What Does Cake Batter Do In A Vacuum Chamber?

Hey guys welcome back, I’m Nate, thank you for joining me today on the king of random today We’re going to be trying an experiment suggested by pierios hi grant Can you try and see what happens if you put cake mix in a vacuum and get the bubbles out? How would the baked cake look well pierios? That sounds like a great experiment to us so today? We’re gonna try it We’ve picked up this bright blue cake mix Which we’re gonna mix up according to the instructions Put in the vacuum chamber to suck out all the air and then bake it before we start mixing ingredients Let’s get the oven warming up The instructions also tell us that we need to grease and flour our pan before we pour in the batter The ovens heating up and our pans are ready for the cake batter, so let’s start mixing our ingredients. It’s blue blue cake mix Taste blue, it doesn’t it just taste the cake batter water All our ingredients are added now. Let’s mix it Vo tastes all mixed up It’s like cake just Very very moist cake probably shouldn’t eat things with raw egg in them but just tastes so good something I noticed while mixing this up is this cake better is actually fairly stiff I hope you’ve seen our previous video where we tried using a vacuum chamber on pancake batter before cooking them This is much thicker than pancake batter. You can see it’s like Barely moving at all even when the bowl is turned completely sideways We’ll see what kind of effect and change that has when it goes in the vacuum chamber It might have a harder time bubbling than pancake batter does now I’ll divide this cake batter in to put half of it in our vacuum chamber and half of it in one of our prepared pans That’s great. It’s just like this blue boozy blob down there Half of the cake batter is in the jar let’s pull out the air and see what happens Holy cow That’s amazing that immediately starts swelling up like a balloon oh my gosh Thought it was gonna be too thick Holy cow that’s so freaking awesome oh That’s a thousand times better than what I thought was gonna happen oh We’re coming back for a second run it filled up it collapsed now. It’s filling back up again That’s weird that almost looks like a baked cake already. Oh, it’s alive It’s a boiling roiling sea of cake batter. Yeah, we’re definitely doing another one just cuz I want to get that again I Had a few different thoughts of how this was gonna go firstly. I thought it was so stiff that it wasn’t really gonna Do too much I thought maybe a couple bubbles would just slowly build up and pop and it would maybe just sort of look like a Swamp or something like that this immediately Started ballooning up like as soon as the pressure was changed inside the chamber it just started expanding this giant Blob of cake flavored foam and almost filled the whole chamber So when I turn off the vacuum chamber and stop everything off it will actually start to grow back a little bit as well the cake mix Probably has baking soda and baking powder in it and when those get wet they start combining to form carbon dioxide so this is probably Creating its own gases, and then if I turn the vacuum back on. I think it will suck all that built-up co2 out Yeah, you pull it turn the vacuum back on and it starts pulling all that new gas back out it collapses back down all Right we’ve been pulling air out of this cake batter for several minutes now, and we’ve let it rise its collapsed It keeps bubbling a little bit, but one interesting thing is the whole tank is still at almost a vacuum pressure So we haven’t tried letting off the pressure to see if the cake collapses even more when we do that So let’s give that a try Oh Snap that turned Dark-colored immediately, I think so much air has been pulled out that it’s lost the light color given to it by the air Well just feels like cake batter, I don’t know because it has no air in it It’s it’s like a lot slimy er looking like it’s it’s not full of bubbles like a batter should be It’s just like dense thick slimy Still tastes like cake batter shocking. Now, let’s use the spatula to scrape this out pour it into our pan and bake it up I look at the difference in the color of the dude. This is our normal cake better, and this is our cake better That’s been vacuumed. It’s Like wildly different colors. That’s what happens if you pull all the air out of this. Oh that is great Those cakes are looking good and while they’re cooking in the oven we’re going to start mixing up a new batch And we’re gonna use those to make some poop emoji cupcakes using this mold from Rosanna pansino from the YouTube channel nerdy nummies Our cake timer went off, so let’s use these bamboo skewers to test if our cakes are ready Those look very different from each other all right the skewer should come out clean if the cake is finished That’s looking pretty good and clean now I’m just gonna test what happened with the one that we vacuumed Shanker feels more like brownies and cake All right, I think that’s finished they’ve both been in there for the same amount of time Let’s take them out and start to let them cool down We have our second batch all mixed up, but there’s one small change I want to do I want to use some yellow food coloring and try and turn this blue cake green There we go, it’s not the most intense green color in the world But it is greener than it was before and I’m interested to see how it changes when we decompress it in the vacuum chamber First let’s fill three of these cupcake molds with non vacuumed cake batter The batter is in the jar let’s turn on the Machine and suck out the air woah Well that’s even more than last time and It’s collapsing ah I collapse collapse oh that is great I Love watching that I’m gonna try cycling some pressure in and closing it off again to see if that speeds up the process Oh Too fast too fast I got splattered everywhere the air rushing in through the valve Hit the cake batter and splattered it a little bit didn’t mean to go that quickly There you go decompressed slightly green cake batter, let’s scoop a little bit of that out and put it into our cupcake mold On one of these I’m gonna try filling it up all the way because our first cake didn’t really seem to rise much So I’m not too worried about it expanding out of the mold now. Let’s throw these in the oven All right That’s a thing. We’ve got our normal cake and we’ve got our cake that was made with the vacuum decompressed batter Let’s cut them open and see how they turned out One feels pretty normal nice and light and fluffy cuts easily on a concave plate, which is not the best surface for it It’s collapsing a little bit But that’s just because of the shape of the plate not the cake itself very soft very airy all right Let’s try cutting open the cake made from our vacuumed batter Still cuts pretty easily I think it does feel a little bit more dense not terribly bad Wow that almost looks like gelatin more than it looks like cake We have less than half of the height of the normal cake it’s really squished down Let’s test out our dense cake I’m just gonna be a monster and cut a piece right out of the middle here goes It’s not bad, but if I took a bite of that not knowing ahead of time what it was I’m not sure if I would guess that it was cake it’s It’s obviously a dessert. It’s sweet It’s got a cake flavor to it but the texture is so different that it does it just doesn’t feel like cake it feels like maybe some liquid has been added to It or. It’s some sort of gelatin base, but yeah very different When I squish the fluffy cake they start to look the same You kind of see tiny bits of liquid coming out of this cake at some point I’m wondering if it’s just butter or Water got trapped because there was no air bubbles anymore and a good way to make a mess though Timer says our cupcakes are ready. Let’s give one a test that Came out nice and clean say we’re ready to go, let’s try D molding our poop emoji cupcakes and see how they turned out Well that’s a little bit of a poop emoji shape these actually come out more easily That should be about the same amount of cupcake batter You can see that pulling all the air out of it and the vacuum chamber really made a difference in how it turned out And kind of afraid to D mold this one cuz I think it’s still kind of liquid on the inside But we’ll see what happens oh There we go You know that probably has the best poop shape of all of them, but it is Leaking liquid cake batter. I’m gonna squish it Green cupcake poop your poop looks like this see a doctor immediately He’s interesting little tunnels and that’s where the air was trying to rise up out There you have it cake batter run through a vacuum chamber and then baked you don’t get a very light or fluffy cake it’s still A dessert it’s still edible some people may even prefer it that way I like the light fluffy cake that doesn’t have the concentrated egg Taste and all around I think it’s a better idea if you don’t include the vacuum chamber as part of your cake baking process especially, thank you to Rosana from nerdy nummies for providing these poop emoji cupcake molds and a special shout-out to PIeRios for Your idea to try the vacuum chamber cake check your youtube inbox we’re sending you 25 bucks remember that if you have any ideas of Experiments builds or projects that you want to see us do on this channel Comment down below if we pick your idea will send you 25 bucks Thanks for joining us for this experiment today, and we look forward to the next one talk to you then that looks really delicious, I kind of wish I could eat it while it was in a vacuum Foaming up like a foam cake balloon. oh My gosh it tastes toke, no I’m kidding it tastes exactly the same just cake Hey guys, if you want to catch up with some of the things I’m doing in my personal life Come follow me on Instagram and Twitter at the king of random I post stories and updates as often as I can and it’s really the best way to connect with me directly. I’ll see you there

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