Sweet chocolate kiss in the wild/[ENG SUB]Chasing Ball(2019) sweet moments cut#3

I can’t stand this I feel so hot I need some fresh air How did you come here? I climbed up This is 3rd floor! So what why do you come here? To take care of you Man are born to take care of woman You are sick Taking care of you is my responsibility You said to many sweet words Learned from Gaoyang Yun again? No, from movies. Which movie? So foolish How could it be foolish? Xiaoxi Who? My dad! Your dad? Quick! It’s so low to hide behind! Sofa! Quick What happened? Nothing, I just walk around Walk around? Are you alright? I’m alright Your shout frightened me Why is the window open? I will close it. You lie down on bed quickly ok I’m going to have some sleep please leave You lie down Quilt! Ok Call me if you want something Got it Don’t shout for no reason I thought something bad happened Xiaoxi What do you want for dinner? Eh… Fried chicken You can’t eat fried chicken since you are sick Then any food is ok What about oyster soup? I don’t like oyster soup All right I see Lie down Xiaoxi Why again? How about that I go to the market and cook your favorite porridge? OK ok, that’s decided Lie down! ok Don’t get up! Your dad snags. Don’t talk about my dad Can you get in from front door instead of climbing window? It looks like we were doing something bad Climbing window is more romantic You learn this from movies too? No, Gaoyang Yun taught me. So, did he teach you that how to take care of a girl after climbing the window? He didn’t How about I teach you? Ok I want to have some fried chicken, chips and cola, please I want to have some fried chicken, chips and cola, please Ok, I’ll buy for you Yummy Xiaoxi Again! Fried chicken! What are you doing? Hide! Speechless about you. Hide quickly! Xiaoxi Dad Everything’s ok? Yes I heard you call me I didn’t you didn’t? Maybe I mishear? All right. I’m too nervous about you sickness Lie down Ok It’s cold here Why the window is open again? I feel hot just now I’m sweating I need fresh air Sweating? Do you feel hot? Then you should stop covering with thick quilt I’ll take away one quilt No Why? The window has been open for quite a while I feel cold now You feel cold again? Ok, I see There is a smell of fried chicken in the room Is there? Our neighbor cook fried chicken for her grandson again The smell will float all over the room when the window is open Let it go. We are neighbors. Try to be nice Lie down and rest I’ll go downstairs. Ok. I need some sleep Xiaoxi Dad Quickly Why are you here where are the others? who do you expect, Sheng Li? You can’t stand up with me for one second? Are you crazy? How should we get down? Just stay here if we can’t get down You don’t care about me. I’m really angry about your words I’m so angry that I want to throw away your doll But then I think about it I promised you to cherish it I will keep the promise Although something bad happens between us I sometimes feel angry, sad But think it over I’ll be more angry and sad if living a world without you Xiaoxi Do you know that No matter what happens between us no matter what bad words we said to each other as long as you want to I will make it up to you We will be on good terms as ever Why don’t you tell me these earlier Dangerous. What if you fall down Lock you in my arms This is safe Ok, Jinghao After chocolate to refill engergy We will talk about this Ok I need to refill energy, too to answer you No, it’s all mine All yours? Chocolate is enough here You have more? You hided so many Give it to me Don’t fumble I’ll call the police Go ahead! There is no signal here I will shout out for help Shout as you want No one could help you in this open wild Help You think I’m really afraid of your action? Sorry. My reaction is slow this time That’s all right You already have a great progress

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  1. I really love how he answers straight, when she ask him 😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️

  2. 😚😚❤❤❤ i jst love qi jinghao 😹😹❤ well i start watching chinese drama from chasing balls🌹😻😻😻

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