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vegan double chocolate cookies. okay. you think if i say “valentine’s day is stupid” everyone will get mad at me? [sound guy] ummm oh hey! it’s Lauren from hot for food, i am hot for food! you see me eating, cooking, loving on this channel every single wednesday. and today just happens to be Valentine’s day! oh joy! just kidding! it does give us an excuse though, to eat something chocolatey, something sweet! and maybe you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day, like me. maybe you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day with your gal friends or whatever whatever you’re doing, i suggest you make today’s recipe. i’m gonna show you how to bake up some vegan double chocolate cookies. i’m just gonna make regular round cookies but if you have a heart shape cookie cutter and you really feel festive, be my guest and shape them into hearts do whatever you want. share these with your friends, your family, your loved one, your children, take them to school, take them to work, just share the love! it’s all about food, it’s all about chocolate, really! so let’s do this! we’re gonna start with the dry ingredients. so we’re using all purpose flour and you know how we do, you scoop and level. so cocoa powder tends to have lumps in it so just sift it into the flour. you can also sift it baking soda and add some salt and give this a stir to combine it and set it aside. so by now you must be getting the hang of this whole baking thing as i’ve baked a number of things for you on this channel. as you know i have an inexpensive hand mixer like this but if you have a stand mixer, you can do it all in one bowl so you can start with this stuff first, cream the butter, add the sugar, vanilla, molasses, non dairy milk. and then add all the dry ingredients into the bowl as you’re beating it in the stand mixer. but that’s why i just did it separately. so now we’re gonna add a cup of vegan butter into this bowl and beat it until it’s nice and soft and smooth. once it looks nice and soft like this, you can add the granulated sugar. and now we’re gonna add in vanilla extract, a little bit of molasses and some non dairy milk. now you can add the dry ingredients in here and give it a stir until it’s well combined. once it’s mostly combined like this, you can add the chocolate chips and continue stirring. so once the dough is malleable like this, you don’t see any dry ingredients lingering around, you can start to portion the dough into cookies. so you can make these cookies any size you want, like i said you can even shape them into hearts if you want roll them into a ball and then when you place them on the parchment lined baking sheet, just slightly flatten them like that. they’ll do a little bit of spreading in the oven so there is two dozen cookies here. if you can fit both trays on the middle rack, do that. otherwise bake one tray at a time. they’re going in an oven pre heated to 350F for about 10 minutes. so i should always listen to my own advice and follow my own recipe you really shouldn’t bake two trays at once, you should have one tray in the middle for 10 minutes, and then bake the second tray in the middle because i tried to speed up this whole process and i put one tray on the top, of course they’re overbaked they don’t look as nice and they’re a little drier looking so just do them one tray at a time. these are the nice ones that were in the middle it’s not a big deal but if you’re going for perfection which i often am, i wouldn’t bake two trays at once. ohohoho!!! vegan double chocolate cookies! look at how chunky they are! i just got real excited for Valentine’s Day oh my god truthfully, this is an old recipe on the blog, i haven’t made it in a while i forgot how frickin good it is. mm! those should be sold in a bakery that isn’t my house oh my god you’re gonna love the texture of these. crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. i know what you’re gonna say in the comments. “do i have to add molasses? i hate molasses” well, you don’t even taste it, but it really enhances the chocolate. cos i remember when i made these and i added it, i was basing it off some recipe, i don’t remember, anyway i remember doing it without the molasses and there’s a difference. did you know my favourite dessert is a cookie? who needs a date when you have a cookie? am i right? okay i have a few things to tell you first of all, make that recipe, obviously. it’s linked in the description below and i hope you enjoy it. you don’t have to be celebrating Valentine’s Day or anything else, you can make these whenever you want, they’re super easy but did you hear that i’m going on a #hotforfoodbooktour? i am taking a bus across america from new york to philly to LA to san diego to come meet up with you guys! all the hot for foodies in the US of A, i’m so stoked about it all the details i have linked below on go check out the dates, when and where i’ll be rsvp to the event nearest to you it’s gonna be a freaking blast, it’s so crazy! i leave on march 7, and i don’t come back until the end of march it’s like i’m a rockstar or something i have a bus, i’m going on a tour and i can’t even believe it, it’s so crazy! so make sure you follow the adventure, #hotforfoodbooktour and @hotforfood and @laurentoyota on instagram. i will be documenting the whole thing, and now i’m creating content for youtube for vlogs and stuff like that so you’ll see everything, i’m gonna talk about it from now until i leave so hopefull you’re not sick of that and the book comes out so soon! vegan comfort classics: 101 recipes to feed your face. go pre order it now, if you pre order it, you’ll have the opportunity to get a free bonus ebook of even more recipes. you have to claim that before the release date of feburary 27. so go do that now, that link is also in the description, always check the description, there’s lot of information there and that’s it from me! i hope you have a lovely dovey Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day or what’s another word for that? why is it Galentine’s Day? what about.. i don’t know i’m not that clever i can’t think of anythign i should just go online and look at hashtags. okay that’s it from me! i’m gonna eat all these cookies and drink all this almond milk and just love myself. bye! love you all!

100 thoughts on “vegan double chocolate cookies | hot for food

  1. i made these and these were soooooo good, much better than most chocolate cookies I've had, and I don't even really like chocolate either

  2. I was hot till the vegan butter step :/ I wouldn't mind using it, but I'm simply unable to get it. Could you please share more recipes without the vegan alternatives, like butter, cheese etc. because some ppl (does anybody have same problem) cant get those or afford (it would be like online and few times more than regular butter). I guess that the thing that isn't a problem is a milk, thanks god. Would you advise any substitution for the butter?

  3. I love that you just keep rolling while you eat and chat with us. It’s so frustrating when people make food and don’t taste test it.

  4. googles how far the Philly place is from DC/Northern VA
    also count me amongst the people TOTALLY okay w you hating on Valentine's🙋

  5. Hi Lauren! These look really amazing! The thing is I'm not a fan of chocolate (yeah, I know, how.. what..why..) so what would you recommend replacing the cacau with?

  6. I want to make these tomorrow and don’t have any molasses. I just don’t feel like going to the store to buy any. What would you suggest subbing? I have maple syrup but I know that’ll be too sweet. Maybe less of it?

  7. I have recently not had a craving for chocolate at all. But I’ll make the cookies of course!!!! Could you do walnut and apple cakes? Or like a sticky date…? Plz cause I’m hopeless without you 😂

  8. Made these yesterday b/c I just so happened to have blackstrap molasses in my pantry (only vegans, right?) and they were DELICIOUS! Shared them with my coworkers and they all loved them, YAY! Slowly getting better at baking!

  9. “Who needs a date when you can have a cookie?!” 😂 ahhh I love it. Thank you for what you do, Lauren! You made becoming vegan SO fun and exciting for me, I wasn’t even vegetarian before, and I’ve been going strong for 7 months now and loving it! HFF is always the first place I check for recipes! Can’t wait to have your book. Go, go, go single ladies FTW ❤️🙏✨👏👏

  10. I hate that i cant make it to any of your meet ups in nyc and i live in new york sadly upstate nowhere near where you will be.

  11. Just found this channel and I am in awe. I've been interested in becoming vegan for a while but didn't think I could survive the cravings for comfort food, and then here you are!! I'll get my apron on and see how it goes. Love from the UK 🙌🏻

  12. Ok so I totally made this recipe and I used dark brown sugar instead of molasses and came out super moist and chewy. Just to let y’all know. Thanks for the recipe!! 🙂

  13. So I preordered the book on iBooks and didn’t get a confirmation number because I used Apple Pay and didn’t get a receipt. Anyone know what I can do about this?? I really want the bonus recipes!!

  14. you're gonna have to come to minneapolis on your NEXT book tour! we have the all vegan butcher shop 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Haha if someone says they don't like molasses in cookies, then they shouldn't like chocolate chip cookies.

  16. Hello! I love your channel and your recipes!! One question, I cannot find molazes in my country, how can I replace it? Thank you!!

  17. Hi Lauren. I love your work! You helped me quite a bit when I first went vegan. Quick question – since I don't like molasses, can I sub it with maple syrup or agave?

  18. Just made these to give to my coworkers as Christmas cookies! Added vegan marshmallows from Trader Joe’s and made them a little smaller! They were phenomenal! Everyone was shocked they were vegan 😊 Going to try adding crushed vegan candy canes to the batter to make peppermint chocolate cookies 😍 Thanks for the great recipe Lauren 💕

  19. im here because julien made these cookies and i want to see how they are really made. not from an aries hahaha.

  20. It makes me cringe the fact that she smacks her mouth while eating !!!! Geez. The cookies look delicious though !

  21. Maybe I‘m being stupid but I‘m not from America and I don‘t get what portions she‘s using, like how much flour, chocolate etc do I need?

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