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  1. Ok John I’m planning on seeing my little nieces soon….you will have made me their Favorvite Auntie P🥰they love s’mores who doesn’t
    when I make these S’mores Cups for them they will be over the moon🥳🥳🥳thanks again for all the great recipes……

  2. My fiancé and I have been thinking of alternatives to serving cake at our fall wedding. These will be perfect and I’m excited to make a test batch!

  3. Hi wonderful Preppy Kitchen, love your videos – I’m an experienced baker and I STILL learn something every time! As a fellow Virgo, I hope you will appreciate this request or at least not be offended…
    Did a Gemini do your set? The tea and coffee pots are on the same shelf with your glassware and it drives me crazy!
    I keep glaring at them…
    Any chance you would consider moving the the china away from the glassware?
    If not, of course I’ll still watch – with the occasional glare! Thanks and best to you, your husband and boys!

  4. 4:08 for botch butter and sugar you read 1/4 cup of cornstartch… just letting you know! I can't stand S'mores but I loove your videos! 🙂

  5. Amazing recipe!!! It looks so yummy special for this winter season here in Chicago is really colder so nothing better than ur amazing ideas!! Thanks so much… god bless you always…

  6. Is there anything you can't do ?
    You make it look so easy and beautiful and perfect always.
    ❤ you…you make me want to make desserts….Then reality sets in. No way

  7. Interesting. That would be great for a birthday party to share with the kids or when you have kids sleeping over

  8. Hi John, just a quick question. If I want to add the cornstarch to a sugar cookie dough recipe, should I take away that amount from the flour or just add it as another ingredient?
    This looks delicious!! 😋

  9. I love watching your videos. You're so nice I could watch you all day! Btw loved you passing the time by playing with an egg lol.

  10. Or spin some eggs.. 🤪. I love your channel and all the beautiful creations you cook/bake! You’re so cute and sweet yourself. Would love to see your HUBBY make a cameo appearance in one of your vid’s. He has to be cute and adorable too 😉😘

  11. Loved the vid!! Looks soooo good. I’m going to be making your funfetti cake for a super bowl party. I have both a hand electric mixer and a standing mixer (but the standing mixer’s paddle is stuck with the whipping paddle😭). Is there a difference between the hand mixer and the standing mixer?

  12. These looks delicious! I'm ordering a kitchen torch asap. Your recipe for chocolate Italian meringue buttercream was amazing at my sons birthday party this past weekend!
    Also you have babies!?!? I love me some babies so I'm off to your various social medias until I find pictures of your hubby and kiddies. lol thanks again for wonderful recipes!

  13. i know you adopted your two baby boys, but would you also adopt a 22 year old??? please?!? Everything you make looks so good!!

  14. 😂 "…or La Croix 'cause I'm basic." 😂😂😂 that was hilarious!
    Seriously, though, these are BEE-U-tiful! I need a torch!

  15. Will you please clarify at 1:21, the measurement is 2/3 cup as you said, or 1 cup of granulated sugar as the caption said??

  16. So I LOVE this (and every other) recipe! Question: Do leftovers (if there somehow ARE some) need to be refrigerated?

  17. Hey lovely at the butter/sugar cream stage of the cookies your typed instructions say cornstarch twice x ps amazing recipe x

  18. Wonderful Recipe. Thank you for sharing. Can I replace corn syrup with something else, its difficult to find here.

  19. i love your cooking style so much😍😍😍 ! https://bit.ly/2Bcwpfz here some Best Baking Pans Can Buy Guide & Reviews😍😍😍

  20. John, you are A-mazing to watch, you always put a smile on my face. No matter the recipe – you are precise with directions, so fun to make the recipes too. Thank you!

  21. I just finished making your S'mores Cookie Cups as a test run for a party I'm hosting in a week and they are delicious! It was very easy to follow your directions and they turned out perfect. I also made your strawberry cake a couple of days ago as a test run as well and it was amazing too! Your video on making buttercream flowers made my first attempt at it look like I knew what I was doing. It turned out really pretty and tasted great! Thank you for your videos they are really good and you're a natural.

  22. Super brilliant recipe. Thank you for contributing to my already unnecessarily high Amazon checkout today. LOL Torch is coming. Great recipe!

  23. So I just watched the s’mores cake video the other night and thought, “Dang, that’s amazing, but I’ll never make that! Way too many chances for me to mess it up!” Now today I start watching this, and it is looking very familiar! I like this “remix” of your other video (yes, pun intended) – I think I can handle this one. Thanks for doing this video!

  24. Question: The Graham crackers are my fav part of a S'mors. Do these cookies have a strong Graham flavor, and if not would adding more crumbs mess with the texture?

  25. That slow-mo drip @ 2:11 lol I'm still blown away by not only your knowledge and skills, but the amazing production value/camera shots!!! Are you working on a cookbook? You could make millions LOL you are that good!!

  26. You are so goddamn precious. I too will take any excuse to use my kitchen torch.

    Your videos are outstanding and memorable even in a marathon cake binge. Thank you for that.

  27. John, can you please teach how to make stabilized whipped cream for cake decorating? I dont really like buttercream. Thank you so much before 🤗

  28. I’m most likely not the first person to put this out there, but for the sugar syrup and meringue, you said 2/3 cup of sugar while the screen said 1 cup. Also, when you were making the cookie cups, when you said 1 cup granulated sugar the screen said 1/4 cup cornstarch.

  29. I found your channel by accident but how happy I am to gave found it. You are very informative, interesting and make everything look fantastic and super easy. Thank you

  30. do i add some vanilla extract to fluff? as i've been looking for a good marshmellow frosting and this looks great.

  31. Since my Amazon budget for the month is already in the crapper, I might as well add one more thing to my cart. What kind of torch do you recommend?

  32. Made these today as a trial run for the Christmas cookies I’ll be making this year and they are by far the best cookies I’ve ever made it was easy and I enjoyed making them except I used a small muffin tin to make mini ones and they came out perfect
    HIGHLY recommend!!!

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