1. Wow you are so awesome! Thanks for your videos! Well in a great way you do look like Fin Desiel. ( idk how to spell his name right!) well this was a helpful video! Now my parents are considering to buy it!

  2. Nice video – thanks!  I have a vitamix that I use when I want to make smoothies or ice cream for the whole family – I also have a nutri-bullet and just picked up a dessert bullet when I want a quick, easy way to make a smoothie or snack for just myself or for two – both easy to use and clean.  The vita mix is a great product that does pretty much everything but for a quickie (that doesn't cost a bundle) the bullet's work great.

  3. Why isn't there any loads of comments?! I thought this was a great review!!!!!!! 🙁 people need to get on this side of youtube

  4. I'm still confused as to how they make the vanilla ice cream w/ out dairy is it yogurt? and truth be told if it's pure  fruit then that's a sorbet they marketed wrong b/c ice cream means dairy.

  5. my mother got it for me yesterday. We made some really good things with it. They tasted great, and we didn't feel bad about what we were eating

  6. any good blender that shreds ice works the same way…..just put your favorite flavors and a bananna for the creaminess in to the blender.  Blend. Scoop the blended mixture into a mixing bowl and use a pastry spatula to make the cold dry ice shavings into a creamy treat, basically it just melts it together into a sorbet like consistancy in about 30 sec.   NO need to spend $100 for something you already have.  IF you do not have a good blender buy one of those instead.  I own the ninja with bullet size attachments (one glass full size).  Works great!!!

  7. LOL Bey you got all of the nutribullet products. I feel u doe, I love my nutribullet..Any good recipes u can give me? 

  8. I purchased this product and I do believe I will be returning it.  I have a couple of issues with the product…first of all the fruit does not grind up smooth like the commercial advertised…I try to do cherries and the results was filled with clumps of peel from the cherries and the same results with blue berries.  When I try the oranges, I found that the outside skin of the slices clumped up as well.  All and all I think I would get a better dessert using my single server blender.  I give it 2 thumbs down.

  9. Thanks again! This video made me want to get one. So I will be purchasing the Dessert Bullet. The Magic Bullet company should pay you royalty checks on these videos. I'm just saying.

  10. I have a Yonana that I bought for $49 and it does the exact same thing. I can't tell how this is different, but I'm recording the full infomercial tomorrow morning to see. Your presentation is great, though – kudos on that! 

  11. One of the main reasons I decided to get the Dessert Bullet over the Yonanas is because I heard the Yonanas is hard to clean and I know that my experience with the NutriBullet is that it's the easiest blender I have ever cleaned in my life and I heard the Dessert Bullet was just as easy to clean. Can't wait for it to show up.

  12. Love this I am not buying one do to your review… I love the fact that it is healthy for myself who was a Gestational Diabetic when I was pregnant and could possibly get it if I don't watch what I eat.. So seeing your review I am now buying one.. You are good they should add u to there review team and pay you for your reviews… So helpful….. .  

  13. I promote products! That is my job, I'm getting a Ninja Bullet Dessert bullet for my Grandson who has A D H D. to see how well it works will let you know. Love the video Patty 

  14. Thank you for doing your review!  I can tell how much you want to help inform people and get a full perspective, not just your own.  Awesome.  I didn't know that this product could be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond – that was good to know!

  15. I also agree to get the Vitamix.   I do the same thing with fruit bags from Costco.   Plus I can make Mean Green Juice.    Yeah, $60 versus $400 is a big difference, but the Vitamix is worth the extra money.    

  16. I just saw the infomercial for this this morning.  And came to the YT to see if there were reviews.  Should have known you'd have one.  Lol. Thanks for the info. 

  17. I am really thinking about getting one. My son has ADHD, Asperger's and Tourettes so, as much as possible I limit artificial dyes, but I have completely taken red40 out. This will be a good way for him to have whatever flavors (colors) he wants as a treat/snack. Thanks for the positive review 🙂

  18. I love your channel. I have the Nutribullet but do you think you could get a similar result taste-wise with just the Nutribullet and partially frozen fruit? I'd like to see a comparison. I know the texture may not be the same but for the sake if $60 it might be interesting. Love the videos!

  19. I hope NutriBullet are recognizing all the advertising you are doing for them. You shouldn't have to buy another one in your lifetime, they should be sending them to you LOL 🙂 

  20. saw this advertised in a bed bath and beyond pamphlet and wanted to see what it was all about because I own a nutribullet and that thing is an absolute gem! one of the few products that actually outperforms expectations, it is a major part of my dietary routine now.. im not surprised this is a good product as well for what i am seeing.. i like this for the idea of doing vegan desserts.

  21. Can i use the nutri bullet for meats as well as fruit and veggies? This machine I am Definitely getting but I'm also looking for a foods processor / juicer that's why I ask if the nutri bullet would do that

  22. I basically do this already with my Magic Bullet, which burnt out, and now my mini-Ninja chopper. I don't see why anyone would need a dedicated machine to make these fruit sorbet type deserts, they can be made with any good quality blender.

  23. The Ninja Kitchen system does everything without buying a bunch of other products from them. A lot of people are jumping the banwaggon and switching to The Ninja products. They are better quality and workmanship. They don't leave stuff out when they have their commercials like the makers of Magic stuff do. Like when they made their Nutri-bullet they failed to tell people it was two blades that did extra stuff. Like they failed to have on their commercials that you had to use a separate blade to crush up nuts before you added them to the wet mixing blade. As for as what the Desert bullet does you can do with a regular blender. All you got to do is freeze the fruit first then blend it.

  24. Hi let me introduce myself my name is Ada I just bought me magic desert bullet, I know is all about the fruits but can you also add any kind of veggies? mix fruits and veggies ?

  25. やっぱり入れた順番で出てくるんですよね。番組では色んなフローズンフルーツやチョコチップを入れたらきれいに混ざって出てくるのはなぜだろう。

  26. Are you still loving it today? I'm racking my brain figuring out which one to buy. Can you help me out over here? Thank You!

  27. Just chose your review to share on my Facebook ; this is such an awesome invention!!! i advised you get them low in price while you can because they are going up in Price . I found mine at a garage sale and gifted one i found on ebay. Ebay still has some at decent price; still worth it. Easy to make , easy to Clean and Healthier for us ; idont know if you have noticed lately the added ingredients in our Ice creams and frozen yogurts at the store. Stuff our Bodies do not need. Thanks for this review. Jesus is Lord!!

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