46 thoughts on “The Lyons Argue Over The Empire Movie Script | Season 6 Ep. 9 | EMPIRE

  1. I don't care how anyone takes this….But every time these YouTube videos end, I still expect to see Jussie telling us to subscribe to the channel…..Just sayin….

  2. I'm ready for it to be over. At this point I'm sick of Cookie and Luscious.? Shoot him already! When is the car gonna blow up! ? Jeez!!

  3. Hakeem and Lucious going back and forth with each other then we have Cookie and Lucious going at and then we have Andre going off on both of his parents the Lyons the Lyons

  4. Maybe they just testing the waters telling they ending …I think after the jussie mess they proly thought that was it

  5. Tiana should be cookie??
    Hakeem probably acting like that because he want Tiana as chocolate chip
    Hakeem as Lucifer Lyon?
    Tiana as chocolate chip?

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