Tasty Turkish Desserts 🍮 Gentle Eating ASMR ○ White Noise ○ Whisper

Good evening Tonight we’re going to give a taste to these delicious, turkish assorted delicacies. These are desserts, in different flavor, and texture and they looked so.. chewy, and.. sushi-like… that I couldn’t wait to give ’em a taste. soo… let’s start, with this yellow one. and you can see that these are… shine-through desserts. really mesmerizing. let’s gve it a taste 🙂 it is only… peanuts taste not really much more, just powdered sugar and peanuts. pretty delicious. which one should we have next… I vote this one. it is a red, jello-like substance, it’s a lil bit squishy and it has a mixture of different nuts and then it’s beaded with these, black, chocolate, drops it looks like it’s a…gummy bear. let’s give it a taste. these are actually chocolate crispies. and, it is strawberry flavored. it is.. strawberry flavor and these lil dots are actually, crispies. very tasty. what’s next? let’s try… this green one. it looks like it’s matcha flavor though it’s most likely just pistachios, crushed. this one’s not really see-through. but it looks yummy. so let’s give it a taste. it’s very interesting because it’s more… it has a little bit of bitterness to it. almost like the unsweetened plum. with lil bits of nuts flavor in it it has a little bit of chocolate in it as well. very unique. I think we should do this rose petal one. yes that’s right. This one has… red jelly inside with whole nuts in it. and then you can see, the outside is covered in little rose… flowers, petals. this one looks like a crystal. a super yummy crystal, so let’s try it. it is much more chewy than any of the other ones. I taste rose very strongly, so this is definitely a rose and pistachio flavored dessert very interesting. its beautiful too, by the way. so so sooo… what’s going to be next? how ’bout we try one of these, white marshmallow looking ones? ‘kay it’s very squishy you definitely can see through it, the middle part of it. it looks like it has, coconut dust, coconut flakes on top. very light, very easy to chew 🙂 all I taste is, uh, the flavor of marshmallow with coconut. and raspberry jelly inside of it. little hint of nuts as well. Very cute, very sweet. let’s do the other white one, look at this! this one looks very squishy. and very powdery. very satisfying. most likely will be just vanilla and pistachios. but we’ll give it a chance, yes. all I taste is roasted pistachios, and that’s it. not even much vanilla. very tender, though. So, we have this last one, right here: the pink one it mostly has… chocolate crispies on it. Just like all of them has pistachios inside. it is a lil bit, see through so it’s probably a lil bit more chewy. but I’m excited, it’s not very squishy, it’s more hard. this one…definitely has.. a very pungent raspberries taste

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  1. Happy Sunday! 😀 and Happy Memorial Day Weekend to my fellow Americans 🎆! Today I wanted to make another food eating video and this time we're going to taste some yummy Turkish desserts. Here is my first eating video from 2013 if you enjoy this one too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ntFg18eYSs&t=25s In this video I used less sensitive microphones with an extra white noise to make the experience a bit more gentle on your ears. I hope it works out well! I would appreciate your thoughts on this! Thank you 🙂

  2. ну на ночь, ну вот в магазин идти….))))) энд итс стробери флэйворд, ой)))))

  3. Jesus Christ reveal where you got them from already !!! 😩😩😡😡😂😂 I really want to try them they look high quality not like the ones you get at the store !!! MARIIIAAA PLS 😂

  4. Cannot see Turkish Delights without thinking of than one Narnia scene where he stuffs his face with that stuff. 😅

  5. Hi,

    I just love how you open your mouth with a sweet smile and even sweeter voice. It's just suit your every movement/act

  6. My goodness…

    First of all never in my life have I enjoyed listening to anyone chew before…

    Second of all, thank you for being a beautiful woman and eating desserts like a normal person.

    Third, your heart, your videos, your life and your work is all amazing. God bless you dear.

  7. can you try “pişmaniye” in some other video? it is also a kind of turkish delight, looks like cotton candy but tastes a lot different and better to be honest ☺️♥️

  8. I worked in a care home and many of our dear residents didn't sleep well, I think they should set up a Maria Channel specifically for care homes👌

  9. This is probably one of my favorite videos. I think it's the white noise that you have in the background that smooths and softens the sounds and the fact that the desserts look soooo yummy and chewy. Also, I love your soothing voice and beautiful accent. This is my goto video when I want to go to sleep quickly.

  10. Ничего не понимаю , но все равно крутое АСМР 💜💜💜😍😍😍

  11. Oh afiyet olsun yarasin tosunuma 🇹🇷🇹🇷 afyon dinlenme tesislerinde molada almis herhalde. Simdide kutur kutur gomuyo

  12. I just wanted you to know I tried to eat all my delights. I have a big ass cavity in one of my molars. I can’t stay away from sweet stuff aye

  13. Так забавно как на русском « ой» прозвучало когда упала деталька со вкусняшки, все таки никакая Америка не уберёт русских привычек. Классно мне очень понравилось очень мило

  14. Ohh thank you for trying Turkish foods ❤️we are really proud of our traditional foods there is a lot to explore ⭐️💫

  15. You know Maria puts you to sleep on the daily when you watch one of her videos, get 12 minutes in, and wonder why you are still awake😂

  16. lol im going through her videos & in the video where she announced that she was pregnant she said somewhere in early may … it’s published on 27th of may . she was already pregnant in this video


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