Surprise Pinata Cupcakes! How to make cupcakes with a rainbow candy surprise inside!

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Surprise
Rainbow Pinata Cupcake Tutorial where I’m going to be showing you how to make these
very unassuming looking cupcakes and when you cut them open, the surprise inside is
a rainbow of candy. Tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’ve got a sharp knife.
I’ve got a regular knife. I’ve got a little bit of our perfectly pipeable
buttercream frosting and I’ve just popped that into a disposable piping bag. And I’m
using a star piping tip, so any star piping tip you have will be fine.
I’ve got an ice cream wafer. So a lot of people ask me where you find those and they’re not
in with the cookies as you would think. They’re generally kept with the ice cream cones & the
ice cream toppings in the grocery store if you’re having trouble finding them.
I’ve got some sprinkles. I’ve got some Jaffas or choc orange balls
which is what we have here in Australia but you can also use things like crispy M&Ms,
peanut M&Ms, gobstoppers, any red candy that you like.
And I’ve got mini M&Ms. I use mini and not normal M&Ms because they give a much better
spill effect. The normal M&Ms are a little bit too big and you sort of only get only
5 or 6 in there. So the mini gives you that really nice spilling effect of candy and it
makes it look like there’s quite a lot in there.
I’ve got a little circle cutter. I will leave measurements for that in the description box
below. And of course my cupcake.
So the first thing that you want to do is take your cupcake and just gently core it
out. And you’ll notice that as I core this cupcake, I’m turning my cookie cutter from
left to right and I’m not going to take it all the way to the bottom. I’m going to leave
just that little lip of the cutter sticking out there so that I’ve got something to grip
to pull it out. And it’s going to pull most of that out for me. Beautiful. So you’ve got
that core of cupcake. Don’t throw that one away or eat it just yet. You want to take
your sharp knife and you just want to cut off just the very top. The rest of those crumbs
can go for cakepops or you can eat them or feed them to the kids if they’re hovering
around looking for samples ☺ Now, you want to take your M&Ms. And I try
not to get too many. For some reason, this packet seems to have a lot of blue M&Ms in
it. So I’m going to try and avoid too many of those. And I’m just going to stick in as
many different colours of M&Ms as I can in there. Pop those in the hole.
If you love this tutorial, make sure that you head on over to our channel My Cupcake
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all things cupcake and cakepop. Alright, now I’ve filled that up quite high.
So take it and just push it down just a little bit. I do like to pack them in quite tight,
but you don’t want to push too hard because you don’t want to explode or crack the cupcake.
But I do like to pack them in there because it gives it a better effect when you actually
cut into it. It sort of forces them out that opening. Take your little cupcake top and
just push it back down. In it goes. Look at that. You’ll never know they’re in there.
So to decorate this up, you can decorate it however you like but just a really simple
decoration for us today. I’m going to take that ice cream wafer and I’m just going to
cut it in half with my sharp knife. I’m going to cut one of those halves in half again.
And we’re going to take our buttercream frosting and we’re just going to do a nice sort of
a sundae style swirl. So we’ve got a whole tutorial on our channel which shows you how
to do this swirl. But I’m I always like to start in the middle, coming out a little bit
wider and up into a nice point. Then I’m going to take some of those sprinkles,
just sprinkle them on top. I like the decoration to be quite simple on this because I think
they just look unassuming. People think: “Oh yeah, that’s a regular cupcake.” And then,
they cut it open and “Wow, there’s candy inside.” Taking your little wafer, just place it in
to the frosting there and then that Jaffa is just going to finish it off.
So there you’ve got just a standard-looking cupcake. But as you can see when your guests
cut into those or bite into them, there’s going to be M&Ms everywhere. The kids absolutely
love these. But do make sure that you do give them a little bit of warning because you don’t
want to end up with M&Ms all over your floor! I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this tutorial
and I hope that you guys will try this at home. If you do, please feel free to share
photos of me on my Facebook page. I will leave a link to that in the description box below.
You guys always see how my stuff turns out and I would absolutely love to see how yours
turns out at home. Thanks very much for watching.

99 thoughts on “Surprise Pinata Cupcakes! How to make cupcakes with a rainbow candy surprise inside!

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