Hey guys it’s Ro, welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! I got so many requests from you guys to make
something Teen Wolf themed, and it is perfect timing because season 6
is coming out, which is gonna be the last season. I’m so sad because I love the series. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Teen
Wolf is a series about Werewolves! So today, we are gonna be making a themed
cake, let’s get started! The recipe that we’re gonna be making today
is a red velvet cake, I thought that that would be perfect because it will
match the slashes on the side of the cake. The things you will need will be: 2-1/4 cup
sugar, 2-1/4 cups of all purpose flour, 1/2 a cup plus 2 tablespoons
of whole milk, 5 ounces of unsalted butter, 1-1/4 cup sour
cream, 4 eggs, 5 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda,
1/2 a teaspoon of salt, 4 teaspoons of red food coloring, and 1-1/4
teaspoon of vanilla extract. You will also need, for the edible blood:
1 tablespoon of water, 5 tablespoons of seedless raspberry jam, 1-1/2
teaspoons of lemon juice and 1/4 teaspoon of red food coloring. Now let’s put it all together! Faschew-faschew! The first thing that we’re gonna do is whisk
together our flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt. Keep mixing together until it’s well combined. Next we’re gonna mix together our sour cream
and milk. I’m gonna be mixing it into a large container
with a spout at the end, so it’s easy to pour. Now we are gonna cream together our butter
and sugar in a large mixing bowl. I’m gonna be using a hand mixer until it’s
light and fluffy. Now I’m gonna be adding our eggs 1 at a
time, crack it, add it, mix it up, scrape down the sides, and then add the next
egg. Mix it, scrape it down, then the next egg. Mix it, scrape it down and then the last egg! Mix it, scrape it down! Once our eggs are mixed in, we are gonna add
our vanilla extract, then mix it up! We’ve got our dry ingredients mixture, our
butter mixture and our dairy mixture. And now we are gonna alternate adding the
dry and dairy to the butter Add some dry, mix it up, 1/2 of the dairy, mix it up,
some dry, mix it up, the rest of the dairy, mix it up, and, ending
on some dry, mix it up! Our batter is almost ready, but we’ve got
to add some red food coloring to make this a red velvet cake. Mix until our batter is a solid color. This recipe makes enough for an 8-inch cake
and a 6-inch cake. I’m gonna be making 2 8-inch round cakes
and 2 6-inch round cakes, so I’m gonna be doubling this recipe. Each pan has been greased and I cut out a
piece of parchment paper, lined at the bottom. So I’m just gonna eyeball it, fill it up…. Oh jeez! Because these cakes are in a deeper pan, this
is a 2 inch pan versus just a 1 inch, we are going to slow bake,
meaning I’m going to reduce the heat a little bit. Heat the oven to 325 degrees, and bake
these cakes for about 45 minutes. While our cake is baking we are going to
make our edible blood. In a medium sized sauce pot I am going to
add our jam, water, juice and a little bit of food coloring. Give it a quick mix and then we are going
to take it over to the stove. Turn the heat to medium low and whisk the
blood and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, turn off the heat and set it
off to the side to cool. Our cakes have baked and had plenty of time
to cool. I baked 2 6-inch round cakes and 2 8-inch
round cakes. I’ve also leveled them, so the tops are
nice and flat and now we are going to stack them. I’m just gonna take some buttercream frosting,
I put it into a plastic baggie, just cut off the end, and we’re just gonna
frost the top of the cake, smooth it out with a spatula, and place the
other cake on top. We’re gonna do the same thing to our smaller
cakes. Frost the top, smooth out the frosting and
stack on the second cake. Now using my spatula I’m just gonna clean
up the edges. I’m gonna pop these cakes in the fridge
to chill for 30 minutes. After both the cakes have chilled I’m going
to cover both of them in frosting. I set the large cake off to the side and right
here I placed the small cake on top of a little turntable to make
it a little bit easier. Now we are going to roll out our fondant. I have 2 measurements of fondant in front of me, 1 for the large cake, 1 for
the small cake. Over here I got a little bit of powdered sugar, I
got a little sifter right here, so I’m just gonna sprinkle some down onto
the countertop so that the fondant won’t stick to the work surface. Take our fondant, press it down, put a little
bit more on top, and then, using this really big fondant roller,
just gonna roll it out. We need a really big piece, it’s gotta cover
our whole cake, so just roll it out as big as you can! That’s looking pretty good, now we’re
gonna place it on top of the cake. I’m gonna do this by taking the rolling
pin and gently rolling the fondant on top of the rolling pin, just really loose,
and here we go! You’re just gonna take the ends, pull down
and gently press the fondant to the sides of the cake. Now you’re gonna take a small sharp cutting knife,
and cut off the excess at the bottom of the cake. Then using the same small sharp knife, I’m
gonna be cutting 4 slashes into the side of the cake, to look like a
Werewolf scratch! Rawr! Then using a small fondant tool, I’m just
gonna insert it into each slash, because these are really clean cuts, and Werewolf
claws, they don’t cause a clean cut, we need something rugged! This is looking good, now I’m gonna do the
exact same thing to our larger cake. Our cake is looking great, it is assembled,
and now it is time for my favorite part, it is time to decorate! We’re gonna be making a cake topper and
adding our fake, edible blood that we made before! I’ve got some marshmallow fondant that I’ve
dyed gray and black, a large circle cookie cutter, powdered sugar,
exacto knife, a fondant tool and some measuring spoons. I made this wolf template in photoshop, I’ll
post a link down below if you want to use this image but you can use
any one that you’d like. And maybe you have a wolf cookie cutter at
home, I didn’t have one, so I just made a little template. First thing that I’m gonna do is just cut
out my wolf template. He’s howling at the moon, Awwwwuuuuuu! We’ve gotta cut him out into some fondant,
I’m gonna be using black fondant because he’s kind of like a silhouette,
on top of a cutting board sprinkle some powdered sugar onto the surface
and roll out our black fondant. Then carefully using an exacto knife, cut
out our wolf. We’re gonna make the moon by rolling out
our gray fondant, cutting out a circle with our large circle cookie cutter. Then we’re gonna use the fondant tool and
the measuring spoons to make little craters in our moon. Because what’s a Werewolf without a full
moon!? He’s just a human! Both of our fondant decorations are done and I let
them sit out for a few minutes to harden, and now I’m gonna place
them on the top of our cake. I want the little wolf to about here, gently press
down and it will make a little divot, and then using a sharp cutting
knife, I’m just gonna put a little slit. This is where his feet will go. Now I’m gonna do the same thing with the moon,
make a mark, make an indent, and let the moon sit in there. Now for our final decoration step,
now we are gonna add our edible blood that we made earlier on the stove! It’s pretty gruesome and I love it! To do this I’m gonna be using a little plastic
pipette, if you don’t have one of these you can also use a little eye
dropper, this just makes it a little bit easier to control where it’s
going. So I’m just gonna suck up some of this,
squeeze it all out, let it naturally run down, I’m gonna be adding them in between
our Werewolf slash marks on the cake to look totally cool and totally
gross and totally awesome! Ta-da! Here is our Teen Wolf themed cake that we
made today! A big thank you to you guys for suggesting
it. I am so excited about this, a yummy red velvet
recipe and then we’ve decorated it with these awesome Werewolf slashes
in it. That look a little gory, but also delicious! Then we’ve got our little wolf on the top,
howling at the full moon, awwwwwuuuuu! Just like Werewolf’s do. I’m excited for season 6, let me know in
the comments below who your favorite character is from the show, if you
have one. I’ll be posting this yummy red cake recipe
and a bunch of photos on RosannnaPansino.com, Instagram, Facebook and
Twitter. So you can check them out there, and if you
make this cake, please take a picture and send it to me, I love seeing
your baking creations, it just makes me happy, it makes my day! If you have any other ideas for any other
Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I
will do my best to make it happen. Thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Awwwwwwuuuuuuuuu! Cookie can’t even howl, she goes…. Arrrugggggghhhhh!


  1. Yassssssss I love Teen Wolf I used to watch it all the time even when I was a kid I would watch it from behind the couch in secret……. when you sneak around without your parents knowing lol 😆

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  3. For some reason this reminds me of a dream I had where I was like, at a pool with the Teen Wolf cast and I'm pretty sure I made out with the main character of the first season

  4. Oh my god Rosanna stop being so adorable, like seriously I watched your ETN death scene so many times and your making it even more heartbreaking LIKE WHY WOULD SOMEONE AS ADORABLE AND SWEET AS YOU DIE LIKE THAT

  5. I swear my life has been telling me to watch teen wolf cuz ive watched this a couple years ago and I didn’t know what teen wolf was and then I’ve watched so many things that had the tw actors/tw things in them but never realized until I rewatched them after watching the show 😂😂

  6. I LOVE YOUR VIDS fun fact wolfs are not howling at the moon there actually howling at each other this is how they interact with each other cool right so I have reveled what they are actually doing!!!<3

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