Stoned Americans Try Fairy Bread

– [Both] Once again, we
have gotten high beforehand. – Yeah, I’m literally starving. – An irresponsible hunger, probably. – I am pretty high and relatively hungry. (upbeat music) – I love a one to 10. I’d say I’m probably like an eight. – Yeah, I was gonna say like a six, seven. – I’m like a nine, maybe. – Maybe I’m a nine also. (growls) – All right. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Fairy bread. – Ooh.
– Fairy bread. That’s precious. – It is so pretty, I love it. – Ooh, it’s like cake but white bread. – Is there anything making the
sprinkles stick to the bread, or they’re just voluntarily hanging on? – It makes me feel really happy. – I feel like sixth-grader birthday party. – Mhmm, I feel like I’m a cloud. – I’ve never heard of fairy bread before. – I’m 100% believing
that I’m tasting donut, and I’m not eating that, which is magical. – Mmm, it’s like sugar toast. – Does everything really just
taste that good right now? Going for a second bite? – Yeah, I’m really not
mad at it right now. – I feel like I’m at a
party, a children’s party. – Win, this is win.
– Absolutely. This reminds me of Cinnamon
Toast Crunch for sure. It’s delicious, I like this a lot. – The sprinkles are
getting kind of everywhere. – Ahh, it’s an avalanche! – Which gives me mild
anxiety while eating this. – Well, here.
(chuckling) – As a child, fuck yeah, that’s like, oh my god, this is so much
fun, we’re eating colors. But as an adult, – At some point you have to
stop going to Dunkin’ Donuts and ordering them with
the sprinkles, you know? – This is easy and simple
to make as a stoner, too. – It’s good stoner food in the way that it’s good kid food, you know? – It makes me feel yellow. – Like that. – I could see myself
making this and having this when I’m at my house
relaxing, smoking, chilling. – I could see myself making this for my daughter’s birthday party. (laughs) – Don’t laugh. – I would just pull this out of my bag and just have it for a snack
at 3:00 in the afternoon. – I don’t know if I
would ever eat this shit. – Just put two slices of these together in a baggie and then
they’re good for the day. Yeah, I would eat this
pretty much anywhere. – I would eat this again if I was starving on a desert island. – There is some creative shit. The sprinkles, making that snack would be a fun little stoned activity. – Yeah. – Like, melting butter is really simple, and pouring sprinkles is really easy but you come out with something
that’s like a goddamn donut? Perfect, stoner-proof food.

100 thoughts on “Stoned Americans Try Fairy Bread

  1. i just woke up at 1:30am and i was craving fairy bread so i made myself two slices and watching others eat fairy bread on youtube

  2. Fix the sound, music too loud. If i want to hear what they are saying, i have to turn up the volume, and then the LOUD music comes. Very bad editing.

  3. Okayy this video was very entertaining and I loved all the ppl in it I’m also high asf rn watching this, but COME ON that bread has to be a joke lmao, it’s like toast with fuckin sprinkles lmaooo I’m sure a high broke person thought of this😹

  4. How to get over a million views (according to buzzfeed logic): just take any video of people trying food and put “high” in the title

  5. I’d eat that whole plate by myself sober and fuuucking love it. My mom would make a whole loaf of white bread, toasted, with butter and cinnamon sugar for me and my 3 sisters to share every Saturday and Sunday morning while watching Disney movies. Aww those were the days.

  6. Im hanging with mom after her surgery. Need positive vibes and movie and snack ideas. No .b.s please list below. Have a blessed day ❤✌

  7. I'd rather eat cinnamon toast!
    Crunchy bread with melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar? Awesome treat, and not nearly as messy

  8. That looks like such nonsense that it's upsetting me. Somebody's lazy mum lied to them.
    I may need to go to bed.

  9. NOO it is from New Zealand and aussie plus you need to cut the crust off the bread and USE MARGARINE not butter smh

  10. Cool, they say '100's and 1000's"! ( In the U.S., we call them sprinkles). Now I know what fairy bread is. Very fun!

  11. For the best fairy bread
    Cream instead of butter

    It’s so yummy with or without cream though but in my opinion cream is yummier

  12. Did he say they melted the butter? Horrified Australians everywhere! You do not melt it you just spread it on then sprinkle the 100s & 1000s on top… that's how they stick!

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