What’s the Pastry and Dessert from Bacolod that Everyone Loves? | Bacolod Food and Travel Episode 3

Hi guys!
Welcome to day 3 of our food and travel vlog here in… Bacolod! ♪ Background music ♪ Hey guys, RJ here! In today’s episode, we will go to Quan which is a pastry shop. Let’s cross the street first. By the way guys,
we’re here at Lopue’s East Center. So this is Quan… Aha! This is where you can get the most delicious
napoleones here in Bacolod and even silvanas! So if you’re in
the lookout for the best napoleones
here in Bacolod, try it here at Quan. Also try cuchinta, it’s
also delicious. It’s usually served
with grated coconut. We’ll get puto cuchinta and the much-awaited
napoleones! So this is the famous
napoleones of Bacolod. It’s like a custard pie with a sugar icing
on top. This is very delicious! This is their puto
cuchinta. This comes with
grated coconut. Let’s try… It’s very soft, and it has hints
of butter and egg. Delicious! Next, we’ll try
the napoleones! This is a trademark
of Bacolod. Delicious! You should try! ♪ Background music ♪ If you can recall from Day 1, we visited Bob’s. Apparently, they also
have a pastry shop here at Lopue’s
East Center. Take a look
at their cakes. ♪ Background music ♪ See guys,
when you’re in Bacolod literally, you will be in for
a food trip! Okay, while waiting for my
dad’s meeting to finish, let’s go here first. I’ll share with you something about
Lopue’s East Center. It’s called Lopue’s
East Center because it’s towards the east
side of Bacolod. ♪ Background music ♪ This is probably
their best-selling location because their downtown location does not have much people. This area really sprouted. When I was in high school, this area was just small but now it is already
developed! ♪ Background music ♪ Before we head
out for dinner, we went back here
at the house. I just wanted to
share with you the typical provincial, rural setup. It’s just so silent here I feel I’m getting deaf
by the silence. But I could just hear
birds chirping… There are no
honking horns, buses, traffic, nor pollution! The scenery is filled
by nature. So calm and so relaxing. [Birds chirping] Did you hear that? [Birds chirping] [Dog barking] This is the typical
life in the province, every time I go
on a vacation here in Bacolod, this is something
that I eventually miss. ♪ Background music ♪ We’re now here
at Aboy’s restaurant. Aboy’s! Let’s take a
look inside. ♪ Background music ♪ This is what they call a “paluto” restaurant. You’ll get raw food there, then they will cook
it for you. Your food is served
off the grill. They usually serve
fresh seafood. We got blue marlin and “pangat”. Aboy’s is near Goldenfields. Later, when the food arrives let’s check out how
delicious it would be. ♪ Background music ♪ Let’s now taste
the blue marlin and “pangat” and how delicious
these are. Take a look,
it’s freshly grilled. ♪ Background music ♪ Mmm… Does the pangat
have coconut milk? Yes it does! ♪ Background music ♪ Alright, so here we are
at SM City Bacolod. Let’s do Question of the Day What do you usually
want for paluto, as we just came from
a paluto restaurant. I wanted to know from you, what’s your preferred paluto in a paluto restaurant? Please comment down on the
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