32 thoughts on “What is a cookie?

  1. Your gonna tell me about computers when you couldn't even figure out the file extension to your video file doesn't need to be part of the video title?

  2. well technically cookies aren't an invasion of privacy because YOU have the ability to allow/disallow them

  3. No. Malware IS exactly code. As you can see on wikipedia's definition of malware, it is an abbreviation for "malicious software". Software is code.

  4. That was a bit harsh. I think we're basically in agreement. I think you're referring you the term malware as a name for people write or appropriate malicious code, and I'm narrowing the definition to the code itself.

  5. I disagree with your premise of thinking of "this" as a program. If I write a program and compile it, the output is executable code. If my program is designed to do something malicious, then the code is malware.

    Remember, my original post was indicating that malware doesn't require cookies. Hopefully you can agree with that. I think we've gotten off topic.

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