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Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making a cake from a game that everyone in our family has been playing.
It’s a cake or Slitherio or whatever you want to call it. I’ve had lots of requests for this, so we’ll
make the cake and then I’ll play a game for you at the end. Firstly you’ll need 1 1/2 times of my light
fluffy sponge cake recipe. I have a video already on my channel showing how to make
this cake and I’ll put all the details on blog post for this week
and I’ll link you to that below. Once you’ve whipped the egg whites, you just
mix together all the other ingredients, it’s really easy. And then you fold the egg whites
through to make it nice and airy and a fluffy cake. Pour that into two trays and bake it in the
oven until they are golden brown and beautiful, and then leave them to cool. Mix up some vanilla buttercream with white
chocolate ganache – and again I’ve got a video on frostings and how to make them all and
I’ll put that on the recipe post too. Wash, hull and slice your strawberries into
quarters. And then whip your cream to firm peaks but
don’t over-whip it or it will separate out, you’ll be making butter which is not what
we want. Level the top of your cakes, I like to use
the side of the tin as a guide so I get it really flat. And then place a little frosting on your cake
board, I just made this board out of some thick cardboard and then wrapped it in alfoil.
Turn it upside down and put it on the cake… and then flip the cake over to tip it out
of the tin … take off the tin and peel back the baking paper. Pipe a line of frosting all the way around
the edge and this just stops the filling from spilling out. Now add some cream into the centre be generous
with that, and spread it out to the edges. And then add the strawberries, and I like
to be generous with all the fruit in my cakes. Then place the second cake on top. Now if
you put it onto a flat tray with some baking paper, then you can just pull back the baking
paper under the tray as you slide off the cake and that just makes it easy to line it
up perfectly with the base. Cover the top and sides with frosting, cover
the side and then place in the fridge to chill. Roll out some dark grey fondant and cut out
hexagons, lots of hexagons. So you could do this by hand but if you can get hold of a
cutter it’s going to make your life so much easier. Peel back the scraps from in between
so that then you can re-roll it to make more hexagons. Now using a paintbrush and a little watered
down black gel food colour just paint a one corner of each hexagon. When you play the
game next have a look at it and you’ll see they are shaded on one side. Roll out your black fondant into a nice big
piece and place it over the top of the cake, and when you’re covering a large flat cake
like this I find a silicone fondant mat is really helpful. Once it is on the cake, just
flatten it down onto the sides and then peel off the mat carefully so that it is off the
cake. Then squeeze the corners together. Tuck the excess under so you can see where
the bottom edge is of the board. And then just use your knife to cut off the excess
fondant all the way along. When you get to the corner, again just give
it another squeeze to make sure the corners are joined together, that the fondant is fuzed
there. And then trim it off with scissors. Then for one just gently rub it to smooth
off the corner. Print out the template that I’ll put on the
website and rub oil on it to make sure the paper doesn’t stick to the fondant and place
it on top of the cake at a 45 degree angle with the base. Add hexagons with the shaded side pointing
down into each space. Adding them all the way along, making sure that shading is facing
the same way on all of them. Once you’ve got them there you can gently slide the paper
out and push the fondant down onto the cake. Continue to add more hexagons in the same
way and any that are on the edge, that are half over the edge, you’ll need to cut them
so that they sit neatly along there. Now on the top all you need to do is add some
candy snakes and some m&m’s for dots and a pile of them for mass, and you can arrange
them however you like of course. And if you want a giant snake on top you can
make this giant gummy one and I’ll link you to the DIY video for making that below. Yummm
look at those strawberries inside. OK let’s play.
Choose your name … Reardon for me. And then when you’re little you need to collect
dots or you can’t boost. And you need to be able to boost. Dots make you grow a little bit but mass makes
you grow a lot so we need to find some other snakes – if you hit another snake you’ll die,
but if another snake dies they leave behind mass and that makes you grow fast. If you can’t find other snakes you can head
towards the middle, you can see where you are on the map in the bottom corner. OK Let’s see if we can get some mass there
is one pink dot, Ahhh he bumped into me awesome, let’s eat that mass before everyone else does.
That was great because he was a big snake, he got some of it.
I’ll pick up all the scraps back there. Now these little pink ones are bots – they
are not actual people so they’re just crash into me.
There’s another one. Oooowww someone popped quick let’s get some.
Boost across it, not up it, so that we don’t bump into anyone and now that I know it’s
safe let’s clean up the rest of it. I need some of these snakes to vacuum my floor for
me at home, everyone is so keen to scoop it up when they’re snakes on a game. More mass let’s get that. Ahh this guy is trying to get me out, no you
don’t let’s try and loop him … nope he knows what he’s doing.
OK I’m going to speed the game up for you now. Let’s put it in fast forward. Noooo Whoa, nearly got me. I am surrounding you… That was lucky! Got him Of the most venomous snakes, 5 out of 10 are
found in Australia so I should be able to win this game. I’ve got you surrounded, come out with your
hands up. Got him No no no no Rocky, you got right in the nose! I was number 2 on the leader board with 26,000
… I can’t believe he got me out like that. What’s your best score? Let me know in the
comments below. Give this vid a thumbs up and Subscribe to
How To Cook That for more cakes, chocolates and desserts. Click here for the recipe, here for the Giant
Gummy Snake and here for my channel. And I’ll put all those links in the description
below as well. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.

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    I. I
    I. I
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    I. I
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  3. Idk if im the only one like if you play when i kill a big snake ak the other people eat it abd i only get half a quarter so what i do us i get mad and eat the people who ate meh food revenge… sweet revenge…

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