Sweetness is Happiness!

Hello, my name is Tereza Alabanda
and I’m a pastry chef. I have graduated from the best culinary
Academy in the universe, the famous
“Le Cordon Bleu” in Paris, France. Later, I was privileged to see what is going on
behind the scenes of the world’s most famous hotel… … “Burj Al Arab” in Dubai, and I’ve polished
my chocolate skills at the “Barry Calebaut”
Chocolate Academy in Wiese, Belgium. Now, I’m a head pastry chef and a teaching chef
here, in my hometown of Split, Croatia. Now, there’s one thing, regarding culinary arts
in general, that always makes me so angry! It’s the infamous ‘secrecy’, I hate that! “Secret ingredients”, “secret recipes”, “secret
procedure”, secret this and that – it’s ridiculous! So, I’ve decided to create a website where
any sweetness lover can learn everything
about creating desserts! Everything! That’s my goal and my mission! I want to teach everybody how to make awesome,
healthy, delicious, top quality and
professional grade desserts at home! No, secrets, no mystery, no bull! And all that for free, of course! So – visit my site, subscribe to my channel
and let’s make this world a happier place together –
because – Sweetness is Happiness! See you!

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