Type 1 – Vanilla Perfection (Enneagram Cupcakes)

Type 1, sometimes called
‘The Perfectionist’ or ‘The Reformer’ Ones have a very strong inner critic We all have an inner critic
but the One’s inner critic is on overdrive. It’s going to be working on improving things
and correcting themselves and others
and always making things better. Trying to be a good person because the fear is of being bad or corrupt… Ones also have this quality of righteous indignation so the anger from that anger triad is
not an explosive anger,
more of a controlled, precise anger. I’m angry for these reasons…
and I feel like I’m following the rules
and other people might not be. Ones are very… organized and responsible. (Type 1 Cupcake) We have this very geometrical symbol
for the perfection of the One This is a vanilla base
with vanilla frosting with the black lettering
to symbolize the black and white and the vanilla’s simplicity
here because Ones are a bit of purists. mmm… perfect SO GOOD …a little uneven…

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