VLOGMAS DAY 7 ? Christmas cookies and more TODDLER TROUBLES!

what are we making? hey guys so slight change of plans
instead of me having to bait up the paragadi the long line Alex surprised me
whilst I was feeding the kids their lunch and just generally tidying up and
he baited up the whole long line by himself so I’ve just come downstairs to
show you the long line that’s ready these are called “Karavidakia” I’ll have to
find out what they actually are in English but they’re like little
crustaceans hi guys so everyone including myself had a little nap I was just so
tired from yesterday and I also had a really late night because I got sucked
into a movie until Half-past 1:00 in the morning and I still didn’t see the end
because it hadn’t finished Alex is out fishing now that he’s fishing isn’t he
yeah he’s gonna be back late tonight so I’ll have these guys on my own just
giving this guy some milk no nickel so yeah I’m gonna good boy so
I know you guys aren’t gonna even see this in time and you all have seen the
video before you see this but it’s no fun this morning
this Saturday that the video got blocked and I had to change the music and we
uploaded it and it is half done so I said it was gonna be done by evening cuz
I thought the internet was gonna be quicker than this during the day but it
has been we need today our cookies that we made earlier don’t we someone’s very
excited about that but first I’m gonna beat this guy
yeah and then I need to go downstairs and try and find Nick on the Joe
sprinkles that Lisa threw off the balcony earlier which I didn’t know
about until Alex told me before he left so yeah I’m gonna go hunt for those he
said it fell into a pot pot we forward it again me how we’re gonna
melt this chocolate way he’ll get the biscuits in I knees doing a very good
job of opening these so what have we got here are we doing cookie dipping going I
think the little mouse’s name is Isabella hey guys I was gonna do a voiceover but
I really feel like I need to vent and I’ve shouted at Bella and then she got
upset but she was really pushing my buttons so I went in the kitchen and
tried to do the washing up as you’ll see and came back out and there is ground
coffee everywhere so I’ve got the Hoover out and hoovered up the ground coffee
made a sandwich each for the both and then went back in and tried to finish
doing the washing-up or get some more done at least and then heard a smash and
Niko had somehow reached the plate that was my table I don’t know how he did
that cuz he had his harness on in this high chair but he still managed to reach
this plate that was on the table with his sandwich on it so I had to get the
lube right again and get up all those bits and Bella was just and she just
didn’t want a sandwich and she has eaten most almost most of her sandwich now but
I had to shout to her and I don’t want to shout at her it makes me feel guilty
when I shout to her and I don’t want to have that shouty relationship with her
but she just I was 19 oh you ate all your cheese oh no I’m sorry I shouted and then I got
a boiled egg out of the fridge for me Pro because he was just throwing his
sandwich but he just didn’t want the egg at well he wasn’t interested so he gave
it to Bella went by hand kitchen to finish washing up coming back out she
told me that she’d eaten all my eggs so I said okay so she was out from the
chair again look on the floor and where’s the egg in crumbs anyway I don’t
know she’s playing up because I haven’t spent loads of time with there today
saying that we made cookies and stuff I don’t know but this morning I did a vlog
because I had a friend come over for coffee and we haven’t seen each other
for a few years so we were chatting for a while and I’ve got the TV on for Bella
didn’t pay much attention and I don’t know so what I’m going to do is just pay
them some attention now so I’m gonna leave my phone here on charge for a bit
get them in bed and yeah hopefully tomorrow is gonna be a less stressful
day hi guys you

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