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Sometimes they remember dessert over the whole meal. It’s the last thing that you eat and mostly what people remember. Worked for Frank for, I think it’s 36 years. The years go by so quick I can’t keep up with it. Me and my sister went in and heard that this new restaurant was opening up on the South side. We’d been nervous since day one. See how excited Frank was with the new menus and he was so excited, and I’m like ooh I’m gonna get onboard with this. He lookin’ for someone to do all the desserts and I asked him could I do it and he gave it to me so that was exciting, I couldn’t believe that. That was a great opportunity. No I got started with my mom and my aunt, I used to get in the kitchen with ’em and like oh, let’s see what they cookin’ today and after awhile I jump in with them, they’ll let me crack the eggs, and you learn by seeing someone else and by doin’, try it again until you get it right, so (laughs) trial and error. You know, I gotta crew, this is more than just me. (laughs) I have a great assistant that works along with me. We usually try to go by the season. You know, whatever is in season at that time. That’s what we try to put on the menus. People’ll call about the coconut cake, they wanna ship it all over the world, I mean, you know, to different states and stuff. Coconut is really like the most popular thing that I make. You know they think that’s all we got (chuckling) but we do have other items. You know like for funerals people wants that, and weddings, birthdays, whatever the occasion. How I started that I never thought that it would take off like that. I come out sometime and I watch people as they eat or when the plates come back in the kitchen and see how clean the plate is. It’s just a great feeling that you can make something that people enjoy. The rest is history, here I am. (laughs heartily)

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  1. Ms. Dolester Miles, the award should be in your name;NYT May 30, 2018. However, we know how his-story goes.

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