Strawberry Tres Leches Cake Recipe | Episode 1250

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen we’re going to make a really beautiful lovely strawberry tres
leches cake. I’ts really not very different than my old
traditional tres leches cake but I’m making it right now because strawberries are in season
and they are so amazing! And I love tres leches cake and so does Joe
and father’s day is around the corner, so it is just like the most amazing dessert for
him and I – I say him and I because with tres leches I’m going to be doing some of the eating
as well – most of the eating. So it’s really good, and I want to share it
with you in case you want to make it for Mother’s Day or whatever. The list of ingredients is not very long,
you’ll need some unsalted butter that’s been softened at room temperature, flour, baking
powder and salt, eggs that have been separated into yolks and whites, I’ve got some white
chocolate buttons here that melt really nicely, lots of fresh strawberries, look how lovely
and deeply red those are, they’re so sweet. Whole milk, granulated sugar, vanilla extract. And then you also need, obviously, the milk
concoction and all that is going to come later, but for now we’re going to get started. Get your oven pre-heated to 350F. Get a 9 by 13 inch pan ready, mine’s set to
the side, I’ll go get it in a second. Let’s get started. Because I’m going to be using a handheld whisk,
I don’t want to have to wash the beaters, so I’m going to work on the egg whites first
– you’re going to whip these up until they develop really lovely, almost I want to say
stiff peaks, but they’re really voluminous, I’ll show you what they look like when they
are there, because this is loud. Alright, those look great. So, doesn’t matter that you have some egg
white on here. Now I’m going to take the butter and the sugar
and I’m going to cream those together until they are well combined. Alright, now we are going to add the egg yolks.
I love this cake, love this cake. It’s going to be so good, and it’s one of those cakes
that is super easy, you don’t have to decorate it or anything, it’s just fabulous, and a
little bit of vanilla. And again, just whisk until combined. I’m actually going to add the milk now because
I’m going to stir – hold on – there we are. Because I’m going to stir the dry ingredients
in by hand so that I can stir in the strawberries, so that the strawberries get coated, and so
do the chips – in the flour mixture and won’t sink to the very bottom of the cake. This kind of helps that, this doesn’t make
it a hundred percent fool proof but it definitely helps. So add all those in, and the batter is going
to seem really thick at this point because you’ve got all those egg whites in here, so
you see what I’m doing? I’m just mixing them in just like that. Carefully, because I don’t really want to
destroy the strawberries. And now at this point, once it’s about – and
remember when it comes to cakes, any cake-like batter, when you add the dry ingredients,
the less stirring and mixing the better. Because once you start activating that gluten,
it becomes really dense. Your end product will be really dense, so you want to mix that
as little as possible. And now while you’re mixing the dry ingredients
in there, go ahead and mix those frothy egg whites as well, really carefully because you
don’t want to lose any of the height that we worked so hard on. That looks really lovely, you can see it’s
really light and almost mousse-like, which is what you want. Now, my baking pan is not perfect, my parchment
paper is not perfect, nobody cares. I know I don’t. Alright, you pour that in. Oh that’s luscious, it’s going to be so delicious,
you’re going to love it. Oh my gosh, I can really start to smell the
strawberries already and it hasn’t even hit the heat yet. Okay, wow that’s really awesome they’re in
season right now so whatever I can put them in, I’m gonna! Because they are so good. Alright, get those bad boys in there. Get
this as even as you can manage, obviously the batter is a bit thick and there are a
lot of berries in there, so it’s a little tricky but there you go. This is going to go into my preheated oven
for about 25 minutes or so, it doesn’t take that long I just want to make sure the cake
is fully cooked through and then we are going to let it cool for just a few minutes, you
want this to still be warm when we do our milk concoction. Alright, so my cake was in the oven for thirty
minutes and then I took it out and it’s been sitting to the side for fifteen minutes, you
don’t want this to cool completely, because it won’t soak up the milk mixture. So now, using a fork, I am just going to stab
this cake all over it because it needs those pockets to soak up the liquid. So just do all of that. So in my measuring cup over here to the side,
I’ve got a mixture of whole milk, evaporated milk and some sweetened condensed milk. So I’ve mixed that all up, I’m going to mix
it with my fork, it doesn’t have to be anything special or fancy. You just want to make sure that that condensed
milk, because it’s quite thick, and heavy it tends to set at the very bottom. So you
just want to give it a nice little stir. And now you carefully and patiently, not all
at once, you just drizzle this – now you want to do this portion in whatever you’re going
to serve this cake out of, I’m going to serve it right out of this pan because I’m going
to make a whipped cream topping for it and then I’m going to pop it into the fridge and
I’m just going to cut it and serve it to my guests so it doesn’t make a difference. If you want to put this on somewhere – onto
a different platter, you just want to make sure that the platter has high sides so that
the milk mixture has somewhere to go and not all over your counter, so just continue to
do that until your mixture is all done, which I’m pretty close to the end here. And then I’m going to pop this into the fridge
for a couple of hours or so, I want this to be completely cooled and for all of that milk
mixture to be pretty much set, it will still be some milky-ness at the very bottom, but
that’s just pretty much standard, traditional and classic – so fine with me. Alright, what I’ve got here is – alright,
what I’ve done is I’ve whipped some heavy cream with a little powdered sugar just to
give it a little bit of sweetness so that this is ready for my cake which was sitting
in the fridge for about an hour and a half and it soaked up all of that milk liquid like
a sponge, like a delicious cakey sponge. So, now all you do is just plop this baby
on, nice layer of whipped cream, I’ve also got some fresh strawberries that I’m going
to serve on top of this when I do go to serve this because just so you guys know, when I
make things here for Laura in the Kitchen, I’m really serving them to whoever comes around. Tonight we’ve got friends coming around for
dinner, so we are going to be serving tres leches cake for dessert and we are probably
going to have some for breakfast tomorrow, too. Sorry, not sorry because that’s just
the way life goes sometimes. Oh that’s gorgeous, and like I said, pop some
strawberries on top when you go to serve it. I’m just going to cut myself a little piece
right there. You know the first piece, I always say is
the cooks treat, because the first piece is always kinda wonky to get out, especially
when it comes to a cake or anything like that because it’s the corner. It’s good! Ohh, it’s good. See the bottom of that? See that? This is what you want to see. That right there. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Don’t mind if I do. It is so delicious, so dense. Not overly sweet. The flavor of the strawberries is insane. They are so flavorful and so sweet and fragrant
and incredible, you just have to make this because it is literally to die for. has the recipe written
for you, I hope you have enjoyed spending time with me. Come on for a bite, I know I’m
gonna share, come on! I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Strawberry Tres Leches Cake Recipe | Episode 1250

  1. I love you Laura, I’m Mexican and it’s call 3 leches because it has 3 types of milk you soak it with. Condensed milk, reg milk and evaporated milk all together. Just a lil tip love ya

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