Which Restaurant Has The Best Free Bread?

– Red Lobster has the best bread. – It’s all about Red Lobster – My mom’s bread is the best. – Outback Steakhouse. – It is? – Yes it is, I love it so much,
it’s so good, and I see it. – [Voiceover] Do you have any butter? No? Not a little bit? – Brown means healthier, right? – That’s so true. – There’s like, bread that
you eat the inside out of. – Mhm, this is it. – This is good! I don’t discriminate, if
you put bread in front of me I will always eat it. – It’s like not dripping
in any sort of oil and I wish it was. – I’ll give it a five. – Wow, you have high standards here. – Bro, we’re talking about bread. – No, I don’t like raisins in things ’cause you think it’s
chocolate and then it’s not. – That’s true right. – It’s the rudest surprise. – Oh, that one’s really good. – It has carrots in it, I
hate carrots, but I like this. – But you know what,
maybe it’s like healthy but it’s actually good healthy. – This is a breakfast bread. – You’re like, Mom why
are you giving me this this is something Grandma would eat. – I’m getting a little oil on my fingers. – You could probably like just put that underneath your eyes. – It’s a lip balm. You get lip balm afterwards! (both laugh) – ♫ We know what this is,
unlimited bread sticks ♫ – Woah, is it Olive Garden. – It looks like it would
be, like, somewhat good but it just was disappointing. – Mmm, makes me think of
arguments with my parents. We always argue at Olive Garden. – I feel like I remember
it being so much better. – Flavor: nine, bread itself: three. – This brown one looks good. – You and the brown ones. – Woo! It’s my favorite
bread in the world, baby! This is, I believe,
the Outback Steakhouse. – Oh, okay. – [Woman] Nope.
– [Man] Nope. – [Woman] Nope.
– [Man] No. – That was a pleasant surprise. – I’d say that was absolutely a surprise. – I think I know what to
expect but, whoa this is heavy. – Wow. – Ooh, I like this. – This is huge. – Oh my God. – The yeastiness on it,
that sounds really gross– – Girl, put it in your mouth. – I was never a fan of this type of bread. – I mean, Winnie the Pooh would love it. – Oh my God. – Oh my God, it’s like
a orgasm in your mouth. – To me this is perfect. – I’m so excited for this last one. (sings) – [Woman] Mhm?
– [Man] Mhm. – [Woman] Mhm? – [Man] Mhm.
(woman laughs) (woman laughs)
(man moans happily) – I have to go on a
run or something later. – Back where I’m from used to
sneak this into their purses. – Everyone does. – Oh, really? Okay, people
would put ’em in their purses. – Everyone does. – Bread heaven. – Breaven. – It doesn’t need butter. – No, it has butter in it. Look at the little pieces of butter. – They like inject it. – Mhm. (imitates injecting butter) (both moan happily) – Red Lobster. – Texas Roadhouse. – This was my favorite for sure. – Like, without butter, this
was a surprise contender. Kicked everybody else’s ass – It’s so good. – And it didn’t need butter. – Red Lobster. – Red Lobster, don’t eat the lobster. Just eat these, that’s
all you need to eat. – Red Lobster. Yeah, let’s pretend like
we’re all surprised. (laughs) – I just really love carbs a lot. – I love carbs too. – I just love them so much. – No, me too, and it’s like
wrong, it’s like wrong… – You know what, it can’t, something that feels so
right cannot be wrong.

100 thoughts on “Which Restaurant Has The Best Free Bread?

  1. Haven’t been to red lobster in ages but those biscuits are just perfect. I would legitimately next time I go there carry a big purse with ziplock bags and take some home with me

  2. Texas Roadhouse will always be better them red lobster, Get some butter with the Texas Roadhouse rolls them your set! DONT YOU DARE say that Red Lobster is better then Texas Roadhouse without butter, because the red lobster bread comes with butter in it. So for a fair comparison they both need butter and when they both have normal butter 9.9999989% of the time Texas Roadhouse bread will be better.

  3. I’ve honestly never had red lobster before. Are the people over exaggerating or are the biscuits really that good?

  4. TBH Olive Garden’s Breadsticks are actually amazing when they’re just warm out of the oven or first served. When they’ve sat out for awhile they kinda lose their best qualities

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