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[lauren] snickle! [lauren] hey everyone! it’s lauren from hot for food, we’re back with a brand new video this week [lauren] and we’re doing something slightly different. [lauren] so today i am part of a series called Dinner Exchange and it’s on Kin Community’s channel [lauren] Kin Community is our MCN (multi-channel network) here on youtube and we love them so much! [lauren] and i was really happy to take part in this series because it’s a cool way to give back to the community. [lauren] i collaborated with a hot for foodie out there in the world! [lauren] his name is Joe Rap and he lives in Los Angeles, California and he makes our recipes all the time and he’s a super fun dude! [lauren] and so we got to do Dinner Exchange together! [lauren] you can go learn more about his story and how hot for food has changed his life, which is kind of amazing! [lauren] by watching Dinner Exchange, i’ve linked it here and below. [lauren] and part of this exchange is he always makes our recipes but he sent me a recipe that’s very important to his heritage and his family. [lauren] so his grandma use to make anginette cookeis and these are a classic Italian cookie [lauren] they’re sort of a drop cookie with lemon zest and ricotta cheese [lauren] and him and his mum managed to veganize his grandma’s old recipe! [lauren] and that’s what we’re making today! i’m gonna take you through all the steps, we’re going to make it. [lauren] and he sent me a care package with all the ingredients i need and i’m so excited to do this! [lauren] so go watch Dinner Exchange, then come back here and learn how to make this recipe! [lauren] we’re gonna get started right now and these cookies are super cute and delicious! [lauren] so this is Joe’s grandma’s recipe but his mum printed it out for me. [lauren] it’s sugar, vegan butter, egg substitute, vegan ricotta cheese, flour, almond or vanilla extract, lemon zest, baking powder and baking soda. [lauren] super easy! plus and easy powdered sugar and almond milk frosting on top [lauren] and these little cute rainbow sprinkles, that’s like the classic look to these cookies. [lauren] so thank you Anna, Anna Rap! Joe’s mum for sending this to me. [lauren] and look at these products! so we don’t get these in Canada, so that’s why they sent it to me [lauren] so i can actually try this Tofutti Ricotta, and Miyoko’s Cultured Butter which you guys are getting in the US right now, [lauren] and this neat egg, which looks neat. [lauren] the recipe calls for 4 and a half cups of flour so you’re gonna wanna level off those cups and add them to a bowl. [lauren] with baking powder and baking soda. [lauren] mix this together really well and then we’ll do the wet ingredients. [lauren] i’m so excited to try the Miyoko’s butter, it says “European Style Cultered Butter” [lauren] smells cultered. [lauren] mm! [lauren] i softened it because in order to cream it, you do need to put it at room temperature. [lauren] you’re gonna cream this with sugar and then we’re gonna add the rest of the ingredients. [lauren] so Joe sent me the neat egg, this is an egg substitute made of chickpea flour and chia seeds as supposed to flax. [lauren] but i guess you could use flax. this does seem really nice and fine though, like a fine meal. [lauren] and we’re using 3 of these egg substitutes [lauren] so this is the same, you just mix it with water [lauren] so this thickens immediately whereas flax you have to let it sit. [lauren] this looks good, just like an egg. [lauren] then gradually add portions of the egg mixture while you’re beating the sugar and butter together. [lauren] this egg stuff’s pretty sticky so it was sort of twirling up the beaters. [lauren] so i’m just gonna stir the rest by hand, it’s pretty smooth anyway so it should be fine. [lauren] now we’re gonna add lemon zest and almond extract as well as the ricotta cheese. [lauren] so it’s about one lemon, is a teaspoon of zest. [lauren] i think the almond extract is more traditional in these Italian cookies so that’s why i’m using it [lauren] but you could use vanilla extract. [lauren] and this is our ricotta cheese, i hope i’m saying that kind of cool and properly. [lauren] it doesn’t taste great on its own, i’m not gonna lie. [lauren] if i were to eat this and put it in a lasagne, i’ll probably add a lot of garlic and herbs to it. [lauren] i would guess you could also use a sort of medium soft tofu, one that you could crumble, in replace of this. [lauren] and i would also probably add a little bit of lemon juice in that case [lauren] so that you get a little bit more of a bite. [lauren] and you’re using this whole container, and then we’ll mix this together [lauren] and we’ll slowly add a little bit of the flour and mix it altogether into the batter. [lauren] you know this is a good Italian recipe because it makes so much, it’s enough to feed to whole town! [lauren] and i guess they had bigger mixing bowls in Italy. [lauren] okay, but i’m doing Joe’s grandma proud here, we got to stick to the recipe, i didn’t wanna cut it in half, [lauren] but it is gonna make a lot of cookies. [lauren] i’m just gonna transfer what’s left of the wet in with the flour cos the bowl’s slightly bigger [lauren] and that’ll come together nicer. [lauren] so there it is, it’s all come together nice and smooth into a nice ball of cookie dough, [lauren] so you need to line your baking sheets with parchment paper because this is meant to be a cakey, soft cookie so you don’t want them sticking. [lauren] Joe, of course, has learnt his parchment paper lesson. i hope you all have too. [lauren] we’re taking small little dollaps, these aren’t massive cookies and [lauren] they are gonna puff up from the baking powder and baking soda so [lauren] they said half a teaspoon in grandma’s recipe but that’s very little so i’m not sure. [lauren] i’m doing about half a tablespoon. [lauren] maybe i’ll do 2 different sizes and see what happens. [lauren] so those only take 10 minutes to bake (at 350F) [lauren] just wanted to discuss something. [lauren] so we’re calling these ANGINETTE ITALIAN COOKIES, when you google that, [lauren] anginette or anginetti comes up, either an i or an e at the end. [lauren] but Joe and Anna Rap and Grandma Rap said it’s ANGINETTE. [lauren] so argue amongst yourselves in the comments, i don’t know, i’m not Italian but that’s what i’m going with. [lauren] we’re gonna make an icing and then we’re gonna put those pretty rainbow sprinkles on top. [lauren] and then we’re gonna snack! [lauren] alright, these are baked. small detail: i would roll them into little balls before you bake them [lauren] cos then you get a nice smooth mounded cookie and that’s the way they traditionally look. [lauren] if you dollap them, they’ll get a little more- i don’t know, irregular shaped? [lauren] they just don’t look as nice. this is gonna drape the icing nicely over the mound. [lauren] they’re very moist! [lauren] the lemon comes through, it’s very much like a biscuit or a scone texture. [lauren] it’s gonna be nice with icing. [lauren] alright, the icing is easy. it’s just a couple cups of powdered sugar, i’m gonna use vanilla extract, [lauren] you could use almond or lemon (extract) again. [lauren] you could also add more lemon zest if you want, but i’m not going to cos it’s pretty strong in the cookies. [lauren] i don’t know how much almond milk to add because it’s not listen in grandma’s recipe [lauren] but just keep adding a teaspoon at a time until you get kind of a thin-ish icing [lauren] but one that’s still going to stick onto the cookies. [lauren] so now you’re just gonna dip the tops of the cookies and let the excess icing drip off [lauren] cos you don’t want too many drips. [lauren] then you can sprinkle while it’s wet. [lauren] there they are, so cute and pretty! the VEGAN ANGINETTE COOKIES. [lauren] and i love them! i think these would be perfect for a baby shower, a birthday party, [lauren] your kid’s birthday party if you have kids cos you get so many cookies and it’s the perfect little amount of treat! [lauren] and i know why these make about 110 or 120 cookies because you’re gonna eat a lot of them! [lauren] you’re not gonna be able to stop yourself. [lauren] they’re so soft! [lauren] and i even made coffee to go with it! [lauren] and i learned something new! i think this is so cool, i got to bake with vegan cheese substitutes [lauren] and other things that i cannot get in Canada so thanks for sending those products to me, Joe and Anna and Grandma! [lauren] and i think it’s cool! i got to make a classic Italian recipe, something i never would’ve thought of making. [lauren] so if you have any other ideas of things from your family that you wanna throw my way and i can try to veganize them, [lauren] let me know cos i think that’ll be a cool thing to do every now and again! [lauren] so thank you so much to Joe’s mum, Anna and Joe’s grandma, i don’t know her name but she looks pretty cool cos i saw some pictures [lauren] and go watch Dinner Exchange the series over on Kin Community’s channel right now to go see his story, [lauren] and what he’s all about and he’s making our cauliflower buffalo wings. [lauren] so i hope you make those as well as these and many more things on our channel. [lauren] we post every wednesday here on youtube so subscribe with that button right there if you’re not already subscribed! [lauren] be part of the notification squad, that’s what you call yourselves, right? [lauren] notification squad! [lauren] alright, follow us on social media @hotforfood [lauren] tag any photos you make of the vegan anginettes or any of our recipes. [lauren] and i’ll see you guys next week, i’m gonna eat all of these probably! [lauren] no sharesies.

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  1. Could you make some vegan traditional crêpes Suzettes? Not pancakes, the french thin crêpes. I find it impossible without eggs xx

  2. I've always wondered – what do you do with recipe leftovers or excess food like this? Give it to neighbors? friends? throw it away?

  3. Lauren!!!! I've been watching hot for food vids for a while now and I absolutely love this channel and your personnal one! I know you have been very busy/stressed with the cookbook stuff, but just wanted to tell you to hang in there and to not forget to have fun in your videos! I've noticed you being more and more serious in your videos (which is not necessarily bad) and I just hope you don't forget to have fun while you do them! We love what you do! Love, your fellow canadian friend xx

  4. My family is Italian, so I can't wait to show them that these cookies can be made vegan! As far as Anginette vs. Anginetti…some Italians shorten up some words (especially when it comes to food haha) by cutting off the last syllable. So they may in fact be Anginetti cookies with the last syllable removed over time. Either way they look so good.

  5. i recently heard about nanaimo bars and found out that they are a Canadian thing. I would like to see if you could do a vegan version of them. never made them. never tried them but would absolutely love to!

  6. I am in college and living in a dorm and eating tasty vegan food can be hard, you should make a video making like 3 recipes in a rice cooker that are manageable but still super yummy!

  7. Hey! You CAN actually buy Miyoko's products here in Canada! There is a vegan cafe/bookstore on Salt Spring Island that sells her products online throughout Canada. Here's the link:

  8. Icing tip: Make a thick icing and heat it jo a bit in a pan. It Will get softer/more runny. Apply to cake and when it cools it get back to The thick icing.

  9. tres leches cake is an amazing yet dairy-based Hispanic dessert so if there's any way you could veganize it, it would be heavenly.

  10. hey Lauren could you pls do a vegan version of egg tarts or cocktail buns? they are traditional Hong Kong treats that I loved when I was younger but unfortunately can't find vegan version of.

  11. I come from a very big Italian family and watching this video brings back memories of holidays and these cookies! I feel like no one has ever heard of them so thanks for sharing! Definitely going to try this 🙂

  12. In Italian when you have an "e" at the end of the word you pronounce it like you're adding an "eh" to the end of it (my biggest pet peeve is when "Italian"-Americans pronounce it as "ee". It's just wrong. If you ever meet an American claiming to be "Italian" and that's how they pronounce Italian words ending in "e" then they're not really Italian) so it's "an-jin-ett-eh" or with the accent it's "ahn-jeen-ett-eh".

  13. OMG can you do Russian peroshkis???? PLEASE. I'm the only girl in the family and they keep saying I have to keep the tradition alive ;_;

  14. I'm in Canada as well so if you don't have the ricotta store bought, would it be possible to use the almond ricotta you used in your lasagna roll ups?

  15. Hey Lauren!
    I am italian, and i've never seen this cookie in my life, i also looked for the italian recipe but i only found american recipes, nothing italian.. We would just call them "Biscotti limone e ricotta", but they are really unpopular, i think that this might just be one of the many fake italian recipes you can find in america, like "alfredo sauce" (This really doesn't exist in italy and we would never never never use that kind of sauce for pasta).
    Many of these fake italian recipes usually came from italian-american people who often have never even been to italy, this makes me really angry because if you really wanna try traditional italian food, you have to go to the non-touristic part of the italian city you are visiting, for exemple i live in Rome, and the really good restaurants are the ones where romans go for dinner on saturday, not exclusively in the city centre, not the ones with only tourists outside, beacuse thast is just as fake as an american "italian restaurant", or if not fake, cerainly overpriced.
    If you want, i would be HAPPY to work with you to veganize a real italian recipe, something we eat on a daily basis for lunch or dinner, or even a dessert.
    I apologize if i made some grammar mistakes, but i really wanted to make these thing clear for everyone.
    And please stop the stereotype that we are just street music, pizza and pasta, beacuse if you come to visit Rome and you don't go on the classic touristic spots in the city, you'll find an incredibly different city than you expected, the real Rome. In the city center you'll find traditionals little restaurants with a few tables on really small streets, that is not the real Rome, that's just the scenery that catches tourists to go there beacuse is the "image" that other countries have about us, and italian tourism makes money right on that, and trust me, that's not Italy.
    If you want real italian recipes, vegan or not, contact me and i will be happy to help anyone, my email address is [email protected]
    And Lauren, i LOVE yor recipes, i tried most of them and they are amazing!

    Oh, and by the way, we cook a lot only if necessary, the picture you gave is like of 70 years ago…
    Ciao Ciao

  16. Lauren: Tofutti vegan ricotta cheese has a bad taste and smell but Kite Hill vegan ricotta cheese both tastes and smells amazing… You have to try it!

  17. I LOVED this episode and can relate to him saying you changed his life. Instagram was pivotal for me in becoming vegan. I've always been someone who loved the food network and loved watching cooking shows because I love cooking. I've always wanted to be a chef. But it doesn't seem to be much content out there (cooking shows, tv shows) marketed towards vegans. (Although I do believe that's changing). Of course I follow lots of vegan pages on Instagram that post lots of awesome videos. But your channel is like it's own vegan cooking show. I keep wondering if you guys have a patreon…I think that's what it's called. Because you do so much and you reach so many people….people who think vegans are weird and extreme and that veganism is so limiting. Sorry for the speech but I've been binge watching you guys the last few days. I haven't made any of the recipes yet but I can't wait to go grocery shopping and try to!

  18. I make REALLY amazing vegan potato pancakes with sour kraut and vegan sausages, or sometimes a vegan spin on a hot german potato salad for dinner. NEXT. LEVEL. STUFF.

  19. Tofutti products are a hit and miss with me. Their cream cheese is amazing while on the other hand I hate their sour cream.  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  20. I just made these today for a baptism and they're AMAZING! I will say though, my cookies took more like 15 minutes to cook rather than 10. These are best when cooked until slightly golden on top. You don't want a gummy undercooked cookie!

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