We Pick The Best Store-Bought Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

so too sweet Josh today we are going to find out which pre-made Oh is the best I love chocolate chip cookies me too I love chocolate chip papers especially if they got sprinkles love sprinkles confetti sprinkles with chocolate chip cookies inside it’s a thing chocolate chip cookies with Oreos baked in the center look there’s a thing as well and those are super Bob you’ve lived so many lives yes [Music] this is already a step I don’t normally get to because like to get to this step you have to actually put it in the oven on first look here I would say this looks like it’s gonna be moist this one’s a really thin super thin so we’ve got the thin going on a lot of chocolate chips of them yeah there’s a lot there’s a good it’s pretty crumbly I would say but it is sticking together okay but it is like it will fall apart in your hands [Laughter] yeah I’m very good there’s like simple but really good not my favorite I like that I like the size and so Q I like that yeah these are a little dainty okay these are a little fellas first up I know that a lot of James Tollhouse does like the square shape for the dough that’s how much I know about it you know what I’m just gonna do a little tear pull this makes me think of they’re like break off square ones just because of the size like maybe that’s the orientation better I like it better but I’m with it these are a little less flavorful I think than the first one yeah the other ones I would say still might might be my top choice so far but these are definitely good you know I wouldn’t say no tool doesn’t blow my mind not really it’s very good I like it I like a lot [Music] look at yes very for you look at this big boy Wow love it when you call me big papa if you told me these came from like some little boutique Bistro and might be a $7 cookie right here this is like solid like this looks like itll like it’s the older Big Brother cookie and it’s gold there is no crumble happening right now it is yeah very solid probably like a Miss Fields cookie ears oh that’s a good bet there’s just like really dense oh no I don’t like that I hate this one I’ll eat the whole thing I’m not gonna eat I don’t know if I like it much it has almost kind of like a weird aftertaste if I was walking the street alone I would have hit like a mugger with this the cookies is more what I’m used to you know I just go for that kind of thing whatever cookie that one yeah you know big soft and you think it’s your top one right now um out of the cookies that we’ve had today yes no the best cookie that I’ve even like in your life [Music] looks kind of green I’m gonna be real surprised if this is the best flavor cuz you know no shape to this cookie whichever one he is but he just looks real tired there’s like a texture there is like texture happening on this cookie this this looks like a dog treat first thank you it does it has a good break and it is very gooey looking in the center so let’s check that out I don’t like that at all I would rather have the last one than this one no for us it’s like some I try to give me a healthy cookie I’m actually gonna swerve a little and say this is my second favorite pace wise but it is easily bottom of the pack presentation-wise yeah I’m just not into this one yeah it’s too crumbly it feels like it almost feels like it doesn’t have butter yeah I don’t like this one not a fan yeah no no no no no thank you my favorite is this second one the one that almost looked like it kind of had a square shape that’s my favorite one but that one ones it for the third one yeah I get there one number two I think I would say number one number one is my favorite with a second-place finish for the last one I think I said I saved the second one I agree the second one is the most classical told me one second with this whole house it is right Wow okay little bit your favorite pillsbury okay okay that makes sense of last one Wow okay there you go get movin I didn’t want to be really mean to gluten-free I love you but I just wasn’t expecting you to come to my party so basically we have we have very basic tastes that rings about how I would have thought it was gonna go down Toll House just like tried-and-true tastes like a late-night regret I love it [Music]

100 thoughts on “We Pick The Best Store-Bought Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

  1. My family uses the best one in my opinion Toll House because I'm sensitive and can't really deal with sugar. We make the cookies super soft and they like fall apart at first but once you let them set and they are perfect

  2. I was hesitant to click the vid, and I wasn’t surprised….that I shouldn’t have clicked the vid 😐

  3. If you need a spit bucket for trying cookies you don’t need to be in a video tasting cookies periodt. Take your bad taste buds and negativity elsewhere.

  4. Is it just me or is everyone in this video like ridiculously annoying for the entire video? Telling you you'll be testing cookies does not mean you need to annoy all of us to death the entire video.

  5. I think the "spit bucket" comment was supposed to be a wine-tasting joke, but it fell flat cuz it's a glorious chocolate chip cookie.

  6. Idk why but it seems that buzzfeed is putting people in their videos that no one has ever seen before

  7. Nestle makes the BEST cookie dough. When one of us is having guy issues me and my best friend buy a giant tub of their cookie dough and sit on my bed and binge Netflix all night long.

  8. title : we bought the best store bought chocolate chip cookie dough

    thumbnail : shows girl with disgusted face

  9. Once I saw that girl spit out the cookie when she said she loves cookies I went straight to the comments

  10. As someone who has to eat gluten-free, I'm glad Brendan liked the gf cookie. They are different, but not horrible.

  11. Is this woman going to be the next hated person like the fat venir person when he threw a celebrities cookies?!?

  12. "Too sweet" well, let me tell you, my dear, that 30% (MAYBE MORE) of cookies is sugar. If you can't stand sugar don't eat cookies, it's as simple as that. –'

  13. imagine removing all the popular funny people and replacing it with people who love cookies then want to spit them out

  14. In all honesty, i've had the first 3 cookies and the Ms. Fields one is INCREDIBLE. It does not taste like a ready made cookie and the other 2 have NOTHING on it. I will never buy another kind of ready made cookie dough again.

  15. For people who are talking about the girl who needs a spit bucket, I actually don’t like “too sweet” things. Actually I hate chocolate, main reason is that it’s “too sweet”. One I time I ate a small packet of chocolate and I went overdrive, I found myself at a water fountain drinking for like 15 mins lol

  16. I just came back from a party that had a BUNCH of cookies, needless to say- I don’t think my stomach appreciates me right now….

  17. "Do you have a spit bucket?"

    Oh come on, I highly doubt any one of those were bad enough that you needed to spit it out -_-

  18. No No No No The Very best take and bake cookies of all time are for sure Suzies Doozies Chocolate Chip !! I promise you they are!! Bake for 13 min at 350 then let them stand for 3-5 min and you will never eat a different kind of take n bake cookie again!!

  19. I prefer home baked from scratch, especially after a day or 2, omfg it made me quit buying cookies and cookie dough from the store

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