Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

(asian string music) – My name is Yoya Takahashi. I have been making sushi almost 15 years. (hip hop music) (speaks in a foreign language) (hip hop music) Mmmm. (hip hop music) Mmmm. (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music) (hip hop music)

82 thoughts on “Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

  1. Of course SushiStop is the highest, their whole store is based on sushi, all the other ones are more of a supermarket than sushi place.

  2. Whyd you puf subtitles on this his accent it's like reallllly good! I'm half Japanese and most people sound like him so idk what this is bro

  3. Do this again but with an another sushi chef and get sushi from him or hers sushi restaurant and say it’s cheep and see what the ratings are

  4. idk why you would buy convenience store sushi when you can go to a restaurant and pick up sushi to go for a decent price. a lot of rolls can be under $10.

  5. I tried CHEAP MARKET SUSHI in response to this BuzzFeed video on my channel, and Mr. Takahashi is spot on. But I would love to hear feedback from other people's experience with this!

  6. At stater bros they have sushi too. Its ok if you just want to munch on ok sushi and dont have tine to go anywhere.
    Good thing in the WinCo I go to there is an actual sushi stop where you order fresh sushi there.

  7. The amount of soy sauce he soaked into his roll and the the fact that he smeared the wasabi directly on to the roll makes me doubt his authenticity as a sushi chef. You never do that to good sushi, so I have to assume he did it cause it's bad sushi.

  8. Idkkk i go to AEON (Shopping Mall) and buy their sushi that is better than or 2 other places where they mainly serve sushi

  9. As someone who has worked in a sushi restaurant for 3+ years I cringe everytime I see sushi in a supermarket or convenience store ??? the rice always looks mushy and the things inside are even more questionable lol. We are a tiny staff it's a ma&pap place. Everything made fresh to order. Top quality ingredients. All sauces made in house including the soy sauce. Sushi is like an art.

  10. Yeah never ever get those rubbery sushi from convenience stores. Except maybe Foodland in Hawaii, everything there is amazing especially the poke.

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