Spiked Hot Chocolate Pajama Party – Tipsy Bartender

(funky dance music) – [Voiceover] Hey, guys,
tonight we’re making Spiked Hot Chocolate. – Are you ready? – [Girls] Sir, yes sir! – Are you ready? – [Girls] Sir, yes sir! – Hot chocolate! Open! Come on, Russia, get it right. Pour! – [Voiceover] This is nervewracking. – Did I tell you to put that down, yet? – No, sir. – Down! That was the worst
timing I have ever seen. I apologize, okay. I don’t know what the hell that was. All right? Are you ready? – [Girls] Sir, yes sir! – Milk! Pour! Down. Oh my God, they’re so
good, I love it, I love it! That was good, I didn’t tell
you put your hands down. Bust all the tension!
(laughter) Okay, now you can celebrate. (cheering) – Ready, one, two, three, huh! (laughter)
(crosstalking) – Are you ready? – [Girls] Sir, yes sir! – Whipped cream! Carry on down the line. Don’t lick your fingers,
this is a military operation. Okay, okay. This chick can put a mountain on hers. Thank you, thank you, great job. Okay, well done, ladies. Ready? – [Girls] Sir, yes sir! – Pick up your sprinkles. Now, hold it there, okay. Now, give it just a
little dusting on the top. – Right now? – Yes, now. – No, no, no, no, practice! Oh. – No practicing, let’s go, okay? It’s a live firing drill. This is live fire, let’s go. Liquor time! Are you ready? – [Girls] Sir, yes sir! – Tip over your bottles. No looking, Angela,
mind your own business. Bottles, Angela. Katherine, bottles, don’t
lick your fingers, girl. This is a military drill, go for it. Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. Oh Lord, have mercy. Okay, all right, just
leave it like that, okay, but pray about it. Inna! Today, today. Okay, okay, it was perfect, okay? Well done, these drinks. (cheering) – What a party. – What a–
– [Skyy] How dare you ask us? How dare you have a spiked hot chocolate? Stay ready, okay? – My ears fell off! – I told you this was
a military operation. (crosstalking) Put your lips on these, okay, and tell me what you
think, going down the line. Start with you. – Oh my God, it’s strong. – Okay, man up, man up. – Inna, your turn, Russia. – Can I pick it up?
– [Skyy] Sure. – ‘Cause I have weiner. – [Voiceover] Bad weiner,
her weiner’s too big– – It very chocolate, it’s sweet, yeah I don’t even taste
vodka, where are you? (laughter) – Okay, okay, enough
being a Russian, okay? – Nothing there.
(laughter) – Tabria, Tabria, your
turn, your turn, your turn. – I didn’t get any.
– [Voiceover] I know, right? – [Skyy] Well, then, suck it down. – I did! – That’s why you’ve gotta go with Patron. – I see the level’s
going down, I don’t know. – It’s good!
– [Skyy] You taste any booze? – Not really. – Or it could mean she’s an alcoholic. – [Skyy] You got two bottles in there! – I know! – Ukraine, go ahead, go ahead, Ukraine. – Okay, Ukraine, bring it on. – Ukrainia. – That is a great combination. – Yeah, because you got
Rumchata and Fireball, okay, so it’s a Cinnamon Toast
Crunch hot chocolate. This was good. Oh, by the way, I’m not
drinking spiked hot chocolate. I’m drinking rum and coke and a water. Stay Tipsy! (cheering) (funky dance music)

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