Unicorn Cupcakes / How to make unicorn cupcakes tutorial

Hello guys, in today’s video I’m gonna
show you how to make these beautiful unicorn cupcakes we need to make the ears and the horn and we’re gonna start with a little
piece of fondant. I’m adding some shortening so just the condition the
fondant, and we’re gonna roll it out. Now the shape that I’m doing it’s
like a very elongated teardrop and we’re gonna use a toothpick where I’m gonna
put some piping gel and we’re gonna start wrapping around the fondant on the
toothpick. Start by the top and work your way down you’re gonna see when it’s
enough. It’s about 3/4 of the toothpick And then you’re gonna cut at the bottom.
Just make sure everything is tight and neat. Let the horn to dry about 20 minutes.
Here’s the second way to make the horn you’re gonna need a teardrop of fondant
you roll it out and then you insert a toothpick in the middle of the horn with
the help of another toothpick we’re gonna be marking the lines just make it
at 45 degrees and roll it out and that’s gonna intent the lines on the horn.
We’re gonna let it dry again like for about 20 minutes and the look it’s
totally different so it is up to you which one you like the most To make the ears we’re gonna need a
piece of fondant roll it into a little ball, cut it in half, roll it out as a
teardrop and you’re gonna push it down with your fingers so you should have
like a little triangle or a tear drop. Put them aside and let them dry for about 10 to 20 minutes. After the pieces are dry, I’m gonna paint
them with a little bit of gold highlighter and I’m gonna mix it with
some alcohol. It needs to be 90% alcohol so you should be getting a paste and not
a very liquid mixture. Let them to dry about 3 to 5 minutes if you wanna add
glitter to the horn and ears instead of using alcohol you need to use the
highlighter with some piping gel and it’s gonna make the horn sticky so the
glitter can adhere to it just a quick tip use a napkin underneath where you’re
gonna be adding the glitter so you don’t get glitter all over your work space. I’m gonna start piping some rosettes in my cupcakes I’m using different colors insert the horn and the ears and this
one is ready. Now you’re gonna do a swirl I’m using 3 different colors of
buttercream on this one. I add the horn and the ears. one more and this one I’m
using white buttercream with sprinkles Add the horn and the ears and that’s it. Now you have 4 different styles to decorate unicorn cupcakes. Iif you liked
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13 thoughts on “Unicorn Cupcakes / How to make unicorn cupcakes tutorial

  1. omg.. UNICORN CUPCAKES>.. woman… a girl of my heart!!! so fun what you do… so fun! How did you learn all of this? I mean you know how to make a unicorn!!!! Seriously. !!!! They are really cute ~Elizabeth

  2. Your unicorn cupcakes are adorable. I love them and this unicorn cupcake tutorial. Perfect for my daughter's birthday in May.

  3. At Joe's Dairy Bar and Grill we have unicorn Freak Shakes…this Unicorn Cupcakes tutorial is soooo awesome! Thanks!

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