100 thoughts on “Which Celebrity Has The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

  1. Wait the does the guy in the beanie not understand that when you bake a cookie and take it out the cookie is soft then hardens up after like 10 minutes

  2. Please never put this crusty ass Beanie bitch on this channel again I've never seen such a negative piece of trash like that.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Like ewwww.

  3. I thought I was the only one who thought the beanie guy was annoying
    Also, I have not seen a single comment that’s not about beanie guy

  4. The girl with curly hair I adore her so much like even though she doesn’t like peanut butter and snoop dogs cookies had peanut butter, she still tasted it even if she didn’t like it and didn’t say anything too negative about it besides someone —————>👨🏻‍🦰

  5. Beanie guy:(martha stewart's cookie)hOnEsTlY iTs NoT mY fAvOuRiTe CoOkIe,
    cRiSpY cOoKie
    throws it away
    (The results)
    Beanie guy:my favourite cookie was the first one(martha stewarts cookie)

  6. Did the guy with the beanie disrespect Dwayne The Rock Johnson he will pick you up and throw you into a movie theater and make you watch all his movies

  7. Asian girl 🤝 beanie guy
    Having 2 braincells

    (I'm talking about the Asian girl from the wing video)

  8. People are here to dislike because of the beanie guy, I'm here to dislike because of Kourtney Kardashian's recipe.

  9. If that fat ass gay nigga dont shut the fuck up n eat the damn cookie 💯 yo stupid ass dont kno shit with yo gay ass

  10. 1. YO FUCK THAT GUY WHO SMASHES THE COOKIE IN HIS HAND AND CLAIMS IT JUST CRUMBLES! I know some people like some crisp, some like chew, others like it fluffy, it’s a chocolate chip cookie it’s tastes great stfu
    2. PETITION TO BAN KOURTNEY KADASHIAN FROM ALL KITCHENS! Bitch can’t cook for shit, the fuck was that?!

  11. Broooo in Kourtney cookie the beanie guy was wow this is awful like bih try a fucking salad 🥗 periodtttttttttt😂

    This is a joke I’m sorry if your offended 🤭🙂

  12. Okay so first of all, who throws food like that? Literally everything that the guy is doing or saying is insulting not only to the recipe owners but also for food. His attitude is just unacceptable. "Do I have to eat this?" No, shove it up your ass. "I'm allergic to whatever that is". Pretty sure everyone is allergic to you, go home.

  13. Every dish * lookin good af *

    Beanie guy :

    Not crispy
    To small
    To ugly
    To much mint
    To much chocolate

    Like boi stfu it isn’t about u 😂

  14. The beanie guy reminds me of my ex, she would always complain about the food missing something or would've wished there was an ingredient added to the food. That's why she's my ex, I hate complainers😪

  15. Whole comment section: “Is now the right time to tell you that we’re allergic to whatever this is?”

    points at beanie guy

  16. Stop hating on the beanie guy. It’s just his opinion. Btw didn’t he sound like a shy desisted guy when he first appeared in the video saying “thank you”? I know he was throwing cookies and stuff but maybe that’s just in his personality. Don’t be rude.

  17. Beanie guy: It just falls apart

    Also beanie guy: Proceeds to rip apart the cookie

    You ungrateful piece of shit. People are giving you free food and you throw it on the ground because it isn’t crispy enough just stick to your bland chips ahoy cookies

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