Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! I got so many more requests from you guys to make something Unicorn themed so that’s exactly what we’re gonna be doing today! The recipe will be an easy sugar cookie recipe But it will be multicolored and totally look like a unicorn poop if you’re interested in this cookie cutter I’ll put a link down below now. Let’s get started! Today we’re making a citrus sugar cookie; the things you’ll need will be flour, sugar eggs, honey salt, butter, baking powder, vanilla extract, orange extract, lemon extract and for a decoration a little rainbow disco dust. And whatever rainbow food colorings you want to use Now let’s put it all together first up to making our cookies is measuring out our dry ingredients and pouring them into a medium-sized bowl starting with our flour measure 2 and 3/4 cup 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of baking powder Whisk together and set off to the side next in a large bowl cream together your butter sugar and honey add your butter 2/3 cup half a cup of sugar and a quarter cup of honey. Oh Oh Oh, no. Oh, no oh You want to pour slowly so that you don’t spill. Now using a hand mixer cream together until light and fluffy After you’ve creamed together your butter sugar and honey and 1 egg and mix together We’ve got our butter mixture and dry ingredients now pour all of the dry ingredients Into the butter oh, I’m just gonna blame it on my muscles because like I’ve been working out lately And I just I overshot it and mix together until well incorporated What’s your cookie dough is ready divide evenly into bowls based on how many colors you’re gonna Dye your cookie before I add color. I’m gonna add a little flavor I thought this would be really neat when you bite into the cookie each color will have a different flavor I’m flavouring two colors orange two colors lemon and two colors Then dye your dough’s whatever colors You’d like I’m using my hands in this case because I don’t want to overwork the dough Just keep kneading until the colors even Once all the dough’s are dyed wrap them up tight in some food safe plastic wrap and then pop them in the refrigerator To chill for 30 minutes once your cookie dough has chilled Cut each color into four parts and roll into a ball Keep doing this until you’ve done it to all of your dough look at all these little dough balls now Take one of each color roll into a dough rope and place on top of a piece of parchment paper into a rainbow Design you want to make each rope about the same length now take a pinch of flour Sprinkle it on top of your rolling pin and roll out your rainbow gently We don’t want the dough to spread too far otherwise you won’t get every color in your cookie now pop this in the fridge to chill for 10 minutes and while it’s chilling make your Other three rainbows once your dough has chilled time to cut out your cookies press down and one more over here peel away the excess dough and Transfer your cookies over to a baking sheet lined with a piece of parchment paper do this to the rest of your cookies hate your oven to 350 degrees and bake for 8 minutes You can either bake these or just get one of these and let her poop all over the house Our cookies have baked and had plenty of time to cool now It’s time to decorate this part is totally optional, but right now. These are just rainbow cookies in the shape of a poop But I think what really makes them a unicorn poop is a little bit of rainbow disco Dust we need a little bit of magic a little glitter also side note This is edible take a small brush dip into the rainbow disco dust and paint it all over your face Because we’re going to Coachella hold it over a cookie and go tap tap tap tap tap tap tap *ting* TA-DA!!! Here are the rainbow unicorn poop cookies that we’ve made today with a citrus sugar cookie recipe I love it because wherever you bite into the cookie will taste a little different, but they all complement each other a big Thank you to you guys for such ding something else unicorn theme these were so much fun to make and super easy mode I’ll be taking lots of pictures and posting the recipe on Rosanna pansino Comm Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you can check it out there, and if you guys make these cookies Please take a picture and send it to me. I love seeing your baking creations. It just makes me happy It makes my day especially when it’s magical unicorn rainbow And if you have any other ideas for any other nerdy nummies, please let me know leave me a comment down below And I will do my best to make it happen alright. Thanks again you guys bye-bye Ooh, now one for me. That’s a vanilla, I think it’s vanilla


  1. I love these!!! Not really into toilet humor though… I’ll just pretend it’s unicorn… ice cream? I would totally eat that!

  2. Disco dust you can consume it but you are just eating tiny pieces of plastic and that is hard for your body to digest that’s why disco dust should only be used as decoration and not food
    This is not meant to be a hate comment but only a warning about disco dust.

  3. just saying I made this and at first it got very dry and powdery. We (me and my dad) then figured out that it turned into the consistency of shortbread where you have to clump it together to make it a dough. Just wanted to say this for anyone trying it out that that is what you should do when that happens instead of adding more eggs, honey, or adding in water or milk (my friend did that it came out very hard) please tell me if that doesn’t happen to you or if we did something wrong but that’s what happened and I just wanted to share that.

  4. Disco dust isn't edible, it's food contact safe but it's not completely edible. Cristine from SimplyNailLogical has made an experiment about it and it's made out of some sort of plastic. They compared it to normal sugar glitter and the sugar melted and the disco dust didn't so yes, it isn't edible because it's plastic but it is food contact safe. Only eat small amounts! Or better, don't eat it at all! But, who even bothers, people even go and eat some tide pods..

  5. remember when ro didn't know the name of an offset spatula and now she has a baking line? im so proud of how far she's come and i love her!! 💛💛

  6. Disco dust is not edible it is food contact safe (it can touch your food with out poisoning your food but you can’t eat it because it is made out of plastic)

  7. Does anyone know the one dessert she makes that is in a rainbow block and cuts pieces off??? Because i thought it was this but it isnt

  8. Did anyone else think of the book unicorns and rainbow poop because they basically make this in the book and duh the name?

  9. I know wengie loves unicorns , but does she love those unicorn poop things ???!!! Cause they :
    1. came from a unicorn
    2. they are colorful
    3. are something unicorn related


  11. Rosanna:*spill's flour*I'm gonna blame it on my muscle's cause I've been working out lately
    Me:*laugh's for a hole day*

  12. I love your videos. I love how you're so cute and girly, yet nerdy. I hope this continues for you because we need happiness and joy and unicorn poop. 🙂

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    Thank you so much for inspiring me to start my own channel Ro. You are my idol and I hope to meet you one day. It would be a dream come true.
    For anyone that read this far into my comment please go ahead and take a look at my channel and even subscribe to make my dream of becoming a YouTube come true!
    ❤️anyone who subscribed to my small channel❤️

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