65 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: The End Of Cookie & Lucious | Season 6 Ep. 9 | EMPIRE

  1. Becky: are you in love with him?
    No he killed him cuz he stole his money that built empire, it should be his legacy not lucious

  2. The dubaios family I think there responsible for the car bomb that kills cookie but but luscious it's either Philly street or andre

  3. This season has 10x the drama. It's getting crazier by the episode. I think Lucious mom kills Cookie. She alluded to it in the nursing home scene. As far as Lucious, I think it's Andre who pulls the trigger.

  4. I'm a die hard empire fan never been a episode all 6 seasons I only wish they could end this show on a good note, but now I see they going to take out lucious and cookie, so there's no hope for empire returning now??‍♀️??‍♀️ it's really over for good.

  5. Cookie & Lucious aren't over…they will never be over. That heat, that love, that passion, they share can't be ignored or tossed aside. Cookie said it best when she said that her and Lucious are complicated, don't try to figure them out. Lucious also said it best when he gave Cookie that painting for their anniversary & said, "it's you & me forever kid." With all the upcoming events, the Empire Film, Lucious being shot (which I think is going to affect Cookie in a huge way), Cookie finding her love for music again, all their enemies & sins coming back to haunt them, they'll find their way back to each other…it really is Cook & Lu against the world.

  6. Just like in power, theres no power without ghost and no empire without cookie and lucious.. all 3 characters get killed. It sucks.

  7. I am so over this!!! You mfs got me so mad all season. The writing is so poor. I no longer care to watch. Hurry up and get it all over and off the tv. The Lyons should have all been together to end this season. Always drama on top of drama. Ugh!!!!!!

  8. If they end the season killing Cookie, then Lee Daniels will solidify just how wack he and this season has been. ????

  9. Come on y'all we have to be smart If Empire says in a sneak peek that a specific person shot someone it's not that person cause empire never reveals it's OMG MOMENTS until it's already out so it's definitely somebody else behind that trigger! Plus it's the last season! I wouldn't be surprised If It was cookie and luscious blew her up in the car ? Romeo and Juliet both die in the end anyway ???

  10. Why y'all ignoring the fact that they cancelled star, it wasn't fare?? love empire with all my life but star was sth too
    … hit like if you miss star

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