The BEST Keto Bread Recipe

Hey guys! Naomi here. Thanks for hitting
the play button. I want to share with you an amazing keto bread recipe. Right. So I
went keto about a year and a half ago. It’s changed my life. I also am gluten-free
so bread has literally become like a four-letter word in my house. So I was
trying to figure out how do I get the wonderful aspects of bread in a form
that can work for me, and work with my family, and work for you. And here it is.
I’m gonna preheat the oven to 375. We’re gonna start with 6 large eggs, 3 at the
beginning, 3 at the end. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna separate the egg
whites from the yolk. So 3 now. You know egg yolks are different all over the
world and we’re always looking for the darkest and richest yellow, because it
shows you the quality of what the chicken was eating. And you can see these
are really nice and dark. So I’m gonna start by putting all of the egg yolks in.
Then, I’m gonna put half of the egg whites in. Then I’m gonna put my grass-fed
butter and ghee right in with the delicious egg yolks. And I’m going to add
a tablespoon of the Creamy MCT. There we go! Yum! I will add a cup and a half of this
amazing almond flour. So you’re getting all of the good fats that are found in
almonds. And that’s really the base of this bread, which I think is incredible.
And we’re gonna be adding quarter cup of coconut flour. So again, you’re getting
more MCTs in here, but this is the coconut flour. So you can add a quarter cup of
that whole fat in. I’m going to add 3 teaspoons of baking powder. One… Two… Three.
Then, we’re gonna add a quarter teaspoon of garlic. And we’re gonna use garlic powder in
this case, but you can of course use fresh garlic, rosemary. We use a fourth of a
teaspoon of rosemary here. I’m a huge lover. I’m gonna add a little bit more
because I love it so much. Next, is a little pinch of salt and you
can use, you know, the Celtic sea salt or you can use Himalayan salt. I of course,
always want to put olives everywhere, and so we’ve got olives that we can add
right in here, too. And that’s optional, right? You may not love all those as much
as we do in our household, but they’re there. And if you want to add a little bit of
sweetness to it, you can add a bit of monk fruit and you’re not gonna go off your
keto program. So I’m gonna put the rest of the three
eggs in. I love how different the eggs really can
be in different parts of the world. I think it’s super cool when I was in
Kyoto recently, and we had the- the really dark, almost red, egg yolks. It was- it was
phenomenal. So now I’m gonna take what we’re gonna bake the amazing bread in.
Bring it over here. I’m actually gonna use some of the Creamy MCT to lightly
coat it. I’ll do that with my fingers. I think this recipe is great to be paired
with an evening where you invite your friends over and you get to show off
your keto skills. I think it’s, it’s like the perfect recipe, but it’s filled with
all of these fat-burning ingredients, which is just like incredible when you
think about it. You’re giving your body fuel from this recipe in a way that you
never could imagine bread could do for you. You could use an incredible olive
tapenade. We actually have recipes in the descriptions for different videos that
we have. The options are endless! So you’re literally feeding yourself the
almonds, the coconut, the rosemary, the olives, all of these super keto friendly
ingredients. And then you have surprise ingredients in there like the MCTs that
just take it to a whole nother level. Now that the oven is preheated, we’re gonna
put it right in. Voila! I would recommend pairing this bread with a whole slather
of grass-fed butter. You know that eating keto doesn’t have to be boring. You’re
gonna have fun, you’re gonna get creative, and this recipe, we’ll do all of that.
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And Bon Appetit!

57 thoughts on “The BEST Keto Bread Recipe

  1. Thank you for this video! I watched the entire series with Montel and yourself and wow! I have officially switched to Keto along with my family and no Keto is not boring… we have egg waffles, quesadilla burgers, and many more creative foods that are super delicious. Thank you again for all you have done and sharing this awesome video!

  2. Did anybody else notice the last 3 eggs still sitting on the counter? And if they WERE added at the end, why bother separating them? Somebody please help me understand. What did I miss there?

  3. Hi, Is it normal for keto bread to taste salty? Both the almond and coconut flour has sodium content…My keto bread was pretty salty. Adding six drops of Stevia didn't help make the bread sweet either.

  4. Looks amazing Naomi !! I am bit confused with the addition of the three eggs at the end .Is it the same ratio as in the beginning? 3 yolks and half the whites? Also how much Ghee or butter? Thank you

  5. Sorry not sure if this is mentioned before, but I can't have nuts or nut oil!  So what can I substitute the almond flour for?

  6. Even in the link it's not clear about the eggs. So do all 6 egg yolks go in first with half of egg whites. Then other half egg whites at end with olives? In the video she only put in 3 egg yolks

  7. Thanku vry much for knowledgeable things you tell us In ur videos .BUT im made confuse by people that keto diet is for Jst for two or three months not for whole life …I wanna buy your course about it but I wanna know if we can stay on keto diet for whole life or it’s for some time?????

  8. Your MCT oil looks a strange colour, could it be other added ingredients to the bottle?
    Mine is clear looking.

  9. Hi ur recipe does no match what u said in the video. In the video I separate only 3 eggs & put only half of the white then at the end u separate 3 egg bu did not say if u add the white if u did y separate it

  10. I didn't see the advantage of all the Egg Separations (I'm an Old Guy) I just dump everything in and I don't do stages that require anything to be washed in-between (I wash equipment while stuff is in the oven, I Really hate washing dishes)
    All that said … Rosemary was the clincher… with a beef patty egg and cheese some mayo dash o mustard!!! OHHHH YEAH

  11. Soooo what did you do with the other three eggs you separated and were still in the bowls when you put the bread in the oven?

  12. I'm a little confused.. You used the 1st (3) eggs but 1/2 the egg whites.. What did you use the other half of the egg whites with? Then your video shows you separating the last (3) eggs but we dont see you adding the yolks or 1/2 or all of those egg whites!! Do we discard the remaining half of whites from the 1st 3 eggs? And do we use only yolks or only whites on 2nd batch of (3) eggs?!! Ummphh!😵😨

  13. Just another "egg" bread. I found a recipe to make keto bread that really tast like bread. Unless your gluten intolerant, it's protein. And yes, you can get just gluten powder. Best to all.

  14. Recipe in description and video are not the same in regards to the eggs. Confusing enough for me not to waste my ingredients on a recipe that is not clear! It looks great, it would be great if you put the correction in the description?

  15. I just made it and it’s wonderful. However, what is the carb count? It taste too good to be low carb😁

  16. I just made this recipe. It was quite good and it held together really well. Other Keto bread recipes I’ve tried still seem wet inside but this one was cooked all the way thru. Also I made it easy by just combining everything in the food processor and it still turned out well. This recipe is a keeper!

  17. Amazing simply amazing the most amazing. Just amazing amazing bread pan the amazing spatula even the amazing are you leaving play Everything is amazing

  18. Naomi please tell us what you did with the rest of the eggs. I noticed you didn’t mix With the rest of the ingredients in the food processor.

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