The Internet Is at Odds over Pink Sugar Cookies

One holiday tradition some
people look forward to each season is their
annual cookie exchange. We even had one done on this show,
however, one specific type of cookie has the internet divided and that’s the
grocery store bought frosted sugar cookie. For example: User Superficial Super Cadet
tweeted quote, It’s that time of year again when
stores sell these bottom of the barrel, flavorless piece of blank things
they have the nerve to call cookies. However many users are defending
the sweet snack using the hash tag Team Pink Sugar Cookie to
turn away the salty haters. So ladies it’s time to find out if these
cookies are good or if they’re gross. I happen to have some right here.>>Ugh.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Take a look at that.>>But why?
>>Okay, round of applause audience, do you think these cookies are bomb? Who likes them?>>[APPLAUSE]. They do.>>[APPLAUSE] .Okay and
who thinks they’re just nasty.>>Okay thank you.>>I’ll try one.>>Thank you thank you.>>I think the only time I actually eat
these are when I’m drunk or something. I do, you see them lying there and you’re
like, well might as well eat something.>>Okay, I’m gonna say something that many
people are not going to agree with but because this is The Real,
I’m just gonna keep it real.>>Okay.
>>Uh-huh. I don’t like cookies. What?>>I am not a cookie fan, I think this is
the most basic dessert you could ever get. Girl, you have not had
a bomb peanut butter cookie, like a natural peanut butter cookie
with like the fork pressed down on top. Ooh.>>Of all the desserts I could get, if I have a sweet craving
I don’t want a cookie.>>You don’t like nobody up in
your cookies, okay, we got it.>>I like my cookies,
I just don’t like these cookies.>>Let’s try it ladies,
tell me what you think.>>Okay, here we go.>>At least these are soft cuz you know how some-
>>Wait.>>Can be really hard?>>Wait. This is bomb.>>It actually is
>>Wait, these are good.>>Damn it, I like these. I really do. My God.>>It just [SOUND]
>>These are good. Yeah, I’m like you.>>I just feel like
>>Well, if it didn’t have this frosting,>>And I hate frosting, too.>>Yeah I don’t like frosting,
that’s the problem.>>The cookies that have the frosting
in the middle, I always scrape it out.>>You don’t like frosting on cake?>>Not really.>>I do.
>>I don’t like frosting on cake, either.>>I’m not a big like a lot
of just powdered sugar.>>This is actually really good.>>I really like it.>>I told you as a child I was hyper so I
wasn’t allowed to have any sugary things. So all this is not in my palate anymore.>>My goodness,
that’s like not getting a hug. What happened?>>No.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I got hugs instead of sweets.>>Okay.>>Okay, wait. But you had to have cookies. When you say you hate all cookies, are you even talking about the bazooki
cookies, from where is it? [CROSSTALK] BJ’s?
>>With the ice cream. It’s sugar. It’s a sugar cookie.>>This is like sand. [LAUGH]
>>No, what about Mrs. Fields?>>I don’t like this.>>What about when you walk through
Westfield Mall and then you walk by Mrs. Fields and they got those hot
baked chocolate chip cookies.>>I also don’t like the sugar
that’s crystallized on top.>>Please don’t tell me
you don’t like Cinnabon.>>That’s like sand too. Now Cinnabons, I like,
don’t get crazy now girl.>>Okay, okay.
Cinnabon is good.>>I like cake, I like tiramasu.>>The table is divided. [CROSSTALK] They like the cookies,
we don’t like the cookies. What do we like? Cinnabons?
>>We like Cinnabons.>>Cinnabons.>>Cinnabons.>>We like real desserts like cakes and pies.>>And ice cream and fudge,
what is that called?>>Ew.
>>Like a chocolate fudge or tiramisu.>>Well, it’s 50, 50, so
there you go, people, okay.>>I like it.>>[CROSSTALK] One day at a time.

100 thoughts on “The Internet Is at Odds over Pink Sugar Cookies

  1. I’m a brown girl so I’ve never really had them, only in like elementary school for someone’s birthday, lol but they’re pretty good 😂😂😂

  2. These botched b*tches know damn well they ate and brought these cookies to school parties when they were kids , acting brand new

  3. i used to be so obsessed with those cookies as a child, it was all I ever ate and then one day i threw up so much and never ate them again. i want to throw up whenever i look at them at the store

  4. They sale those cookies all year around. You get em in multiple colors depending on what time of year your buying them. I seem them in green for Saint Patrick Day, red for Valentine’s Day, and organ for Halloween.

  5. I am not a huge fan of cookies. I don’t like cookies, I’m like Adrianne. I was hyper so sweets it’s not in my palette anymore

  6. Does the girl on the far right like a single thing? “I don’t like it” “I’m not big on it” “it’s not in my palate”

  7. Bruh the last one with the bun all she does is complain, we are not all privilege to have chocolate soufflé or a creamy sweet custard

  8. i love those because they’re so soft and good. the only thing i don’t like about them are the fact that they can be too sweet.

  9. Messy bun at the end of the table needs some rehabilitation time, sis don’t even like chocolate chip cookies! Them shits bomb asf!

  10. They havd floured bottoms and you can sometimes even see the flour on them, the frosting is bitter (and I hate frosting too)….and yet it is so good. Better than it should be

  11. Came here for the cookies. I'm high as hell, but is that Tia or Tamara Mowry? I I genuinely cannot tell, but I feel like one of the women who didn't like it is one of them.

  12. It’s a cookie. A fucking circle of dough that has been baked and frosted. A cookie. Why is there a fight about it. its a cookie

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