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Hi Cupcakers!
welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’re going to do one of the
cutest and magical cakes around. It’s a unicorn cake with a rainbow inside. Isn’t it precious? It is, because I made it! This cake is in fashion, I’m sure you’ve
seen some versions of this cake. I like these cakes, that’s why I
decided to make it in the channel. The good thing is that we need little fondant,
only for the eyes, the horn and the ears. You’ll see it’s quite easy. The rest of the decorations I made with coconut
buttercream, but you can do with any taste you like. And the colors I used are perfect to give it a fantasy look. If you want to see how to make it,
stay because the recipe starts now. For the cake we’ll need: all purpose flour, eggs, sugar, soft olive oil or sunflower oil, lemon yogurt, but if you can’t
find it you can use natural yogurt. Baking powder, lemon zest, vanilla extract and edible dye, preferably
in gel with your favorite colors. I chose blue, pink, yellow, purple and green. We start by beating the eggs at
medium speed for 5 minutes. I’m using the globe to beat the eggs. I can do it because this cake has no butter. If it had butter then it would be better to use the K tool which is the one I normally use to make cupcakes. You can also do this mix by hand. After the eggs have foamed, the rest
of the dough is done quickly. So we add the sugar and mix for 1 minute. Then we add the olive oil, or sunflower oil and the yogurt. In this case is lemon yogurt, but
you can also use natural yogurt. Also add the vanilla extract and the lemon zest. Now that all is well mixed, with a colander sift the flour along with the baking powder.
Tap the colander to sift it. Now to mix it, use the lowest speed of your mixer. And mix well until we can’t see any flour. Remember not to over mix, since
the dough will not be spongy. Now that it’s well mixed separate the dough in 5 equally parts and dye each one in a different color. To separate it faster I use an ice cream scoop. If you want to be super accurate you can use a balance to weight the dough. I like using gel dyes, because they are very
intense and don’t change the dough. And when baked they remain the same color. This way with little dye we get vibrant colors. When the colors are even, the dough is ready. Dye all the doughs and we can bake the cakes. I’ll use 5 layer cakes pans. They are 15 cm wide and go great for this cake. Spray it with non-stick spray, butter or oil. Now pour the doughs on the pans. When pouring this, use a spatula, made with silicon to get all the dough out of the bowls. If you don’t have the 5 pans, we can bake one by one. In this case, we only color the dough before baking it. Now into the oven at 180°C
heat under and over it and no fan. They’ll be ready in 30 minutes. It’s best to pinch them with a stick to check
if they’re done. All ovens are different. Let them rest for 10 minutes just out of the oven. After this, they’ll be super easy to unmold. They fall if you place them upside down. Let them rest at room temperature
after you’ve unmolded them. Now that they are cold, remove the top of the cake. All the cakes have to be leveled. This is important so all the cakes are the same height. They’ll be the same size, and when you
slice the cake will look pretty. Don’t throw the tops, they’re
awesome for breakfasts with milk. They’re delicious. Now the cakes are ready to prepare the decoration. Now the elements that we’ll do with fondant. First we’ll make a string like 40 cm long. One thin end and a thick end. Our unicorn’s horn will have a spiral cone shape. Now put some water or edible glue
on a stick to fix the fondant. Now start from the thin end and roll it in the stick. And make spiral for the horn. Mine is like 15 cm long. Pinch it on a Styrofoam stand so it doesn’t get damaged. Pinch it wherever you need, but remember
to leave it in an vertical form. Now we’ll do the unicorn’s ears. Stretch white fondant and make it so it’s a little thick. Trim the 2 hearts. I used a 6 cm cutter. Now we’ll prepare a golden paint,
I’ll use golden powder. Add some drops of transparent liquor.
It could be any transparent liquor. Stir and our painting will be ready. Color the center of the hearts leaving a half cm border. Using alcohol for the paint has a reason. Because the alcohol evaporates
and we get a great edible glue. If you do it with glue it will ruin the
dye and won’t stick on the fondant. When mixing the paint, if it becomes lumpy
add a little bit more of alcohol. So add alcohol until it becomes liquid. With our hands bend a little the wide side of the ears. This way it will look nicer and stick
a stick to fix it on the cake. Paint the horn with our golden paint too. I bought the fondant I’m using. I’ve never made fondant. The one I buy is very elastic and is great
for decorations and to cover cakes. Fondant is a sugar paste that we can model, just so you know. It’s edible, but I prefer not to eat it since it’s too sweet. So I only use it for decorations. It’s great to decorate cakes and make incredible creations. Once all is painted we let it dry pinch on a Styrofoam. Now stretch the black fondant to make the unicorns eyes. Sprinkle icing sugar over the fondant
and place it on a cutting mat. I made a paper stencil. Place the paper on top of the fondant and with
a stick press to leave the shape of the eyes. This way they’ll both be the same. Now with a knife or a scalpel cut the shape of the eyes. Now we have the unicorn’s eyes. Let it rest and harden while we
continue with the rest of the cake. For the buttercream we’ll need:
unsalted butter, icing sugar, coconut paste, or any flavor you’d like.
And the same dyes from the cake. Place the room temperature butter
in the mixer and mix for 5 minutes. Mix the butter well, so it becomes airy, more
white and without the intense taste of butter. With a colander sift the icing sugar. Now mix at the lowest speed so the
sugar doesn’t make a sugar cloud. When the butter absorbed the sugar, raise the speed
to high speed and mix for 5 more minutes. After this add the extract that you chose, I chose coconut. Mix so the flavor spreads around our buttercream. To decorate the cake I’ll use a spinning
plate and a cardboard cake mat. Put a little buttercream to fix the cake on the base. Now we’ll add syrup to the cakes. I leave you the ingredients of it in the information box. Just leave the ingredients in a pot
and let it boil for a couple of seconds. This way the cakes will be tender for more time. Now we’ll cover the cake with the buttercream. The first one is a thin layer.
Or it will become unstable. Now repeat with all the cakes. You see, these kinds of cakes are tall cakes. So we need at least 5 cakes to make the unicorn right. Now we cover the cake with a thin layer. This layer must be thin for 2 things. One is that it won’t let the cake lose crumbs and it will be easier to apply the final layer. Also it doesn’t have to be perfect. Once ready, place in the fridge
to hardened for 30 minutes. After this, take it out of the fridge to add the final icing. I decided that I wanted white,
but you use any color you like. This cover has to be as smooth as possible. Since this is the final cover for the cake. If you want you can cover the cake with white
fondant, but I don’t think it’s necessary this time. It’ll look cute with a buttercream cover. Once covered take it to the fridge for 15 minutes to harden. The remaining buttercream divide in several bowls.
Dye them in your favorite colors. With the pink dye I got 2 different
tones, light and dark. I also colored the buttercream in
yellow, purple, light blue and green. I’ll show you how to make a degraded pastry bag. In this case it will be 3 colors.
Light blue, yellow, and pink. So we place one of these colors
in a different side of the pastry bag, without mixing. So when the buttercream comes out from
the nozzle it will have this cool effect. Now, we can move the cake to it’s final
destination for the final decoration. Place the horn in the center, but tilted back, The ears go in front of the horn. Now place the eyes in the front of the cake. Since the cake is covered of
buttercream they will stick easily. Now we start the decoration with pastry bag. I’m making roses to make the unicorn’s hair. These are made with the 1M Wilton’s nozzle. Now I’m using a 2 colored pastry bag,
with the 2 tones of pink. And the 2D nozzle to make more roses for the horsehair. As you can see I’m using different
pastry bags with different nozzles. If don’t have these you can
make them with only one nozzle. Using 1 pastry bag with different colors will look cute. But I had them, so I decided to use them. Now I’ll use a pastry bag with light blue, green and white. With the 6B nozzle we’ll make dots and spirals. As you can see we must make the horsehair,
on the back curve it to the side. You can choose the colors you prefer,
I love the colors I chose. It has fantasy colors that go great with the unicorn. Place some stars with the 106L nozzle
and the yellow and purple buttercream. And the pastry bag decoration is done. I’ll add some magical touches with purple edible glitter. This one is pink and it gives a
precious look to the buttercream. Our unicorn cake with
internal rainbow layers is ready. I made this cake for a birthday
party of a family member. we took our camera to record the moment we sliced the cake. I couldn’t resist showing you the inside of this cake. The cakes look lined up and with the same size. That’s why is very important to
remove the tops of the cakes. And the lemon coconut taste is awesome. These are the tastes I like the most.
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