We Ate The Most Iconic Foods In Denver On A $50 Budget

Narrator: These are
Rocky Mountain oysters, and they don’t come from the ocean. The oysters are a staple dish in Denver, but they’re not the only iconic
meal the city has to offer. I have $50 to spend and
I’m on a mission to try some of the best dishes
in Colorado’s capital, hopefully without
splurging beyond my budget. The city is known for
its walkable downtown, craft beer around every corner,
and some stellar cuisine. I’m excited to try a couple of things in Denver in particular, things I never imagined that I would eat. One, a rattlesnake hot dog, and then Rocky Mountain oysters. Colorado is made up of flat grasslands and the southern Rocky Mountains, which makes living easy for large animals like elk, moose, and deer. That leads us to the
first stop on our journey. Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs
started as a hot dog cart outside of the Colorado Rockies’
baseball stadium in 2005. Today, they have a restaurant,
two locations in Coors Field, and five street carts. I ordered reindeer and
rattlesnake with pheasant, and I’m really excited and
nervous to try them both. Both hot dogs cost $7.50 each, plus an extra buck fifty for the toppings. The rattlesnake-pheasant hot dog is topped with roasted cactus, Malaysian curry jam, scallions, cilantro, and onions. – We’re really lucky in the fact that we’re kind of a destination. We became popular because we’re serving just this bizarre hot dog menu, starting with reindeer and buffalo, elk, wild boar, pheasant, things that nobody had actually ever seen before in a hot dog. Narrator: Even the
reindeer was $9 well spent. That’s so delicious. The chili is so – I’m
going to take another bite. After dropping $18 on some of
the best hot dogs I’ve had, I made my way to Avanti Food & Beverage for a local craft beer. Check off $7 and an amazing
skyline view of the city and I was on my way to take on the meal I was most anxious to try. Rocky Mountain oysters are a staple at one of Denver’s oldest restaurants. Buckhorn Exchange goes through 500 pounds of Rocky Mountain oysters each week. – They’re cow testicles,
or bull testicles, whichever way you want to look at it. When they’re castrated,
the testicle is harvested, and then we peel it,
there’s a membrane on it, and we peel it and slice it
very thin and deep fry it. The large order of Rocky
Mountain oysters cost $17. – They’re just super normal and good. Mmm, it’s great. It’s great, it actually is. It’s nicer than a fried potato chip because it has some
substance, some sustenance, like I feel like I am
eating more of a meat. We ended our day exploring
the Denver Central Market. The food hall is home to a
variety of local vendors, including a fish market,
wood-fired pizza bar, and popular ice cream shop. After our day full of wild foods, I settled for something I was used to. The Italian muffuletta sandwich was topped with fennel salami, ham,
mozzarella, and basil pesto. On a US-dollar affordability scale, 10 stars being the most affordable, I’m giving Denver five stars. I may have splurged on the whole order of Rocky Mountain oysters. Considering they are a delicacy in Denver, they weren’t exactly cheap. And I can say, I forked
over a few more dollars for hot dogs than I normally would, but they’re not your typical sausage, so still no regrets there. From my experience, I think
it’s challenging to try some of the most iconic dishes in Denver without blowing through a $50 budget. Next time, maybe I’ll
opt for the half order of Rocky Mountain oysters.

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  1. Food Insider can you do a video of trying, ordering and eating the many flavors of ice cream at Owowcow Creamery.

  2. Wasted 40 of 50 dollars. The hotdogs will taste of the spices and condiments you put on top. Rattlesnake sausage is good with just a simple sauce. Reindeer also. As for rocky mountain oysters, they are a novelty when fried and served with ranch. Chicken nuggets without the chicken lips. That part of the bull can be served so many ways and combine with other parts of the cow to make wonderful burgers, sausages, chili etc. To fry and serve, waste of 18$. Here is what you missed, some of the most iconic pizza, german food, game meat and pairings with some iconic craft beers. If you really wanted just to check of bull balls, calf brains and rattlesnake come to Oklahoma for cattleman or the waynoka rattlesnake round up. Waste of a video.

  3. This video feels like a college project that didn't quite get done. She bought 2 hotdogs, and only told us about one. Her description of the RMO is weak at best, then we quickly finish with a sub. I know this is about budget, but please, don't waste your time/money sending these folks out to do a half hearted review that is a waste of time.

  4. Now that's something new 🙂 I like reindeer & moose…Oh yummy Malaysian curry…delish😍☺

  5. I gave it a like just cause you went thru the effort of telling us what not 5o eat while in Denver blah ima throw up 😖🤢🤮🤬🤢😷

  6. Biker Jim’s is good, but you could’ve gotten way more food for your $ if you had time to look deeper than downtown. Some great Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Mexican places on Federal. Next time 🙂

  7. So I'm guessing she didn't eat the rattlesnake… the video cut straight to the bull balls before she gave her feedback on that.

  8. It looks really delicious just by watching the video 😍 I want to try all the food in the video

  9. Red's dogs and donuts in Greeley Colorado offered all of those hot dogs and more for 8 years before you

  10. Its shameful that Food Insider would do a review on a place that kills rattlesnakes for hot dogs. Rattlesnakes are not a domesticated animal and continued over harvesting of these snakes through out Denver has caused the population to crash to all time low numbers. Food Insider gets a thumbs down and failing F grade overall. I filed a complaint.

  11. Both my grandmothers worked at the Buckhorn, at different times during the 1930's !.
    Never in my live I will eat snake

  12. Did not even have breakfast. And I doubt she ate both hot dogs. This video was completely irrational .

  13. 50$ 😂
    That freaking hot dog though…. Yesssssssssss
    ISEKAI TENSEI NO BOUKENSYA 異 世界 転 の 冒 険 1~13 : https://youtu.be/ZieAG9Tr4Qo

  14. I lived there for 10 years, most people only ate Rocky Mountain Oysters on a dare or to prove what a manly man they were.

  15. While I appreciate the difficulty in deciding just which hot dog to try, you could have immediately saved $9 by ordering only one…a "normal" serving. And, are Rocky Mountain Oysters popular with residents or are they a destination for tourists? Just curious…

  16. U can go to a fine dining restaurant and get a good amount of food for 50 dollars….this isnt impressive

  17. This video was made unwatchable by the pronounced vocal fry of the voiceover person. Can’t we go back to professional voice talent? This is like nails on a blackboard to many of us. 😖

  18. She didn’t have to get two hot dogs or the random sandwich at the end and waste her budget. I’m disappointed that she didn’t try any Mexican food from El Taco de Mexico or Vietnamese food in Denver’s Little Saigon. Do better research before giving the food scene here 5/10 stars.

  19. Swifts on sante fe is cheaper and a good breakfast place right up the street on sante fe from the buckhorn exchange

  20. Not just Chinese people Denverites eat anything on their land they can drag to the table…next you hear they're peeling human testicles to deep fry and serve with brain sauce…😨😰

  21. 2:49
    Chews, Chews, Chews,
    Makes some weird faces,
    "Supper Normal and Good!"
    So she didn't tip.
    They look yum!

  22. 0:17
    "I have 50 alhars to spend"
    Yooooo why would you eat bull balls?
    ewww no no… you'd have to pay me to try that

  23. Not gonna lie, I thought Denver would look like a desert owo I clearly never left my hometown on the east coast

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