Unboxing NEW Disney Backstage Subscription Box!! Pins, Shirts, and MORE!!

Today we’re going to be checking out the backstage collection subscription. This is shop Disney’s newest subscription service So let’s check it out. I Love Disney Subscriptions, I think there’s so much fun. It is so amazing to get like magic right at your door fun Disney stuff Monthly it’s just super exciting something to look forward to I’m super excited about this particular Subscription the theme of this subscription includes major milestones from Walt Disney Animation Pixar Animation Studios and Disney Parks This backstage collection subscription gives you three options to order There’s a three month a six month and a year Option for the three month backstage collection subscription. It is $39.99 each month for the six month subscription it is $37.99 each month, so you save $12 by adding an additional three months. And for the year it is $34.99 Monthly so you end up saving $60 by doing the year one I hope to continue in boxing this particular subscription service So make sure you guys subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for more of this backstage collection subscription I’m excited to check this out. So let’s get it open So here is here’s our Subscription this is what they’re gonna look like every single month one of the items you get is this collectors tin? This holds all the items You can store all the items in this this is one of the items you get from the subscription So looking at the can this gives you a little hint of what this month’s theme is going to be So this is the Disney Bros studio established 1923 this looks like it’s going to be the original Like Walt Disney Production type merchandise, so it does have the Disney backstage Logo here. This is the logo for the subscription and it says Disney story and Shop Disney here on the contain So it’s not the highest-quality container. I can definitely tell if this is cardboard around the outside I was kind of hoping it was going to be metal, but the lids are metal So it’s still like good quality, but not the best quality. Oh And inside here we have our first item you technically get four items including this Container here, but this is the first item from inside This is something I think’s really cool this I think helps to make it for like order kids and adults as well So it’s not like your other subscriptions where you just get toys and things they do have other new Like Disney kid subscriptions, like there’s a Disney bedtime subscription, which is really fun. There’s a bunch of them I’ll have shop Disney link down below if you guys like to check these out a lot of other subscriptions So our first item is this shirt, this is really cool. It says Disney bro studio established in 1923 it is all grey it is a super good Quality, you can see here on the end stitch. Super nice It’s kind of thicker but not really so it kind of works for any time of the year Looking here on the inside. There’s actually a quote from Walt Disney which kind of fits the theme of the Disney backstage subscription I kind of wish it’s a Disney backstage here on the back as well kind of making it look exclusive To the subscription cuz this is the only way that you can get this merchandise is for the subscription I think this is a really cool shirt. It has a really cool texture to it. It looks old and worn I’m excited to get other like studio like exclusive shirts like this stuff is only available in the subscription This is the only way you can get these Items, so I think that’s really cool. And these are like very unique items as well. Very excited about that our next item any fear is This special little card this actually looks and feels like a coaster This is a special little card that you’ll get in every subscription This is the backstage one release here. This kind of just shows you like what month it is Nobody kind of corresponds with each other there says Disney Bros studios again established 1923 There’s this little part here that you can actually punch out And wonder if there’s gonna be something that you can kind of attach it to Towards the end and then on the back here, it gives you the description of the theme of this box. I think that’s pretty awesome That it’s kind of educational at the same time. You can kind of go through the major milestones in Disney history Pixar history. I’m excited to see what Disney Park things they choose for the subscription So there’s just that little info if you’re interested you could pause it there and revent The last item in our little tank here This is awesome. You get a disney pin inside of every subscription as well So you get the tin the shirt the little collector’s card in a trading pin. This is an official trading pin Exclusive again to the subscription only it comes in this nice clear packaging suppose I mean all scratched up, which I really appreciate So here is our Disney Bros studios pin. This is kind of made I believe to look like the window and it has this really cool metal Outside and it even has the screw details in it. This is a really thick plastic So it does look like a window I’ve never seen a clear pin like this before which is the single frame around it super unique and really really cool Make sure to see if the other subscription boxes also look like this or if each pin will be completely different from the last here on the back We have two disney pin trader Backs and it does have the official pin training logo here at the bottom along with the other disney logos as well It does have the Disney backstage logo on it showing them is for the subscription It doesn’t say anything about it being a limited release or limited edition But that is stated when you purchase the box corruption is super cool again great for older kids or adults that are into Disney history and Special milestones through Disney, I love on the shirts like subtle, too You could put like a nice little jacket over it or something and kind of dress it up if you wanted to I’m not sure if all of the shirts are To be like that. They’re gonna be screen-printed in some way. I would assume I’m also really excited that pins are involved in this as well Very excited to add those to my collection again. I hope to continue unboxing these subscriptions for you guys So please make sure to subscribe to my channel like this video leave a comment down below what you guys think of this particular? Subscription the Disney backstage collection. I think it’s really neat. This was the October 2019 box so I hope you guys enjoyed this fun unboxing video I’ll be posting a bonus video tomorrow showing you guys some new Disney Funko pops So make sure you guys hit the notification button. You do not want to miss it as always I hope you guys have a wonderful day and remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you Guys next time bye

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