We Made Unicorn Cupcake Soap

– Hi, I’m Lindsay, and today we’re at Soap Chérie in Brooklyn. And today we’re gonna
make some dessert soaps, that we can’t eat. (upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Gina,
and I work at Soap Chérie, where all of our products are natural and handmade here in Brooklyn. We’re actually famous for our bakery line here at Soap Chérie. The bakery line includes things such as strawberry cupcakes,
strawberry cake slices. We also have chocolate soap
that has real chocolate in it. Today our founder Jennifer
is gonna teach Lindsay how to create mini unicorn cupcakes. – Jennifer, hello! – Hi! – [Lindsay] What makes this
soap different than other soaps? – These soaps are made from 100% oils. It’s a cold process soap, so it doesn’t have any parabens, sulfates, or additives in it. It’s the most natural soap you can use. – What is the first that
we need to do to make soap? – [Jennifer] We’re gonna mix our oils and our lye solution. And what this does is it bonds the oils so you get a solid bar of soap. – Science, cool. – I’m gonna pour Shea butter. – Okay what does that do? – Shea butter is just
really really moisturizing. It has a lot of conditioning
benefits for your skin. Coconut oil’s what’s gonna
give you really good lather. Mango butter. – Okay, I’ve never heard of mango butter. – It’s really good for sensitive skin. Olive oil, everyone loves olive oil. – Yep, love it on my
pasta, love it on my skin. (ding) – Now we have our lye solution here and it has coconut milk in it. – Oh, another thing I like to eat. So this is like the base? – Yeah. – It’s like a nice pancake batter. Do you ever like just are making soap and you wanna eat it? – Yeah, all the time. (both laugh) – Alright, so what are you doing now? – Now we’re gonna divide our
mixture into these containers, and then we’re gonna mix the colors. – [Lindsay] It’s like
the perfect unicorn pink. – Now we’re gonna create
our unicorn bases. – Nice. – So we’re gonna start pouring. – [Lindsay] How many of these
do you have to make daily? – We make like 200. – Oh my god! So you have arms of steel then. – (laughs) Yeah. Our arms kill us at the end of the day. Now we’re gonna prepare our piping bags so we can frost our unicorn cupcakes. – Okay I’m assuming this is gonna be making like a swirly pattern. – Yes. When I frost, you’ll see
a nice swirly unicorn. So we’re gonna start from the back. – [Lindsay] Okay. – [Jennifer] And we’re gonna go around and we’re not gonna press too much. Slowly just go around four times and then point. – [Lindsay] I can’t get over
how satisfying this looks. – [Jennifer] Yes. I’ll just do a couple and then when we get closer to the front, I’ll give it to you. – I’m not ready. – Lightly. Press a little bit more. You’re doing it, just keep going. – How much more? – Point. (laughs) – Point. It’s okay. – [Camera Person] It’s so cute yeah. – It’s not cute from the back. But it’s something. – You wanna do another one? (sped up vocals) – Cute little babies. They’re like my children. – Now we’re gonna dress
up the unicorn cupcakes with horns and ears, and then we’ll sprinkle lots of glitter when we’re done. – Okay how did you make these? – We made these with melt and pour soap. We poured it into our mold and once they’re dry, you have horns. – So cute! – Do you wanna try putting it in? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Putting them on. – Just right on top? – Right in the middle in the center. – Boop! – Just like that. – Cute! Wait, this is so
satisfying getting to like go into it. I made little creatures. I cannot get over how cute they are. – Now it’s glitter time. – Woo! My favorite part! – You can put as much as
you want, don’t worry. – That is all I needed to hear. Oh my god, I feel like a fairy. This is so good. This just brings them to life. – We’re all done. – Oh my god! Yes! Now that they’re all done
they look so so good. What do we do now? – Now we’re just gonna set them aside and we’re gonna let them cure. They have to cure for four weeks before we use them. – Oh man, see you guys in four weeks. (Jennifer laughs) I’ll miss you so much. I had no idea soap could be made into such beautiful things. Like I would eat this if I could. (laughs) I love it, I love these colors. I learned so much today
about oils, who knew? Congrats on being the coolest
person ever, honestly.

100 thoughts on “We Made Unicorn Cupcake Soap

  1. wait, which part of the soap is the sanitizing ingredient? they do look cute, i'm just skeptical on how clean my hands would be if i used it…

  2. From what I see there’s no actual soap in these. So how do they clean? They seem more like water activated moisturizer than an actual hand soap. I would still have to use normal soap before I grab one of these.

  3. How irresponsible to not use the proper safety gear or even mention how important it is to be safe when using lye.

  4. Did you know that the people that are in buzzfeed videos aren’t supposed to comment on the videos at all

  5. Beautiful soaps ofc. But as a soaper,where are all the safety precautions? I under it's not a teaching video but when dealing with lye which is necessary for cold process soap making you automatically should have a disclaimer on lye safety.

  6. How is it soap if it can’t get rid of the bacteria on your skin? It’s literally just a body butter almost.

  7. these are so cute and i would feel guilty using them and i’ll probably end up having it as a decoration instead

  8. When you say as much as you want I would pour all the glitter on litterally one cupcake and need more for that same cupcake

  9. if you want to see an in depth tutorial on how to make cupcakes soap, check out royalty soaps here on YouTube

  10. All yall talking about what she doin bc i bet a whole lot of u dont even know how to make soap or anything so u need to stop

  11. Wasnt lidsay on awesomenessTV disney bound challenge? I have a feeling that iv'e seen her there

  12. When all the icing was finished I forgot they were soap and I was like oh that must taste delicious and then I remembered

  13. reads title
    We Made Unicorn
    oOooOooh pastel colors
    yummy, I'm gonna get hungry while watching

  14. She should be wearing gloves. And eye protection. And long sleeves. I’m a soap maker. Also why didn’t she use a stick blender

  15. I make cold process soap for a living and they should wear gloves. I have a small hole that’s been healing for 3 weeks because of lye

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