Type 7 – Cookies and Cream Delight (Enneagram Cupcakes)

Sevens are avoiding pain by reframing. The fear is being trapped in pain
so they are adept at creating fun and excitement
to avoid their fear. Sevens are excellent planners The love planning, not in the Type 1 sense of it,
but more planning to create pleasant options… Planning so that the future is always exciting. Sevens also have a difficulty with commitment.
The fear is that commitment will lead to being trapped. Sevens are optimistic and Playful (Type 7 Cupcake) The smiley face here-
It’s already exciting… and to make it more exciting
that’s a cookies and cream base! Who doesn’t love cookies and cream? AAAAAAMAZING! …Do we have other flavors??

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  1. OMG this spoke to me. As I put together my #NoExcuseWarrior project Iā€™m finding research that is truly helping. Found out a list Ennegram Process in a Tim Ferris book when he interviewed Drew Houston of Dropbox who says it changed his life and wish he knew about it sooner. Great video! Thanks guys!

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