Trying the Fattiest Pastry in Europe

– [Narrator] The
kouign-amann is a specialty of Northern France. Derived
from the Breton words for butter and cake, the ratio
for this pastry is special. It’s buttery. In fact, it’s 30 percent
butter and 30 percent sugar. (mellow, playful music) Welcome to Douarnenez,
a city with a population of around 15,000; this small coastal town has a few main attractions, including touring the coastlines, visiting the Port Museum,
and seeing the Chapelle of Saint-Michel.
(upbeat, playful music) But that’s not why we’re here. We are here to meet Thierry Lucas, the man to talk to when you want a truly authentic kouign-amann pastry. (Thierry speaks in a foreign language) Legend goes a baker ran
out of goods in their shop and had to whip up something quickly. (Thierry speaks in a foreign language) The pastry has only a
few simple ingredients, but don’t let that fool you.
(upbeat music) (Thierry speaks in a foreign language) (upbeat music) (Thierry speaks in a foreign language) (upbeat music) It’s definitely a treat, probably not something
you’d eat every day. (Thierry speaks in a foreign language) Not to have the last word,
but obviously, we tried it. Bon appetite!
– Bon appetite. – And I think our face says it all. And also, this spontaneous remark. Oh my God, that’s so buttery. (man speaks in foreign language) – Ten out of 10, would recommend. Whoa. (light music)

46 thoughts on “Trying the Fattiest Pastry in Europe

  1. Mirabellas from russia are 50 percent sugar.
    But god damn me if i lie that was the tastiest thing i have eaten in a long time

  2. The Dutch Boterkoek contains more % fat then this.. Calling this the fattiest pastry in Europa is a scam.

  3. Was so happy to find that Nina's Cafe in Saint Paul, MN sells these. They are like carmelized croissants and gloriously good!

  4. Captions that cover up the video's built in captions and just say "Person speaking a foreign language" are less than worthless

  5. Thats the beauty of french cuisine.
    The more butter the better thats the biggest secret.

  6. Every food that tastes good isn't healthy food. Your body loves high fat, high sugar, high energy food, and your body tells your brain :'it's tasty, eat some more…' , so, it's not your fault to gain weight

  7. Such food is native I mean only available in that country not out of there own country ,and it's not good , I'm lover of food I wish to eat food from all world but can't afford to fly every ever

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