidy and no bubbles.. guess I wasted 6 days and need to get some wheat…is ….there anyway to get this batch kick started?

  3. What's the use of a video if you don't give your audience a clue of what the heck you are doing? No instructions no amounts? what's this?!

  4. Hi, thanks for video. Are you putting dough ball cold from fridge into the oven or are you waiting some time for it to come to room temperature? If so , how long?

  5. Omg, people i can't stop baking, lol even since i found a recipe that gave me a wonderful sourdough bread, it's been about 3 to 4 months, and now i can't stop .I bake daily and sometimes twice a day.

  6. 완료온도만 잘 맞추면 되는건가요? 르뱅만드는 발효과정에서 온도는 상관없는건가요?

  7. Hi, thanks for sharing. This loaf looks tasty and beautiful. I have one question you give the recipe for a 800gr loaf, so you divided that dough to make two 400gr loaves?

  8. Sorry, I have not understood it well. Water is lets say 300 ml. What about of the quantity of the flour? And the final quantity of the levain? Thank s so much for the answer!

  9. After you make the starter day 4 you have 120 grams of starter and then you make leaven with 100 g of starter, so is the 20 g of starter left is what is going to be the mother starter or do we just discard the 20 g of starter too? If so I was wondering the weights of flour and water to regularly feed the leaven.

  10. Thanks for this, … 👍…and your eating after it’s done is such beautiful proof how mouthwatering your bread is.

  11. Nice video. How do you chew the bread? Full mouth on one side, or both sides at the same time.. Also, please, for the next video, subtitles in bosnian would be nice, for mye mum, her english is not so good. Thanks!

  12. @Mukgling, aren't you supposed to put the dough directly on to the floured basket then use the cloth cover over it. BTW the bread looks great.

  13. 영상 너무 잘 봤어요~ 🙂 감사해요
    질문이 하나 있는데 무쇠팬 없이
    그냥 오븐팬에 올려 구워도 비슷하게 나올까요??

  14. 사먹을때 욀케 비싼거야 했는데 이유가 있었네… 호주가 그립다… 도..도 전해볼께요 감사합니다..

  15. I think there may be a mistake with the following:

    "5. Add 21g of salt and the remaining water and mix evenly by hand."

    Should this be "5. Add 8g of Salt to the remaining 21g of water and mix evenly by hand." ?

  16. Secondary fermentation is 1 hour 30 mins at room temperature AND THEN 12 hours in the refrigerator?

  17. I am amazed at how masterful you are at handling the dough! I am never able to tell when bulk fermentation is done, how do you tell?

  18. How much levain in your recipe, is it 80 or 300g, cause you used 100 g levain +100 water+ 100g flour …that is 300g –

  19. I make pancakes with the starter that is taken out. Add an egg, touch of milk, sugar and cook on high with extra oil and it is best a little crispy, then I put a sunny side up egg on top of that almost every day as you would have to throw out the starter extra anyways.

  20. 13. Second fermentation: After 1 hour and 30 minutes at room temperature ( AND / OR ?????? )
    refrigerator 5 ℃ low temperature fermentation (12 hours)

  21. 먹글링님 영상 잘보고있습니다!
    혹시 바닥이 돌로된 업소용 데크 오븐에 롯지 없이 구워보려는데 대충이라도 몇도에 얼마나 구워봐야할까요!?ㅠ

  22. 대단하십니다!
    그런데 저는 왜 반죽이 힘이 없이 퍼지거나 떡과 같은 식감을 보일까요…? ㅠ

  23. Great looking bread, well done. That is how I like my bread. I only eat the crust and the rest goes to trashcan. I checked your written recipe, very complicated. But the video is very clear. Ill see if I can score one these wonderful loafs.

  24. 먹글링님! 중간에 반죽을 한 번 자르시던데 원래 반죽양 800그램이 반느통에 다 안들어가나요? ㅜㅜ즁간에 반죽 자르시길래요 반느통이 하나밖에없는데 ㅠㅠ 남은 반죽은 어케하신거에요? 그리고 발효되고 표면을 손가락으로 살살 만져보시던데 발효가잘 된건지 보는건가욤? 약간 퐁신하면 되나요? 질문이 넘 많네요ㅜㅠ 영상많이많이 올려주셔요❣

  25. Can I use bread flour for the levain? And for the loaf can I also just use bread flour instead of bread flour and all purpose flour?

  26. 안녕하세요 먹글링님! 궁금한 부분이 있어서요,
    먹글링님이 올리신 스타터 대신 만들어두었던 르방리퀴드(호밀과 T55사용)를 사용하였고, 다른 부분은 동일하게 진행하였지만 2차 발효를 냉장고 온도 2도로 대략 17시간정도 두었습니다. 냉장발효(2차) 전 까지는 반죽이 포동포동 참 좋았는데 2차 후 반죽이 완전 꺼져서 납작했어요. 무쇠냄비 없이 250도로 예열 후 구워줬는데 크게 부풀긴 했지만 식은 후 안을 보니 크게 비어있었어요. 2차 냉장저온발효 이후 꺼진 이유가 뭘까요ㅠ_ㅠ혹시 3도가 낮아서 꺼졌을 수도있을까요? 조언 부탁드립니다!

  27. I would like to let it go flat so I get more crust than crumb. This recipe is the only one that worked for me. I even mix some rye with it. Thanks for posting.

  28. ルヴァンだけでよくこんなに膨らみますね!

  29. Hi! I tried the recipe recently, but it turned out really bad. I actually don't know what happened… The bread was extremely heavy, with no bubbles at all, and I knew it would not cook properly even before the end of the baking time. To be honest, when I started making it, I realized that the leaven was taking a very long time to double in volume, although the yeast itself smelled and looked like good yeast. No, I didn't use your yeast recipe, since I have already started another one, but it should work, right? Could you please help me to understand the mistakes I made?
    * Sorry for my bad English. I'm still learning how to sound decent 😅
    * Your bread looks delicious! 😋

  30. 안녕하세요 먹글링님! 요거 계속 도전하고있는데 무쇠팬을 사용하지않고 그냥 구웠거든요! 근데 구워질 때 보면 크게 부푸는데.. 다 굽고 나와서 잘라보면 공갈빵처럼 안에가 크게 비어있어요ㅠㅠ 왜그런걸까요..??

  31. OMG .I can't tell you how much I love the " quiet " version of video.
    Plus way less throwaway dough.
    ' my thrifty Gene's hate that ' .and the crunchy sound speaks volumes..from California..namaste

  32. Thank you so much for the recipe and info, but I have a question that I hope you could answer!
    When bulk fermenting the dough with s/f as you described the ambient temp. in my kitchen could very easily exceed 25 d. c., wouldn’t that affect the dough structure and make it faster to ferment?

  33. Muchas gracias por la información, por favor puedes hacer un video de como se prepara la levain (fermento de manzanas,harina,etc)

  34. I have watched this video more times than I can count. I think I commented too….can't remember. (aluminum canned diet soda in the 80's)…anyway!!! I learn so much from this! Thank you for the video…again…I think.. 😀

  35. I love it and I want to try it but for me it’s difficult and i don’t have Dutch oven what is the replacement please?
    You are incredible

  36. Very beautiful bread, It's just as I want it. I have a question about the Levain, In the recipe you are making 300g but later you are only using 80g, seems like a lot of waste or did you use it for something else?

  37. 영상 잘 봤습니다~!
    알려주신대로 했는데 오늘이 3일차인데
    물이 생기고 반죽도 물처럼 변한거면 죽은건가요ㅠㅠ??

  38. I do not understand the difference between starter and levain: after 4-5 days once the starter is done what next? What do you do with starter? Out of it you take 100g and add 100 + 100 to make levain or?

  39. 이해하는데는 상관없지만ㅎㅎㅎ 스타터 만들때 왜 물과 밀가루를 섞어주시는건가요?? 계속 키우는 장소를 바꿔주시는건가요?? 궁금해요!!

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