The Truth Behind Brands’ Secret Formulas & Recipes

Whether it be the McDonald’s iconic sauce
on big Mac, KFC’s unique spices mixture or Coca-Cola’s flagship sugar concentrate – the
secret to the success of these products is believed to lie in their formula of ingredients. Because companies keep these formulas a guarded
secret and no one from outside of the company can get hold of these recipes, these products,
and their tastes can simply not be replicated by another brand, making them unique and thus,
irreplaceable in the market. In 2011, Cola-Cola surprised the world when
they announced that they would share the confidential formula of their world famous drink with the
public during an NFL commercial, turned out it was merely a marketing ploy where the company
teased a “comical” formula for a fraction of a second. In 1977, the company even pulled out of India
because they would have been legally required to divulge their ingredient list to the government. In another case, they managed to stall a divorce
case when they suspected that some of the coca-cola founder’s handwritten notes were
being shared as a part of a divorce settlement. All of these incidents created the buzz in
media which, in turn, worked as a free advertisement for the coca-cola. The company apparently believes that if you
have got a secret of this much importance, you got to protect it with best of your capabilities. That’s why the only printed copy of the full
formula lies inside a secure vault on the grounds of the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Apart from that, only two employees are privy
to the complete formula at any given time and they are not permitted to travel together. The identity of these two employees is itself
a secret. Alright. Makes sense. But the question that comes to mind is how
does coca-cola manage to manufacture and sell 1.7 billion drinks in more than 200 countries
around the globe every single day when the ingredients to produce the product is known
to only a handful of people? If it really is the center of cola empire
why hasn’t any cola employee been successful in leaking the formula yet, that too in a
history of more than a century? And why doesn’t one just find out the components
of the drink in a lab through scientific methods? Quite contrary to these, in 2006, a former
employee of coca-cola attempted to sell some confidential documents that possibly included
the secret formula and a vial of unreleased drink to Pepsi for 1.5 Million dollars. Instead of breaking a deal, Pepsi contacted
FBI and helped the police in a plot to arrest the man red-handed. Pepsi could have used this opportunity to
sell the taste of cola under their name and become the sole player in the market. They didn’t do so because first, this would
have been Illegal and second – it’s not worth the risk or effort. The reality is that the Coca-Cola secret formula
isn’t really a “secret”, so spending millions of dollar to get this doesn’t make sense. The exact formula is known to many people
around the world and any talented chemist can recreate the formula to an extent that
it’s indistinguishable from the real one in a blind taste at a much lower cost. For decades, Coca-Cola has used this rumors
about “secret” formula to enhance consumer perception of Coca-Cola‘s specialness. By insisting that the recipe is a trade secret
coca-cola creates a mystique around the product that helps promote a certain image in the
minds of customers. While what really “special” about coca-cola
is its branding, the nostalgia behind its history, and its chain of distribution – which
can’t be copied. People may buy fake “Gucci” bags because the
original ones may cost a liver and kidney but why would anyone buy a slightly cheaper
coca-cola drink from a nameless brand when one can easily afford the real one? Not many people would buy something that tastes
like a coca-cola drink in a Pepsi bottle either. Similarly, a newly founded “SideNote’s BigMac”
may have the same recipe as McDonald’s but this doesn’t give you the happy clown guy
and the billions of dollars of marketing power. In fact, Coca-Cola’s taste is so tightly tied
to its name after years of marketing that even the company itself can’t easily change
it. In the 1980s, the company attempted to change
the formula of the drink, a new better tasting coke even passed a blind test against the
old one but when it was brought to the market, the company faced a massive backlash from
the public. People still preferred the old coke because
of its familiar taste, the company gave in to protests and returned to the old formula.

100 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Brands’ Secret Formulas & Recipes

  1. I don't give a shit about brands. I do regular blind testings of brand and nonbrand products. In the end, coka cola is about tripple the price of a non brand with nothing rly going for it.

  2. The secret behind Coca-Cola recipe was , i got this from illuminati member high order number 3. ( secret )
    I want to leak it , i don't care what happen to me later.

    coca-cola recipe that not listed at the bottle :-

    " jews & 7X "

  3. The new coke probably had more sugar, but adding more sedative like sugar reduces the caffeine effect of coke, leaving you more unsatisfied, despite the better taste. That could be why new coke was rejected.

  4. Acquiring the recipe is one thing, actually recreating the product on an industrial scale, is a different matter. So while it is true, most of the time, that "secret recipes" are a marketing ploy, it is not easy for small businesses to copy the products of large corporations (which is stupid anyway, what they should do is to differentiate themselves).

  5. There are indeed secret formulae for things such as Coca Cola and KFC. To be sure, you can reverse engineer them too. Pepsi was 1 month away from introducing a Coca Cola copy when management vetoed it. KFC's recipe is impossible to totally emulate, but you can get so close that most people couldn't tell the difference. The wild card is not the recipes but the full product. Coca Cola uses lower sugar and higher CO2 than others. To get KFC finished products, you have to use a pressure fryer which is expensive and difficult to master…

  6. What secret formula? There are dozens of brands of cola drinks with each one tasting almost the same. Secret formulas are only a marketing ploy. RC cola is actually preferred by more people.

  7. Whenever I see a coca cola ad I say wtf? why? everyone knows what coca cola is…
    why even advertise? ppl will buy it anyway.

  8. i know the secret formula of the crabby patty its cocaine
    dont believe me? here it is:

    -tartar sauce
    -sea salt
    -land salt
    -barnacle shavings
    -the patty
    -a pinch of king Neptune's Poseiden Power (cocaine)
    -two buns

    and if u dont believe that Poseiden Power is cocaine then just search it up

  9. I remember when a full bucket of KFC for $3. Today you get 1/2 a bucket for $20 and in fairness Popeye's Chicken tastes better or pay $3 for a fryer chicken and cook in the air fryer, even better tasting and you don't have to be concerned if a KYC employee dropping on floor and picking up and placing in the bucket.

  10. What a crock. If the formula is so easily devised, why doesn't every cola producer just copy it instead of bringing out all those foul tasting imitations? If one cola producer had a blind test passable equivalent to Coca Cola their sales would treble almost overnight. Granted, they are unlikely to dethrone Big-C any time soon, but their profits would soar compared to what they have now. Why don't they do this, oh yeah, because the exact recipe and method of mixing the ingredients is a secret that no one else knows. "Put it through 'chemical analysis'". I can tell you're not a chemist. Sheesh.

  11. Did you know that Pepsi & I do believe Coke-Cola puts a flavor enhancer in their soft drinks?? The name of that flavor enhancer is "Senomyx". Google it!!!!! See what the ingredients in Senomyx is. OK, OK, I'll tell ya, BUT, then you have to go Google it for yourself because you WILL NOT believe me. They list the Companies their FLAVOR ENHANCER is used. Senomyx is blended Fetal tissue. I told ya you would not believe me, now GO GOOGLE IT. Your welcome, you cannibals.

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  13. Coca Cola's secret formula has to do with Manchurian Candidate-type Mind Control that makes me drink Coke whatever I read/watch/hear something.

    that's back when I before overcome Coca-Cola addiction

  14. I worked at a McDonald’s and no shit. The kids would jerk off in the special sauce and laugh when people ate it. Kids will be kids

  15. The real coca cola contains only 2 ingredients which are cola nut syrup and carbonated water, then they raised it to 3 ingredients which are cola nut syrup, carbonated water, and brown sugar (white sugar at that time before 1900 is reserved only for the very rich).

  16. There's no secret formula you dumb ass. Just read the ingredients and you'll find it . It may be some bottles that still got some cocaine being sold on black market for extra cash . That's a secret.

  17. Coke and Pepsi are so mediocre tasting, how in the world would they have a "secret recipe"? They're just basic sugary cola. I'll take one of it's there, but I literally can't crave them because there is no discernible flavor for me to remember them by.

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  19. Is it true that in other countries coca cola can sell their products without disclosing the ingredients to the government?

  20. Lol secret recipes.
    Oh yeah because I'm sure no lab could even reverse engineer the amount of paprika and salt needed for a fucking batter.
    Let's get Tony Stark on that shit…………….how does coca cola make their sparkly overpriced sugar water?

  21. “Why would anyone buy a cheap nameless coca cola brand when they can easily afford”…..Oops, looks like every large supermarket never got that memo! 🤣

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