Stop Self Sabotage with Food – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

again we’re very different because when
I started it for my hip issue and learned how we were hurting ourselves
with sugar I knew right away I was never gonna go back to sugar because to me
it’s not logical why would I hurt me I love me so like there’s just like to me
that’s just not logical but did I think that I would have gotten
as low as I’ve gotten like to go sometimes days without having any carbs
at all I didn’t think that that was it I didn’t I didn’t envision that but like
I’ve done it a bunch of times that’s how my mind works violet does not
purposefully ever hurt violet hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health
and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m psychologist working out of Montreal Canada
the reason I make these videos is to help people understand that your mental
health and physical health come together to create overall sense of well-being if
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that I’m making this video is because I remembered having that big idea at the
end of my other video and I thought that’s too much of an important idea for
me to leave it at the end of a video because I know what my YouTube analytics
look like and I know that non wellness warriors don’t always make it to the end
of my videos so I’m making a video around the idea of I encourage every
person to think like me never hurt yourself
ever but be steadfast in the idea that you would never knowingly do something
that hurts yourself in that video was talking about the fact that I had
learned that the inflammation that was happening in my hip was being caused by
eating carbohydrates and as soon as I knew that piece of information it wasn’t
even a question marks carbs gone and I went forward in a verifying and making
sure that that was true first of all that cars were causing it but then like
as soon as it was confirmed going forward to find out how do I do that
and I embarked on the process of eliminating carbohydrates from my life
this is coming from the person who at that period of time was so addicted
– chocolate it was unreal but knowing that piece of information and seeing how
my hip was feeling I was making it willing to make that step to say okay
it’s gone one of the things that I believe is that
I’m important first of all I’m important to me I’m the most important person to
me that exists right because I’m me but second of all I’m important to my
daughter I want to be there to help her with everything and anything that she
will ever need me to help her with that’s number one but I also want to be
there to witness all the accomplishments that she’s going to have and have in her
life going forward in order for me to do that I have to be around all right and I
want to be around in a way that I’m involved means I need to be healthy now
there’s all the other people in my life who care about me and also want me to be
around so now I’m talking about my parents I’m talking about my friends I’m
talking about my siblings I’m talking about all the Wellness warriors that
watch these videos I’m talking about all the people that I work with I’m talking
about all the people that engage with me on a regular basis who choose to be in
my presence if something were to happen to me if I were to pass I believe that
you guys would miss me for that reason I prioritize being good to me and doing
things that help me to stick around now this doesn’t even adjust the fact that I
want to be healthy enough to do whatever I feel like doing I want my body to
function in the way that allows me to do the activities that I love to do that
means I want to be able well into my future to be able to continue to
snowboard longboard ski snow blade ride my bike ride my scooter run around with
my daughter outside play with my niece and nephew outside they do all the fun
things that we do on a regular basis you know it’s amazing to me how my life has
changed in the last year and a half I would say from age 20 to 45
I was pretty much surviving don’t get me wrong I did a lot of activities but in
terms of actually being able to use my body and in a healthy way I started to
have issues with my knees in my 20s of course I assumed it was because of
activities because I I’ve always done activities my back kicked in somewhere
in my later 20s you know in my 30s I played a lot of badminton so elbow was
hurting me my neck my daughter was six years old
with my neck if she started to happen where I couldn’t turn my my head full
full range so I always from 20 I shouldn’t say always from 20 to 45 I had
a lot of physiological inflammation issues happening at the time I didn’t
recognize that there inflammation issues now I do I was starting to feel like I
was getting arthritis right around 45 and that’s in my hip issue hit me at 45
on top of all of that I will say now again not knowing today I will say that
I was not feeding myself well all right I mean lots of carbs lots of processed
foods which that I didn’t know was not good but I was doing it I was eating
lots of processed foods lots of carbs and I wasn’t sleeping enough like near
enough at all so I was getting maybe 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night
so not sleeping anywhere near enough basically I was pushing my body really
really hard and not giving me a chance to rebuild or to rest actually recall
telling someone at one point that I wanted to like get every ounce of energy
out of my body that I could before I passed away like that was kind of the
mindset I had as I I got it I got a drain it before it stops working and I
do think part of the reason for that was because I’d watched through my life
grandparents uncles everyone deteriorating right and in my mind it
was inevitable so let me just get everything I can out of this body before
it fails me because that’s what’s going to happen I didn’t realize that I was
failing my body by not eating well and sleeping enough although I knew the
processed foods were not good I didn’t realize that the other foods that I were
eating and I was eating well I wasn’t eating
well the other thing that I will say is that I really did believe that all the
exercise that I was doing so all the activities that I was doing was enough
to keep my body healthy because remember every moment that I could be out doing
something I was doing something I’m not a gym rat I was not interested in
pumping weights I wanted to be active and I really felt that that was gonna be
the way to keep my body healthy so what have I learned actually what I did learn
is that the best way to keep your body healthy is to eat well get enough sleep
it surprised the heck out of me that by changing my food so eating a ketogenic
diet and getting enough sleep six to eight hours that’s what I aim at now I
was completely able to change the way that my body looks and feels and I say
looks but at the beginning so it took about I think a month a month and a half
my hip issue was gone and many other physiological issues gone I was still
overweight changing my food changed the way that my body felt almost well I
feels like almost immediately it took a few weeks right
eventually it changed way my body looked but that’s not the amazing part cuz I
don’t care about how my body looks and like I was not I was not unhappy with
myself before I lost the weight and I’m fine with myself today what I was the
most impressed about was how well I was able to do all the activities that I
love to do you know this year so this is summer number two with the ketogenic
lifestyle when I took my longboard out the first
time so this summer and I’d went for a ride I was not tired I came back home I
was not tired usually that first ride kills me the
fact that I can take my daughter to do an activity and then the very next day
go back out with her and do a different activity or the same activity we think
we can do multiple days in a row and I feel good
this year when we went to our Brasco we had energy to do it compared to all the
different my daughter and I have been going to our Braska oh by the way our
Braska is a place where you go and you do like tree to tree activities um and
we’ve been going since she was 4 years old in the years past when we would go I
would be exhausted by the end of the day right to the point where the next day
it’s like I need to sleep versus this year we went it was so easy
it was like nothing the next day we did something else I think what amazes me is
that I really thought exercise so I thought exercise was gonna be the thing
that makes me healthy that kept me thin that kept me able to do my life the way
I want to do and what I realize now is that yes exercise is involved but it’s
not in the read the way that I thought food is first I can’t I can’t say that
food is first if you take away anything from this video understand food is first
exercise is secondary so it’s important because exercise helps you to be strong
exercise helps you to be flexible exercise aids and longevity but exercise
isn’t the first and foremost of weight loss it’s food eating 7 grams of carbs
or less in a day means that my body can manage those carbohydrates which means
that my insulin levels stay where they’re supposed to say they stay at a
moderate level which means that my body can go forward and build muscle it can
recycle any cells it needs to eat can my body can heal itself my body can do all
the things that needs to do for me to feel healthy that I don’t have excess
inflammation that I’m not retaining water that I’m not doing all the things
that help me to feel horrible after doing the smallest of small activities
with my daughter when you understand that information that eating a low carb
lifestyle allowing yourself to have moderate
protein and moderate fat will help your body to feel better but you also get
from that is the ability to go for it live life and be happy but you really
need to ask yourself is what’s your goal for yourself are we trying to be thin
are we trying to be healthy if I’m healthy but a few pounds overweight and
my body is able to do metabolically everything it’s supposed to do and I’m
fueling myself with good quality foods long term I’m gonna feel better if I’m
thin but I’m not eating well I’m giving myself poor quality building blocks long
term I’m not gonna feel great so how are you building your body for the next
seven years this is important for you to think about if you build it well you’re
gonna feel better eat whole foods that are good quality with low carbohydrates
20 grams or less per day if you do that on a regular basis you will feel better
I could remember so many times saying no to activities because I had done
something today before and I was aching from pain in my joints and everywhere
because I didn’t have the energy and I was so sore I couldn’t go and do another
activity my daughter would either do it with someone else or have to miss
because mummy couldn’t go and you know I look back on that and I’m not happy
about it I remember we went on vacation to Disney Land and they our ability to
do all the things was diminished because of my ability to keep up right and I
mean luckily she was very young and she still had a good time but how much more
fun could we have had if I could have kept up with her right and not because
of fatigue but because of sore knees sore shoulders sore elbow like so her
back like it’s sad to think that because I couldn’t walk for so long because my
back would hurt that we didn’t do as many things as we might have been able
to do and trust me we did a lot because I did push myself but wow you know like
every morning did I feel it it’s great to be able to get up every morning and
do fun things now and not bad actually to feel encouraged
enthusiastic about doing what I’m about to go do you really do need to
understand that how you feel your body matters so when it comes to
carbohydrates what we don’t know can actually hurt us understand the
information understand what carbohydrates do they raise your insulin
when your insulin is high we store fat that’s what happens I want to thank all
my wellness words for coming by as usual love talking to you guys everyone else
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watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet and I will talk to
you guys in the next video

23 thoughts on “Stop Self Sabotage with Food – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. Interesting, in this video I mention that I eat 7 grams or less a day. Keto is 20 grams or less but I often eat ultra low carb because I am very close to carnivore most days. I do occasionally still eat about 15 grams when I feel like it. I just wanted to clarify that point.

  2. Hang on …. you're talking about 45 like it's in the past… How's that possible for someone who looks mid-thirties πŸ™‚

  3. I started a new job this year which I can walk to 45 min walk each way. Wow! It really sets me up for the beginning of the day is and also a fitting end to my working day. Not for weight loss, ever.

    Keto for 4 years as at 1st March this year, I'm told I look younger than my age (people tell me my skin is so clear). Not eating toxic industrially processed substances masquerading as 'healthy balanced diet' has led to no doctor visits for ill-health any more and no dental decay either for nearly 4 years. Incredible how well I feel, mentally and physically. No wonder people keto on, and on, and on.

  4. It's hard, I wish I was more like you. Sadly, even if I know something intellectually it doesn't preclude me from doing the opposite of what I know is good for me. Take this moment right now for instance, I'm currently fighting the urge to go to the store to buy sugary treats, despite knowing how bad it is for me. I ate strict keto a few years ago, I had the same energy-leveIs that I had in high-school. And yet, knowing how good I felt, it's still hard to go back to it. I completely agree that food is first. What you put in on a daily basis really affects how you function. Maybe I'm pushing myself too hard in various areas. Makes me try to cope with candy. One day at a time I guess. Sorry, for this rambling comment. I really enjoy your videos.

  5. Since you are a psychologist, would you please talk more about self sabotage? I feel it is a mental issue with me. I can't seem to let myself improve too much. I always…always….so something (eat carbs) to undo the progress I have made. Yesterday for example, I knew I looked nice and I felt happy with myself. A person I met exclaimed Oh you look like you have lost weight! Later, I ate a lot of pizza and a chocolate bar. Why do I do this sort of thing often? I thought your video would talk about that subject more. You are fortunate that you have such a strong ego. Help.

  6. You and Dr Eric Berg have made me into the beautiful and healthy woman that I am today. Thank you so much. Please continue with these videos… Maximum appreciation ✌️

  7. The other day I caught myself running up the stairs without holding on to the railing. A year ago before keto I pulled myself up the stairs. Food first and sleep is key. I sleep so deeply now! No getting up every hour to pee. I look forward to your videos. It's nice to have someone who gets what I'm doing and how important it is. Thank you.

  8. The only two none building things you've quote yourself doing which are Alarming during the times I've watch your advice reflection & guidelines is
    1) Drinking Alcohol
    2) Eating Pork

  9. I think some people think keto is hard because they are still trying to eat in an extreme deficit. I start the day with 5 whole eggs and 9 oz of ground beef cooked in butter. Keto is extremely easy to do! (Almost 5 years for me)

  10. Four days, so far, since I've had carbsβ€”or any solid food. (I've had a little MCT oil in my coffee, and had 8 ounces of bone broth at the first midday.)

  11. "Do we want to be thin or do we want to be healthy?" πŸ’₯ Love that thought. ❀️❀️❀️

  12. Cant imagine being able to do the activities you listed. My knee went out at 23. No more bikes or basketball. Inflammation started by 35. Walking became enough to put my knee out. Insomnia started by 38. Now that Im 55, inflammation takes only about a week of crappy eating to be quite intense, I have to be very very strict or I HURT. Period. Insomnia is a torture.

  13. Wow, this video hits me deep inside, it was like seeing myself talking to me!!! 😲😲😲!!! I went basically the same ordeal you went through, but luckily I found all these valuable information before it was too late for me. Unfortunately my mom wasn't so lucky, she developed type 2 diabetes at 45 and passed away from complications related to her illness in 2012 and that event was a red flag for me to do something about my own health asap. Thanks to people like you I got all this information and tools to control my health. At her time, she didn't have that opportunity. Please keep on doing what you're doing, it's life saving. πŸ’–πŸ‘

  14. You make a good point about getting healthier before losing weight. We always hear that you have to lose weight (the wrong way) to be healthy, but I'm more and more convinced that losing weight is an effect of being healthy.

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