The BEST Low Carb Bread Recipe – EPIC BREAD BATTLE – Testing 3 Keto Bread Recipes

Low carb bread? Is that really possible? I’ll be the judge of that. Y’all! I’ve already spilled it on the oven door, dammit! That smells like a poot! Whew! Welcome to Highfalutin’ Low Carb, the weekly web series where we find and test the best low carb recipes this crazy Internet has to offer. today I’m here to discuss a deeply disturbing topic just speaking the words aloud can make dogs bark and children cry and set a grown man’s heart aflutter we’re here to get to the bottom of low carb bread as you’ve wandered the dark underbelly of the internet in search of low-carb and keto recipes you’ve no doubt seen the unusual names. Soul bread, Cloud bread, Oopsie bread. What the hell does all that even mean? Wel,l our crack research team here at the Highfalutin Headquarters has narrowed down our bread battle contestants into three solid entries based mainly on recipe technique and overall popularity. with three recipes to test we have certainly got our work cut out for us we’re going to move quickly today so considering taste texture and nutritional information what’s the best low carb bread out there let’s find out our first recipe is the increasingly famous Soul bread now this stuff is hailed as the holy grail of low carb breads. Apparently this cream cheese and protein powder based recipe delivers a fluffy loaf remarkably similar to regular white sandwich bread this is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard this is xanthan gum and baking powder and you add that to a salt shaker shake it over the dough and blend it after each shake is what it says my researchers tell me that this recipe originated from the original Atkins and low-carb high-fat facebook group by three home cooks who perfected the recipe together so whatever happens here today just remember that you’ve got Gloria Koch, Pat Gunder and Joan Snydmiller to blame, I mean, thank for this. Wow. that is beautiful too let’s see what this thing tastes like I gotta admit that looks really good you’ve got a really nice texture here the size of it is pretty considerable It’s a little brown but I imagine all that cream cheese has to go somewhere do something so I imagine it’s browning all right let’s slice this booger up and see what happens okay as it says you supposed to get 20 slices out of this so if you did half because get 10 slices there and 10 spice is there no those will be some small slices so we can do still very hot but it’s pretty so those look beautiful is they don’t like the heel of a loaf of bread we’ll see if this is any different that’s a little eggy but it’s passable let’s take a look at these that was pretty possible I’ve already made this before so I kind of know what to expect Wow you see this how flaky look at all of these little bubbles it’s beautiful that is freaking beautiful it’s when a wicked hot! Dang! so I’m gonna rearrange some of this for a beauty shot you know I’ve got to keep my social media street cred up okay Wow well for grow all right I’m going to take some photos of this we’re going to be back into getting a link as you can see it’s dark outside so this is what I’m going to be a two-day project so you better watch all this thing you #$#%@. Took a long [email protected] time! Okay welcome back we’re ready for our second recipe this is a low carb cloud loaf evidently a variation of the Oopsie Roll so we’re going to see how that turns out you know my feelings on that so let’s get started it’s the next day actually you can probably tell by the window outside this [email protected] video has taken three days to make all right contestant number two is no stranger to the world of low carb breads I’m talking of course about cloud bread sounds heavenly doesn’t it now the origin of this recipe is a little harder to track down today we’re going to be using the recipe from Sugar Free Mom because that’s the recipe i see pinned and shared most often be sure to check out the recipe link in the description below now Sugar Free Mom believes that this recipe probably originated as the original oopsie roll bread from the blog “Your Lighter Side” way back in 2009, which if my calculations are correct, is about a hundred years in internet time. Now if you’ve already seen my biscuit battle video then you know I have a slight aversion too Oopsie Rolls, so I’m very interested in what a whole loaf of this stuff is going to be like and if you haven’t seen my biscuit battle video shame shame everybody knows your name unless let this look her up I don’t know if it’s all gonna fit in here. Holy smokes! Y’all! This is cuckoo bird! That’s way too much! Is this supposed to make two loaves? Oh, my god! You gotta be kidding me! I’m gonna pile it on top. We gonna have a burnt oven in here in a minute. [email protected]! Whoo! Y’all that is seriously sturdy. I got to put a baking pan in the over before we have a fire! Ready? Let’s take this booger… let’s put this son of a gun. I’ve already spilled it on the oven door, dammit! This thing cooks for an hour it looked precarious I’ll be honest with you like some sort of souffle’ it could just explode it any minute and just and cave in the middle I’ll report back let’s check in in an hour oh my god oh my god oh my God look at that! Y’all! That is massive all right this has got to cool whoa that’s like a soufflé waiting to split so I’m going to see what happens… Much like my enthusiasm for this Oopsy Roll recipe, this thing has seriously deflated as you can see. Whew. that’s nowhere near it was. It did that in the first 10 minutes of coming out of the oven let me see if I can angle shot on that looky there you see that now I’ll be the first to admit that you can see here on the side we had some overflow edge so six eggs give or take you know they’re large eggs is what i use but Mother Nature doesn’t work in exact figures so maybe there were two metrics I overfilled it and so that gave us this muffin top edge not this muffin top this muffin top edge that held onto the pan and then the center deflate it leaving the sides up so that’s going to make an awkward slice so if I did this again I would make sure not to fill it as much or make two smaller loafs now I’ve got to address something and I don’t know any other way to say it except to just come out and say it this smells like a poot. There’s no other way to say it. this has six eggs in it which is not a you know an extraordinary amount but when you combine it with the garlic powder and the onion powder it kind of smells like a poot. So all right let’s wrestle into this booger and see what happens I can tell you that it made a hell of a mess in the oven thank god I did put a pan down I don’t know how to get amongst this oh let’s just let it out like this – oopsie- much like an oopsy roll okay so get out of the way oh it’s literally just sinking in my hands it’s cool to the touch but it is just weird I’m not a lot that is freaking weird it’s weeping all right hold on let’s take this i’m going to slice it up let’s see how this looks is there is no structural integrity to speak of at all it’s a cloud all right – more like a marshmallow that cloud I knew this going in that I’m not a while fan of this stuff the texture it is so weird and eggy now this is those don’t even look worthy of taking a photo love but I’m going to do it now granted had I put this in some sort of larger loaf pan or giving it more room – that smells like poot! – whoo! Okay, let’s take some photos for this before I taste it try to clean up this weepage that it did yeah literally it just oozed something out of it. (Maybe it was rain, since its Cloud Bread!) Let’s try this mess. now, I know, I don’t even say it I’m prejudiced against the Oopsie Roll Bread. Yeah, I am! Let’s see what we got okay yeah it’s a weird shape I mean it is soft listen to that you hear that sounds like styrofoam oh it tastes like a poot, too! no I definitely takes the- whoo- I definitely taste the garlic powder and the onion powder and that’s not necessarily a bad thing it’s just that when you’re making white sandwich bread you don’t think about garlic I know they did that to make it savory so that it didn’t taste sweet and cake like but you had no intentions of making this sweet and cake like because it is nothing but custard and eggs I mean it just is egg egg egg egg this second thing of the ingredients where does a (Get off facebook!) The last thing it says is “best if toasted”, keep refrigerated. because it’s made out of eggs and it’s so weird and spongy that the only way to give it a texture possibly even similar to bread is to toast the hell out of it and you know why I’m not making a sandwich out of that if you like oopsy rolls then good for you but all right we got one more recipe to go the third one catch you back here in just a minute the third contestant in our bread battle comes to us from a rather new Internet community called Keto Connect. again be sure to check out their channel using the link in the description below. Megha and Matt are two smart and enthusiastic keto evangelists who have created a massive online community of ketogenic followers with some very tasty recipes. Their low carb bread recipe is probably their most popular. Hell, they even claim it is definitively the best low carb bread recipe on the internet. Today we’re putting that claim to the test. okay let’s try to do this without ruining everything whoa that looks pretty good that looks really nice again it’s not as big of a loaf and truthfully I probably beat the hell out of that thing with them with the Cuisinart I am reluctant to use a Cuisinart to fold in egg whites because there’s just no getting around that thing goes a thousand miles an hour and you can’t control that all right smells great so let’s cut this booger open and taste it yeah again it didn’t rise quite as much as I wanted it to Oh looks pretty good really hot I probably should let this cool a little more but those are really pretty kind of wow those look really good okay so is this definitively the best low carb bread on the market let’s find out looks really nice like a lot of these baked goods it’s probably going to be better probably gonna be better when cooled okay how much carbs? For less than 1 gram of carbs per serving that’s not to bad! it’s actually pretty excellent we’re going to line up our three breads and do the deed! Stay tuned. ok guys so here we are um we’ve got all of our contestants lined up ready to be judged. Voila’! Aren’t they beautiful? Well, Kinda. Except for him. all right here we go in the order that we made them this is the Soul Bread recipe. this is the Cloud Bread recipe. This is Keto Connect’s famous low carb bread. I’ve made these multiple times and I’m pretty well-versed in what they taste like all right our first situation here let’s taste one of these all right this is our Soul Bread. right looks pretty nice texture you definitely know there’s some cream cheese in there the texture and flake of this is pretty good and it’s going to hold up well to a sandwich okay number two: Cloud Bread. Well this looks like thunder storm bread I guess you could say because that looks pretty rough so not what you can do with that directions blatantly say better when toasted because it’s really I don’t know can you hear can you hear that? Toasting would dry some of that up but yeah still taste like poots. The garlic and onion powder are too strong in this for this to be a sandwich bread I don’t want to taste garlic and onions when i taste sandwich but I do appreciate why they were using it to try to avoid the feeling of a dessert bread okay well I’m not a fan of that I’m sorry thing you know you love that I think the quiet bread is the best thing you’ve ever had but damn it’s terrible to me and then lastly is keyed up an x-ray which I thought was really good you can see I’ve got some inconsistencies here like this that is poor job of mixing on my part so if I had this to do again I would take it out of the food processor after you’ve added the initial third of the egg whites. It’s fluffy enough then to then be able to gently fold in the remaining two thirds without letting your Cuisinart whip the sh#t out of it and knock all the bubbles down and then you don’t have a rise and it looks like this like cornbread but having said that the texture is pretty good also it still has some of that a taste and egg sound and let me just get this out of the way because we’re not using wheat flour we don’t have gluten to give us texture and because we can’t use sugar we don’t have anything to activate our yeast in to give rise so regardless of which recipe you try, it’s gonna taste like eggs! Because eggs are what we have available to create rise with some baking soda and baking powder. So, do not come up onto my front porch hollering about how this sh#t tastes like eggs. I know it tastes like eggs – I taste it! The point is, to me, which of these is the least eggy and the most bread-like? Now, who do you think it is? I’m gonna be honest with you this is not even a contender. Cloud Bread is terrible. To me. Tastes and smells like poots. And nobody wants a poot sandwich. so it’s really between these two guys and I’ll be honest with you it’s probably a toss-up I could probably find in a group of a hundred people 50 of them would probably prefer this one 50 of them would probably before actually no, 49 would prefer this one and 49 and would prefer that one and 2 of them would like this sh#t in the middle! Blech! Anyway, so it’s probably a 50-50 toss-up but I’m going to add a third wheel to this bicycle I guess a fourth wheel I’m going to add a fourth wheel to this because i made a loaf of this last night and i made a little change to it do you remember we were supposed to add sucralose to this the two drops of sucralose what I did was was instead of adding sugar to this I omitted the sugar and added one ingredient that I think really made the difference boom can you see that some yeast rapid rise yeast no we don’t have sugar to act to make this so it’s not going to act as a leavening agent like yeast of traditionally does but you know what it does have flavor it takes like! Yeast! Guess what else tastes like yeast? Bread! So why not add yeast even though it can’t do its job as a leavener, why not add the yeast as a flavoring agent to these eggy crappy crazy low carb breads? So that’s what I did! And it tastes [email protected] good! so I probably added half of one of these packs to a full recipe of this soul bread and if I had to do it again I would probably go ahead and just add the whole package this as one of these it’s like a buck fifty for three of these things. so to me that was the real kicker let me just show you what it looks like and I’m going to take it how good it was it was so good I’ll my pain at all this stuff really freaking up at this display we’ll do it like this boop boop this has the Fleischman’s rapid rise yeast in it that really made it taste good so ready we’re going to do it Soul Bread really does come in first place second place – booya!: keto connect bread that’s pretty darn good and truthfully I would probably alternate weeks like if you’re going to make some of this and just have some sandwich bread on hand I would probably alternate these in alternate weeks just to keep things lively third place and really really not good to me blessed is the flour bread and then home side my little love up here with the yeast he’s my MVP I think from now on when I make any sort of baked good that’s supposed to be a yeast bread equivalent why not add yeast as a seasoning just like garlic powder onion powder just use it as a seasoning no it can’t do its job but tastes pretty good now in preparation for this I did a little online shopping an online retailer has shipped me this look at it just came out of the freezer because it arrives frozen in this bag of shame because I guess that’s the way they shipped low carb bread these days for a shameful people so we’re going to test it against our homemade bread and cie I’m going to be honest with you I’m very very skeptical joking now I got to be honest with you I’m very very skeptical of commercial low carb bread products seriously just google it google low carb bread lawsuit I’m not trying to make any statements about any companies and what they do I just know that in the past there have been several very high-profile cases involving low carb bread and low-carb pasta where the manufacturers were caught blatantly lying about the carb count and they were sued and had to pay fines to the government I’m not saying that that’s what this is this is probably the one of the most popular low carb bread available online it has a very devout following but some people also hate it my god they got it locked up my damn plutonium come on here yet to live look at how this thing is this is have you ever had a bread unboxing haha this is a bread unboxing video I should really do this Wow okay so it comes in these little things up I even those that’s cool little ice cube now okay this is great low carb bread company and it says there are eight total carbs per slice seven grams of fiber so that’s one carb per slice of this bread it’s going to be frozen we’re gonna pop it in the microwave real quick gotta say it looks good and because of that I am bizarrely skeptical of this all dresses are often silly taste it and again sweet little great low corporate company I’m not saying that you have a lot about your car counts I do not I you’re probably extremely very honest Christian people just know that it has happened in the past with other manufacturers who are still selling low carb bread to unsuspecting people who were buying it little bit snug was just about 15 seconds in the microwave to the say what I’m supposed to do this keeping on the freezer not a damn instruction one Jesus Christ all right would I use this instead of making one of these smells kind of ready that’s kind of yeast II oh it’s tough guess what it doesn’t taste like eggs it doesn’t doesn’t mean it’s good very dry oh and almost no flavor at all it’s almost so its water Oh vital wheat gluten and it has wheat fiber and it has wheat protein isolate and it has modified wheat starch so while it is low carb you definitely cannot say this is Quito because you’re not supposed to be eating wheat if you’re eating Quito I don’t know if you like that stuff go for it you know it’s probably good to have one in the freezer just for like days that you lose your mind and definitely need some bread and don’t have time to whip up something but yeah Mick sorry break low carb bread company I’m sure I’ll be getting your sponsor check in the mail soon so there you have it folks all of these are breads next time you make some get your little package of yeast fifty cents and throw it in one of these recipes and just see what happens alright guys that’s it you’ve been a trooper with a lot of work I’m exhausted let’s go eat some bread now if you like this video hit the like button below or better yet like this video and subscribe to our Channel these videos are way for me to maintain my focus on a low carb eating plan I’ve personally experienced for weight loss and better help the low con lifestyle to produce so I appreciate you guys coming along for the journey we make videos every week so if there’s a low carb recipe out there you’d like me to try let me know in the comments below we’ll see you again you

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