The Worst Recipe Ever? Sandra Lee’s KWANZAA Cake – canned apple pie filling corn nut cake

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this video. Now today’s recipe is one that was requested a year ago, and it is
Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa cake. Now if you’re not familiar with this video recipe, it
is one that was made several years ago on Sandra Lee’s show called
“Semi-Homemade.” She had it on the Food Network, and she made this recipe called
a Kwanzaa cake which has absolutely nothing really to do with Kwanzaa at all.
That’s not exactly true — she does include these seven candles of Kwanzaa, but she
doesn’t talk anything about what Kwanzaa is — she just makes this decorative cake
out of things that she bought from the store which I’m fine with — if you want to
make things from pre-made things, I am totally okay with that. What bothers me
is making something that is not at all part of that tradition. If you were to
make a Chinese New Year cake with dragons and all kinds of stuff and just
say “haha, Chinese New Year cake!” and then Chinese people don’t even eat that cake
or don’t even know what that is…. I find that slightly problematic. So the
purpose for making this recipe is not just to bash it. Number one: I really do
want to taste this concoction of pre-made ingredients, and number two: I’m
gonna learn a little bit about Kwanzaa. Sure we talked about it in school —
briefly…. I don’t know what Kwanzaa is, so come along with me as we learn what
Kwanzaa is and we taste Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa cake. So what is Kwanzaa? So
Kwanzaa is a relatively new holiday: it was started in 1966, and it is a way to
celebrate African heritage, culture, and unity. So it’s a seven-day-long
celebration that begins on December 26 and goes all the way to January 1st. And
each day, a core principle is celebrated, and a candle is lit. Before we start
construction of our cake, let me tell you a little bit more about Skillshare. So
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Big thanks to skill share for sponsoring this video! Now let’s get on with this
cake. So the first thing we’re gonna do is prepare the frosting. We need one tub
of plain vanilla white frosting; one teaspoon of vanilla; one teaspoon of
cinnamon; and two tablespoons of cocoa powder. So apparently the name Kwanzaa comes from a Swahili phrase — from “matunda ya kwanza” which means first fruits. And
so Kwanzaa was inspired by harvest festivals that were practiced in Africa. So while harvest festivals were certainly an inspiration, I think the celebration of Kwanzaa is more about community and remembering
your heritage rather than just celebrating the literal fruits of the
harvest. OK, so here is our frosting…. I want to be clear that this is not a cake
that would be traditionally made for Kwanzaa.There is no Kwanzaa cake that is made. Now we’ve got a store-bought angel food
cake, and we’re gonna try to get it out of the container. Hopefully this will pop
out. Of course they don’t show this on camera, right? Yeah, they don’t show Sandra wrestling with a premade angel food cake — do they? I’m gonna pierce some holes on the top of this…. Maybe that will help with this suction. No, that’s not…. Ooh! There it is… I thought it was gonna be like one of my Jell-o molds when I was being just like… but no, here it is.
It came out pretty beautifully actually. Yass!! Now we’re gonna cut this in half. Okay… some frosting around the middle
here…. just enough to glue this back together. Now we’re going to put this back on top. Give that a squanch. Now we’re just going to frost this…. Now that we have everything frosted,
we’re going to fill the middle of our cake with pre-made apple pie filling.
I’ve never even had pre-made apple pie filling — I guess I’m going to… Oh boy. So now I’m going to remove this paper and my cake stand should be nice and neat —
mostly. So now we have to add the candles to our cake. And Sandra uses these giant
tapers. So Sandra says that we should poke a hole, and give our candle a place
to sit. There we go. So, black represents the people; and red
represents the blood that was shed for freedom — we’re going to put three of those — and
green represents the fertility of the land. And finally, to decorate this cake,
we’re going to add some corn nuts and some pumpkin seeds. Now in Sandra’s video,
she calls corn nuts “acorns.” Acorns are not edible. That’s not entirely true —
native peoples did use acorns, but they had to go through a very laborious
process of grinding the acorns into flour and then leaching the flour to
make it edible. I’m going to add these around the cake, I guess? I think she
sprinkles them on the cake, too. Corn nuts on a cake? Come on! Really!? Let’s take the
corn nuts off the cake. I don’t like it on there. I like the candles by themselves. And pumpkin seeds, too, for avid harvestness. Alrighty, here is the Sandra Lee Kwanzaa cake. Boy, isn’t it something?
Alrighty, so let’s finally give this a taste. Actually, let’s light the candles
first. Unity, self-determination, community, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity,
and safety. See if I can do it without having
everything topple over. Maybe…. Pie filling. And we want to make sure we get some of this
garnish on here, too. Joyous Kwanzaa! Itadakimasu! So….. it’s not exactly disgusting — I mean,
you’ve got some very familiar flavors in there: you’ve got the cinnamon from the apple pie filling; you’ve got the cinnamon in the cake frosting; and you’ve got a
little bit of chocolate in the frosting as well; vanilla in the cake; and vanilla
in the frosting. So all the flavors are pretty familiar. It is just
overpoweringly sweet because the cake is sweet; the frosting’s sweet; and then
you’ve got this very sweet apple pie filling. And because it’s so sweet, you
don’t really get to enjoy anything. Also, what I find very odd is the apple pie
filling: it’s very cold; you’ve got cold, solid, wet
apple pie filling with fluffy angel food cake which is fine — I think that’s
probably the best part of the whole thing — and then you’ve got the crunchy
corn nuts and the pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds are fine — kind of remind me
a little bit like pecans, or something… It’s the corn nuts that are weird. Now
I actually do like the injection of salt in there: it kind of relieves that
onslaught of sugar, but the flavor is out of context: it’s like having a tortilla
chip with your dessert. But having said that, corn is actually used in Kwanzaa
celebrations, so it’s the most authentic ingredient in this entire recipe, so…
Cheers to the corn nut…. which, on their own, are really good! All righty, so there
you have it — the abomination that is the Sandra Lee Kwanzaa cake. Thank you guys
so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned
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next video! Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee!

100 thoughts on “The Worst Recipe Ever? Sandra Lee’s KWANZAA Cake – canned apple pie filling corn nut cake

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  3. I doubt Kwanzaa has anything to do with actual African heritage, as in actual African heritage celebrated in Africa. Like the Hollywood, LA version of traditional Irish kitchens, that are fine rustic wooden furniture things as opposed to the peasant hollows we lived in back in the day, before capitalism took hold and we became the richest nation in Europe, with an average industrial wage of €60,000 ($90,000 US), before the 2008 crash.
    But back to my point, Kwanzaa isn't real African heritage, it's an SJW's excuse to try to force "Happy Holidays" as opposed to merry Christmas.
    Real practicing Jews don't get offended by people saying Merry Christmas. Just SJW's of Jewish heritage that don't actually follow Judaism.
    Asking them who the Maccabees where, if they claim to celebrate Hanukkah.

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  17. I mean, it was a made-up holiday so African Americans could celebrate a holiday that is more tribal and not Christian/colonial. So, any tradition that someone wants to add to it has been considered fairly normal since its conception – as long as you use all of the correct "Kwanza colors". Its a little annoying honestly. But hey, if Kwanza makes some families feel great then they should absolutely celebrate it! Its pretty cool really. I mean, more holidays are better. And more holidays that aren't necessarily Christmas are better 😎.

  18. Well, considering Kwanzaa is a modern made-up holiday that doesn't have much "tradition" to it, Lee isn't doing much worse than the inventors of Kwanzaa who basically just said, "Hey, if you are of African descent, you should follow this new holiday I just made-up." There has been enough anthropological work done among and by African peoples that actual traditional celebrations could be observed. Of course, most of those will have to do with appeasing nature spirits via sacrifice or spirit possession which probably wont appeal to modern American sensibilities. Yes, Sandra Lee was being rather silly, but her cake had about as much "authentic African tradition" in it as Kwanzaa does. That's probably the reason the vast majority of people of African descent don't observe it.

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    *Asian slurs
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    Yeah I love youtube….

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