VEGAN OREO CUPCAKES !?! (with English subtitles)

Hi and welcome to Pure Power Panda! I actuall wanted to film a Vegan Explorer today, but then I remember I won’t be home next week so it wouldn’t make any sense to buy a bunch of groceries. Because I will also not be able to film a video next week, I didn’t want to leave you with nothing, so I thought of a really fun video for today. Maybe you’ve seen these oreo cheese cake mixes at the grocery store. Unfortunately, they are with milk sugar. Recently I saw at the grocery store that the oreo cupcake mixes are vegan. The cake mixture does not contain any milk sugar. It says, just like on all oreo products, that traces of milk and eggs can occur. So for today’s video I thought we make these together and see how they turn out when you make them vegan. According to the box, we need butter, eggs and cream cheese. All of which is of course not vegan. But I found vegan substitutes for all of it. For the butter we are using plant-based margarine. For the cream cheese we are using this one, which is made of lupine and is by the brand Luve. For the egg replacement I bought this at Edeka. This is an egg replacer in powder form. To replace one egg, you need two tbsp. and mix them with water. Now let’s open the box. I think these are oreo cookie crumbles. Here we have the cake mixture, which is the number 2. And the number 3 … I have no clue what that is. And we have the cupcake liners. First, the oven needs to be preheated to 160°C. And the cup cake liners need to be placed on the baking tray. Next, we have to melt the butter, from this we need 75 grams. So the butter is melted. I’ll pour it into the mixing bowl. And then we need 75 ml water and two eggs. For the eggs we need 2 tbsp. of the egg replacer plus 2 tbsp. water. This is how it looks. It’s just a white powder. two Save about 4 tbsp. of the oreo cookie crumbles for the topping. What? Of this bag? I don’t get it. Now we put this in here. Blend all ingredients with a hand blender for 2 minutes until you have an even texture. Tastes like oreo. Distribute the dough into the cupcake liners. Bake in the preheated oven for 18 minutes. And let cool down. Here we have the problem I always have with cake mixtures, the dough is never enough. I have 9 cupcakes and not enough dough for the last ones. So the others are just left over. This means I can just eat that last bit of dough. Now they go into the oven. 18 minutes. We can start making the frosting and store it in the fridge. This might even help keep its firmness. Let’s do this. Okay, on the box it specifically says to mix it with a spoon and not with a hand blender. It looks like there is only powdered sugar in here. This cream cheese by Luve is a bit more firm, which might be good for the topping. And because we need another 25 grams from this cup, I’m taking about this much. Now the powdered sugar. Very delicious. Very fresh. But like I said, it’s only cream cheese and sugar. Now it goes into the fridge. See you later! This is what they look like now. As you can see, they all have risen quite a bit. So they cool down quickly, I’m going to take them out of the tray. Okay I brought them inside, they have all cooled down, so I can definitely start putting the topping on. Let’s have a look if it’s still firm. Looks good. It’s still quite firm. Okay, I think it looks alright considering I don’t have a frosting bag. And now we need to add the remaining oreo cookie crumbles. Now it’s time for the big moment: the taste test because that is the most important thing. Regarding the looks, I’m satisfied. They usually never turn out like the picture on the box anyway. But apart from this, I think they look really cute. I can’t complain about the baking process regarding the vegan ingredients, I don’t feel like anything is missing. If anything, I actually think the frosting turned out better than usually. But the most important thing is the taste, so I’m just going to take this one. This is how it looks. Sorry. Very delicious! The dough is extremely fluffy and soft the frosting is so tasty because of the vegan cream cheese. So if you are looking for a quick vegan dessert, if you should have people over for example, definitely try these. This package costs about 4 Euros; I think it was like 3,69 Euros; I’m not sure. I think this is okay, considering you get 9 cupcakes out of it and baking mixes are usually not that cheap. I’m going to continue eating my cupcake I can definitely recommend it to you guys, give it a try Thank you very much for watching and then I’ll see you in two weeks again. Take care, see you, bye!

19 thoughts on “VEGAN OREO CUPCAKES !?! (with English subtitles)

  1. Sieht ja super lecker aus! In den Cheesecake-Mischungen ist außerdem noch Gelantine enthalten. Leider… Tolles Video!

  2. Ist es eigentlich wichtig, eine YouTube Kanal zusätzlich zu haben?Übrigens mega Video….Du bist so unglaublich hypsch.

  3. Hey tolles Video, finde dich super sympathisch! Hast du vllt Lust dass wir uns gegenseitig unter die Arme greifen und Youtube freunde werden? ich lass dir ein abo da und wäre nett wenn du bei mir vorbeischauen würdest;)

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