The Hidden World of Chocolate

[UPBEAT MUSIC] My name is Jennifer Dailey. I’m a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University. I might be a bit of a chocoholic. [Male voice:] And is that why we’re here? That is why we’re here. (laughs) [UPBEAT MUSIC] [CHOPPING] The students are going to be tempering chocolate. [Student:] I got some ice. By heating and cooling the chocolate up to
various temperatures… [Student:] 75 …we’re able to create the exact crystal structure that we want. [BUBBLING] We put it under a scanning electron microscope. We’re going to be able to image down to microns even nanometers. And believe me chocolate does not look like you expect it to look. [MYSTERIOUS MUSIC] We see something that looks like globules
mixed in with something that looks like pure crystals– like a diamond would look. Those crystals are actually just chunks of sugar and the globules are the cocoa butter
that it’s embedded in. If I look at this I really don’t want to eat
it. But we all know in real life we probably do. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Materials Science is literally studying stuff. Student: Want to check it out? Anything that you can feel,
anything you can use we can make it stronger,
we can make it lighter. [laughing] Chocolate just seemed like something that people could relate to. I saw that this class was focusing on chocolate so I got really excited. This class has been great because I get to eat a lot of chocolate.
I’d love to eat more chocolate everyday. [laughing] I think the takeaway from this is that science is around students in everyday life. And everyone loves chocolate. [UPBEAT MUSIC]

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  1. I dont think its a healthy thing for us as we all know that sugar cause cancer, we need to educate people to eat for health not to eat for death…..

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