Wendy’s Frosty Cookie Sundae Review | (Was it worth it?)

the frosty cookie Sunday hi everyone
welcome back so I have a special treat for you not many people know this but
Wendy’s has created a brand new frosty cookie Sunday and today we’re actually
to try it and see what we think about it I’m a huge ice cream person huge and
that’s one of the things I love in life so when I heard that Wendy’s was doing
this brand new cookie frosty thing I was like oh my god
so I’m gonna be getting it with vanilla frosty
cookie pieces and then pureed le chocolate sauce all over it I can’t wait
so the frosty cookie Sunday is 2 dollars and 15 cents plus tax so depending on
where you are is going to depend on how much tax it is but two dollars and 15
cents for a sundae we’ll see how it compares with other
Sundays like the McDonald’s Sunday for me the McDonald’s Sunday that ice cream
is actually like ice milk so I don’t really find it to be a very good Sunday
thank you alright so we have our frosty cookie
Sunday so inside of her bag we got some napkins definitely gonna need those we
got our spoon absolutely gonna need that then we have it the frosty cookie Sunday so I actually think it’s the perfect
size for me because if it’s too big then I get sick of it and then I don’t want
to finish it oh I’m so excited
all right let’s pop the top so good so not like the past year isn’t that great so it has vanilla
frosty it’s got cookie pieces and it’s got the giri deli sauce all over it look is that not great Wow is so good we’re really good I know some people were saying
that the cookies were hard but they’re wrapped they’re really not
then again it is also almost 12:00 here so the cookies are really fresh I was kind of expecting the frosty to be
because I find that the frosty itself kinda lacks substance if that makes
sense it’s not really thick it’s really kind of thin with a mouthfeel but with
the cookies it’s it works really beautifully it works very beautifully look at all that chocolate goodness I’m
so excited oh so good it’s really good now looking at it what they did is they
just put some some cookie pieces on top of the frosty
and then covered it in the chocolate sauce and so everything on the bottom is
pretty much just frosty but it is not bad at all the cookie pieces are
actually a little bit big they’re a little bit big so it’s like
that’s why you’ll see me going and eat it I’m like this because the cookie
pieces are that big this was definitely definitely worth money so the chocolate that’s on top is almost
like a hot fudge which that’s my weaknesses hot fudge so it’s almost like a hot-fudge but not it works
it works the frosty is definitely melting faster than regular ice cream but I think this is definitely a step up
then then what McDonald’s has for sure the frosty itself is much better than P
McDonald’s sundae I think next time I get this I might try
to get extra you’re a deli sauce on it I’m talking it wrong it has enough but I
love hot fudge so I think getting the extra would really make this very good the amount of cookie pieces that they
give you is probably perfect there’s starting to get that
that brainfreeze going on and the amount of cookies that they give
you seem speed perfect because that way you have enough of the frosty dairy the
vanilla to really cut the dryness of the cookie but even so the cookie isn’t
really that bad but you know what it’s like you have your cookies and milk and
you need to make sure you have a good balance well this definitely I think is
a good balance but it’s like the best idea I’ve had in
a long time totally the best idea I had just guy that’s next to me like a couple
spaces down he keeps wondering who I’m talking to
but I’m talking to myself I’m telling you guys so I got one last cookie bite I’m
totally gonna love this that was really really good so here’s my final thoughts
I definitely loved it I did not try it with french fries only because I don’t
really care for french fries dipped in frosty if you do you might really like
it I’m not sure because of the fact that there is that chocolate sauce I don’t
know try it if you do try it let me know down in the comments what do you think
about the French fries dipped inside of the frosty I really loved it I’m
definitely going to make this one of my ice cream rotations for sure only
because that’s sometimes I just crave it thank you so much for watching I hope
that you did enjoy it if you did give me a thumbs up if not give me a thumbs down
and please go ahead and subscribe if you want to see more videos from me if you
do I happen to have two right here for you so I’ll see you all in the next

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