Weird Food Gadget That Makes Ice Cream?

– I’m the ice cream man! Hey what’s up guys,
Keaton the ice cream man. And what we’re checking out is this ball that makes ice cream? I had no idea this could
even happen, so let’s roll. So this right here is a
ball that makes ice cream. Apparently this isn’t new,
even my dad knew what this was. So that should tell ya
how awesome this is. And it’s actually not too badly priced. I’ll leave a link down below
if you guys wanna check it out. And drop a like on this video or else I won’t be able to make ice cream. Let’s shoot for like 35,000 likes. We’re going to be making
some dank ice cream, and I’m gonna need all the
likes I can get on this one. So basically how this works is you have two sides of this ball. And if I was you I’d be
like you know what screw it, I’m just going to go buy a
tub of ice cream, whatever. But making your own ice
cream is pretty fun. Drop a comment down below if you’ve ever made your own ice cream before. This ball’s rolling all over the place. Sit still! So how this works, I’m gonna keep this super short for you guys. You have two sides of this so, if you unscrew one of the sides, I’m not so super strong so
like that took a lot of energy. You have one side which is where you put your ice and everything,
your salt to make ice cream. And then you got the other side, we gotta work on in right there. And that’s where you put
your milk, your flavorings, your sprinkles, your
cherry, your whipped cream. And bam, you roll this thing together, you play it around like
a lil’ soccer ball, and you’re gonna be eating some ice cream. Alright let’s make some ice cream! I’ve never done this before
I’m a little bit scared. So we’re gonna throw some ice in here. I never thought I’d be
making ice cream one day. In a ball. And then you need salt,
I got ice cream salt ’cause I don’t know how this works. Let me know in the comments
if you know how this works. But ice and salt make it super cold. So we’re gonna put a bunch in there, why is it not coming out? Oh boy, it’s all gonna come out at once. Why is this so difficult!? If you’ve seen the pancake printer video, let me know in the comments but, this is almost as bad as that. Like I’m just not
skilled at cooking, okay. Okay, I think that’s enough, we’re gonna put some
more ice back in here. Oh my god dude, it’s so cold! Alright, let’s put the
top on, it’s super cold. If I can even put the top
on, we packed it to the brim. Got a little peekaboo hole, peekaboo! Alright, let’s flip it
over, whoa, that’s so cold. Oh my god, that is cold, okay. Alright now let’s actually
make the ice cream, and I know what you want. You want me to make this basic vanilla ice cream, I ain’t about that. Let me know in the comments
what your favorite flavor is. We’re going to be making chocolate mint. I, sometimes I don’t know how
I come up with this stuff. So I got some chocolate milk, my mom would never ever ever buy
chocolate milk growing up, so this is a damn treat. Gonna pour it in there. That has like a nice sound to it, I like that, I like that a lot. Let’s get the mint action going here, and of course the top’s on. Oh my god, that is intense. Alright, little goes a long way. Oh my god, it’s gonna be a
minty chocolate ice cream! So let’s put the top on,
smells so much like mint. I’m that kid that’s gonna smell like a mint if you ever see me in public. And if you do, come say hi, I’m not mean. I know I look scary but I don’t. Now we need to let this
sit for 20 minutes, shake it around, and make some ice cream. So we’re going to the soccer
field, I’m gonna score a goal. ♫ Go Live ♫ Get ready, get get get ♫ Let me see you jump – I think we made some ice cream. We’re back from soccer. I scored like six goals,
the other team lost. Let’s see if this worked, I’m done. Oh my god, we made ice cream! Look at that, that’s ice cream! Let’s scoop this out,
I got chocolate syrup we got it all here guys. Oh wow that like, that’s
a tight fit there. It’s beautiful like, I’m shocked, I’m proud of myself, I’m proud of everyone that believed in me and
dropped a like on this video. Well, it was at this moment that Keaton remembered
you need to add sugar. Remember to add sugar, kids, jeez. Alright this actually
made ice cream, guys. So we’re gonna dress it up a lil’ bit, ’cause there’s no sugar, I forgot. We got a lil’ chocolate
syrup action going on there. A few marshmallows, that is dripping, oh boy, this is getting
DIY and crafty real fast. Bam, lil’ sprinkle sprinkle. Bam, kids, we made ice cream, from a ball! That’s actually really good! that chocolate mint combo,
hell yeah, your boy was right! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, brain-freeze. So yeah guys the ice cream
ball legit actually works. This thing is so good, I
don’t even know what to say. Just go buy it. So that’s pretty much it for this video. If you guys made it to the
end, and like ice cream, drop a like on this video, and if you guys haven’t already subscribed,
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button right up here, get subscribed over there. Check out my last video right over here. Oh man, I made ice cream,
I’m proud of myself.

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