Vietnamese Traditional Sponge Cake[ BÁNH THUẨN ] Detailed Recipe

What’s up guys, this is Vu from the
VietnameseTinyGuy. This is the first video I want to share with you how to
make one of Vietnamese traditional cake in the traditional way . This is called “BÁNH THUẨN” and probably they don’t have any English name just like “BÁNH Mì” or “PHỞ”. I think this is one type of sponge cake?? Firstly let’s have a quick look at the
origin of this cake. Here is the map of Vietnam.
You can roughly device Vietnam into eight regions, this cake has its origin in
the Central Coast region. Through the process of culture exchange, the recipe was passed down through generations and was modified to suit with the regional
characteristics. My mom was born in “THỪA THIÊN HUẾ” so hopefully she can keep
the recipe with the traditional flavor In the past, this cake was rarely seen, we
could only see in this cakes during the Tet holiday or ancestor worship. Nowadays, you can easily buy on the streets. But it’s way more cool if you can do it
yourself right ? ARE YOU READY ?? LET’S GET STARTED. let’s go through all the ingredients first. You will need duck eggs, sugar arrowroot powder, ginger and a little
rice wine as an optional. This is the recipe my mother’s summarized over the
years. This is really important, it’s a key that determined the shape of the cake. You can totally follow this or you can base on this and create your own recipes. For the arrowroot powder, I use a blender to make finer powder. Finer powder will help you to mix all the ingredients together much more easy. Because I bought
this powder directly from farmers, so this powder need to be prepared with
several steps. But no worries, you can easily find and buy the finer powder. Same with sugar,
I will need a blender to turn this sugar into caster sugar. And again, you can buy
this caster sugar instead. Next, for eggs, I use the recycle
condensed milk can as an measuring tool. yeah in the folkway. It doesn’t matter,
just make sure that you can measure all the ingredients proportionally. You can start with whippin’ your eggs with sugar first. Next, you will need a little ginger
juice to make your cake more fragrant. Then whip your mixture until
it’s completely dissolved. Don’t be lazy, huh :)) Apparently you can use a mixer
machine, but you can also try to do this way. In this video, I use two bundles of
chopsticks. There can be four or five each and we can multiple together. that’s why I called this is a traditional way. :))) Whenever your mixtures is ready, you
can start to slowly add arrowroot powder into it and keep mixing. if you feel your mixes is a little dry,
you can add some wine, but don’t add too much. You don’t want someone to get drunk
after eating this right :))). Your mixtures will be ready when you see a beautiful light yellow color and when you stop the mixer and lift the whisk, the mixture should fall in a ribbon pattern that sits on the top for seconds before
sinking. now you can relax your hands and move to step number two. Normally
people will just put the mold on the fire but I will use the recycle pan and put
one layer of sand into it Then put the mold on it. And on the top I
will put one layer of buring charcoal. The layer of sand on the bottom will keep
your mold evenly heated and stay hot longer. so I just wait for the mold to be hot
enough for baking. when your mold is ready,
firstly slightly coat an oil layer on the mold. it will prevent the cakes from sticking to
the mold and easy to take out. in here I use two handmade tools, one is stick with a piece of cotton to hold oil another one is a piece of banana leaf
with one split end to remove all the debris from the mold. Remember to keep the fire medium and
continuously and check the cakes every several minutes. And after taking all the cakes out, you need
to use a tool to remove all the debris first and then add a little oil on it. then your mold is ready for the next turn. That’s it. Pls like, share and subscribe 😀 And WOALA, this is the typical result. In my point of view the most beautiful cake is soft inside and crunchy outside, which
is slightly burned at the edges. it looks very catchy right :D. Now let’s go through the
whole process. Pls like, share and subscribe 😀 And don’t forget to give thumbs up, share
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better videos. A PEACE!!

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