Sweet manju pastry (만주)

(theme music) hi everybody today, let’s make some sweet stuff called Manju made with these Lima Beans so let’s start 1 cup lima beans and soak in cold water lima beans this size hard really like rock let it sit overnight to soak full last night i soaked these beans overnight after look like this these lima beans are very large so you can easily peel so i peel all of them let’s cook these lima beans first, i’m going to rinse it cold water quickly to boil this so 1 cup a quarter cup close the lid and bring to a boil around 10 minutes later it’s going to boil over and then i’m going to lower the heat to simmer see, really boil over this lima bean turn down the heat now i’m simmering these beans and until all these beans are easily like mashed very soft you can open the lid a little bit okay meanwhile i’m going to make the dough 3 quarter cups all purpose flour salt quarter teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon 1 egg and we need this condensed milk when i made patbingsu we used this sweetened condensed milk and so we are going to use quarter cup very sweet condensed milk quarter cup mix this! okay this consistency set aside so i think it’s done around uh 35 minutes to really simmer this nicely just you can mash mash look like mashed potato isn’t it and then i’m going to add sugar half cup salt quarter teaspoon salt and little bit vanilla, 1 teaspoon and just uh mix it stir this so you see the bubbles? so we are going to evaporate some water to make it a bit more sticky we kept stirring for 1 minute and then this consistency is like this see the air? like a drip, tup…tup..tup… like this turn off the heat and then let’s cool it down i’m preheating my oven right now so let’s make Manju this is for dough, the skin filling these two things, we are going to make really beautiful shape first, flour a little here and divide this all into 8 because we are going to make 8 Manju so scissor hands, we are going to first two and this uh really soft and also sticky always use flour to not to get sticky so filling also see? consistency is like this it doesn’t drip anymore when it cools down but really soft i cannot help tasting this mmm mmm also divide this 8 same method so we need egg and sesame seeds, roasted sesame seeds baking sheet on this pan so this is uh dough flatten and then this one ball and seal this so this shape, like oval shape, looks like some egg put here this part is going to be bottom i’m going to make the really special shape looks like chestnut nice and pretty but we are going to make some the like chestnut press this like this water 1 inch water like this amount and then just sesame seeds then, this egg done ooh wonderful, isn’t it? so i’m going to bake these maybe 5 minutes more more brown colour we need so let’s wait until my chestnut is done this is a small gift box this is going to be a really precious present okay! okay… today, our outcome is this! aren’t you going to be happy when you make this? so pretty and delicious looking and this chestnut and all shaped that’s Manju we made so this crust is very thin right and inside this filling’s really full so really well done mm mm melting in my mouth enjoy my recipe see you next time bye!!

98 thoughts on “Sweet manju pastry (만주)

  1. So excited to try all your recipe for my 3 girls. Especially they decided to go on a pack lunch this coming school year – September…God bless you more., Maangchi

  2. you are the best :), can watch your videos all day long, will try your recipes for sure 🙂
    gonna make manju for my parents, when I'll go visit them, since they don't asian cuisine, they ned try some awesome fod 😉

  3. I've actually NEVER eaten lima beans in all my life… 

    Eating them in a sweet application will be different, for sure.

  4. Ι'm so exited to make all these awesome desserts! I hope I'll find rice flour here in Greece xD the only problem is to find properly all that staff 🙂 anyway your channel is a true inspiration to new food methods 😀 congrats!!!!keep it up ^^

  5. Dear Maangchi, please don't take my joke personally when I said " I hate you with your cooking recipes coz they make me hungry". I usually browse them at night and in bed, just watching how it turns out, really, really makes me hungry, I cannot eat at those times due my medical condition, I am, in fact, placed an order for your new book for release in May, please, Don't feel bad, luv, luv your cooking, I'm bad, I apologize! Thanks and more power to you!

  6. Hi…. i really axcited with this manju. But may i ask you, may i use another beans or filling?and what do you think i can use for that?xoxoxo….thanks

  7. Hello, I have never eaten beans with sugar , they are delicious . wants are the amounts of the ingredients. Thank You

  8. Maangchi, I am obsessed with your channel!! I've watched your videos since before my daughter was born, she's almost 2, and you always make me hungry! I used your Mandu recipe for my husband's birthday and there was nothing left 😀

  9. hi maangchi, i cant find any dry lima beans. Can i use canned butter beans instead? will the results be the same?

  10. I am so glad that I found your channel! But the bad thing about watching your channel is I live in Wisconsin and I can't seem to find the rice flour you use for your mochi anywhere. Do you have any other suggestions on cooking mochi without the rice flour? Please and thank you. 😀

  11. my hubby always looking for Manju after dinner, and it's about $6 for 4pieces here in Sydney. glad to find a recipe and I will try tomorrow!! Thank you heaps!

  12. Thank you maangchi i try all of your cooking and you are the prince chef .. 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 love yooooooou

  13. I found this recipe intriguing. I always hated when my mom cooked Lima beans. I pretty much don't like a lot of beans. But I would be tempted to try tie so that I could maybe enjoy beans. 😃

  14. I didn't found some beans, so I just made some dough and baked it in muffin form. It
    turned out to something like fat fluffy cookies and it was so tasty!
    You are so inspiring person! Thank you!
    Baking never been so easy to me before I saw your videos. Thank you very much again!

  15. Wow I love manju! When I've lived in Korea I didn't try to cook Korean food, now thanks to your channel I started to cook Korean dishes, I miss them so much 😀

  16. This is a great pastry! Would you please consider posting a video on how to make "Sesame Balls?" I don't know what the name is in Korean, but they're SO good, and I bet yours would be the best, and the video would be fun, because you make everything fun.

  17. i love how the way you cook.. the sweet smile in your face is really added a good flavor in your food. thank you for inspiring your viewers.. i am following you. ❤

  18. I really love everything about you. My first bake experience is a 게란빵 recipe of yours. More power Ms. MAangchi 😘💐❤️

  19. Just pulled mine out of the oven. Had to make a few adjustments. (Made the filling out of canned [rinsed] garbanzo beans, and made homemade condensed milk. Basically, used what I had on-hand instead of spending money on two ingredients.) I've never had manju before, so I can't compare the taste to the original recipe, but I like my variation. 🙂

  20. Hi i stumbled onto your site looking for something and I absolutely love it. I was wondering if you had a recipe for sweet steamed buns that you could post and share.

  21. I'm new to your channel but omg I've loved every single video I've watched! You're definitely one of my new favorite youtubers! I can't wait to start making some of your recipes 😋

  22. Hola Maangchi por favor las recetas con subtítulos en español por favor me gusta mucho tus recetas pero algunas cosas no entiendo porfa con subtítulos en español gracias desde Bolivia un abrazo grande

  23. 강낭콩으로 흰앙금 만드는 줄 알았는데 리마콩으로 하는군요. 망치이모 손은 역시 마법의 손~!!♥

  24. I'm watching this video enjoying coffee and Manju that my friend made for me yesterday. I will try your recipe sometime soon!

  25. I love your channel! This is fascinating to watch, but as a woman from the southern US (Alabama) it seems bizarre to see beans of any kind being used as a sweet filling for pastry. Have you ever tried beans the way we eat them – as a vegetable? We call white lima beans "butter beans" and boil them for a couple of hours, covered in water, and flavor the broth with bacon or ham hock, salt, and about a tablespoon of sugar. The thick broth is the best part! Oh, and I love those thin filmy pieces of "skin" from the beans. They're yummy, especially with cornbread. And, I know you like cornbread!

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